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AVM_PI_Cebit_2011_Ausbau_bei_Kabel-6360-6320_EN by stariya


									                                                                                Press Release
                                                                                Cebit 2011
                                                                                1 March 2011

Cebit 2011: FRITZ!Box Cable
AVM extends its commitment to cable –
After successful launch, another FRITZ!Box for cable –
FRITZ!Box 6320 Cable combines EuroDocsis 3, WLAN, and

        Successful launch of FRITZ!Box in the new market segment for Internet via cable
        New FRITZ!Box 6320 Cable with WLAN N, Gigabit Ethernet, and DECT
        Multiple wireless phone calls at the same time on the cable connection via DECT
        Include smart phones in the home network with the FRITZ!App

Berlin/Hanover. After the successful launch of the FRITZ!Box 6360 Cable a few
months ago, AVM is now extending its commitment in the field of cable end
devices. At Cebit 2011, AVM is showcasing its next cable device: the FRITZ!Box
6320 Cable. The new, attractive starter product offers fast WLAN N and Gigabit
Ethernet. Connection options for cordless telephones (DECT) and analog end
devices complete the list of features; with the FRITZ!App, calls can even be made
over the cable connection using smart phones. The integrated cable modem
supports the cable standard EuroDocsis 3 with speeds of up to 220 Mbit/s.

FRITZ!Box makes cable connections more attractive
The technological expansion to the EuroDocsis 3 standard allows cable providers
current product ranges with transfer rates of 100 Mbit/s and higher. Besides the technical
basis, attractive end devices at the cable connection are a key factor for success.
FRITZ!Box products have received numerous awards from the trade press for their
comprehensive range of features, simple operation and security. The new FRITZ!Box
6320 Cable is also based on these characteristics. As an attractive starter product, the
FRITZ!Box 6320 boasts a EuroDocsis 3 modem, a telephone system for DECT
telephones, a connection point for an analog end device, WLAN N (2.4 GHz, 150 Mbit/s),

AVM GmbH, Communication                                            Press office
Alt-Moabit 95, 10559 Berlin                                        Urban Bastert
Germany                                                            Phone +49 30 39976-214,                                 
and a Gigabit Ethernet connection. Like the FRITZ!Box 6360 Cable, the FRITZ!Box 6320
Cable fully supports the forthcoming IPv6 Internet protocol.

Greater convenience at the cable Connection with DECT
The FRITZ!Box models for the cable connection feature an integrated DECT base
station, enabling an unprecedented level of convenience at the cable connection. The
DECT base station of the FRITZ!Box allows up to 6 mobile components to be connected
and up to 3 calls simultaneously via DECT – even in HD quality. FRITZ!Fon mobile
components can access the shared telephone book of the FRITZ!Box and offer added
value through Internet services such as web radio, podcasts, or reading e-mails when
the PC is switched off.

Fully equipped FRITZ!Box 6360 Cable conquers the market
The FRITZ!Box 6360 Cable, which has been available for several months, is on sale
from German supraregional suppliers, such as unitymedia, as well as city net providers
like NetCologne or The integral cable modem supports EuroDocsis 3 with
speeds of up to 220 Mbit/s. The 6360 is fitted with all the convenient functions offered by
AVM’s top models. High-speed WLAN N, four Gigabit Ethernet connections, and USB
2.0 guarantee the best possible network connections. Connection options for cordless
telephones and the integrated telephone system complete the comprehensive list of

FRITZ!App, multimedia, and NAS for a convenient home network
The use of smart phones at home is on the rise. This enables users to surf the Internet
and retrieve e-mails noticeably faster via the cable broadband connection. The WLAN
cable connection also lends itself to uploading photos and videos to Facebook or
YouTube. And with the FRITZ!App, calls can also be made via the cable connection
using iPhones and Android smart phones, which connect to the FRITZ!Box via WLAN.
Other FRITZ!Box functions such as the telephone book, answering machine, and call list
are also available with the FRITZ!App for smart phones.

AVM GmbH, Communication                                            Press office
Alt-Moabit 95, 10559 Berlin                                        Urban Bastert
Germany                                                            Phone +49 30 39976-214,                                 
With integrated NAS functionality (Network Attached Storage), the FRITZ!Box 6360
Cable, combined with an external USB storage device, makes photos, music, videos,
and other files available right across the network.

For a live demonstration of all FRITZ!Box Cable products, head to AVM’s Cebit
stand No. C48 in Hall 13.

AVM GmbH, Communication                                        Press office
Alt-Moabit 95, 10559 Berlin                                    Urban Bastert
Germany                                                        Phone +49 30 39976-214,                             

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