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					                                       Sales Effectiveness
                                       Take a few moments to answer the questions below as honestly as you can. Record
                                       your answers and then read what they mean on the next page.

Establishing direction. . .together.

 1.        What is the most important tool you have in your sales tool kit?
                      a. Product Samples

                      b. Open Ended Questions

                      c. Price Sheet
 2..       What is the correct order the customer decision making process?
                      a. Product, Price, Sales Person

                      b. Sales Person, Company, Product

                      c. Time to Buy, Product, Price
 3.        What is the principal mission of the sales call?
                      a. Presenting your proposal.

                      b. Gaining commitment.

                      c. Informing the prospect of your product features.
 4.        What is the best way to improve time management in your sales efforts?
                      a. Get an assistant.

                      b. Qualify your prospects.

                      c. Get more leads.
 5.        How can you bring consistency to your sales efforts?
                      a. Use a calendar system to manage your appointments.

                      b. Develop and document a sales process unique to your company.

                      c. Talk to your customers only when you have time.

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Analysis of Results to
Sales Effectiveness
The Answer to all 5 questions is the letter B.

                                Important Facts to Remember
       ▼ ▼ ▼

               86% of salespeople fail to develop a solid game plan for their sales calls.

               Successful Sales Calls Have 25% More Open-Ended Questions.

               More than six out of 10 salespeople aren’t doing their job.
               They fail to ask for commitment consistently in sales calls.

               Customers care more that you understand their needs
               than that they understand your products.

               Performance can improve by as much as 50% when salespeople
               have a consistent game plan for their sales calls.

If you think your team could use some help to improve your company’s sales
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