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Automatic lubrication becomes widely accepted

Elevators in continuous use must be lubricated permanently. If either too little or too
much lubricant is on the slide bars, high additional costs may arise because out of
increased maintenance. By using simalube automatic lubricators, the precise and
consistent lubrication for a period of up to 12 months is provided.

In the construction of elevators there has been a lot of progress throughout the years. New
functions as well as a noble glass design is presented to the passengers. Glass, inox,
aluminium etc. are generously used. Consequently, empty cabins, for instance in shopping
centres, often weigh up to 3.5 tons. These heavy loads need to be lubricated reliably.

Exceptional requirements have to be fulfilled by lubrication devices of transparent lifts or
outdoor elevators. Conventional lubrication systems often deliver too much or too little
lubricant. Thus, increased maintenance and cleaning of the cabin and the duct walls
represent additional cost to the user.

Reduced maintenance effort = lower costs

The regular maintenance of elevators is still primarily related to security matters, but it is also
a question of comfort. However, tedious cleaning works of oil spills on the cabin or the duct
ground are not a state of the art maintenance task in the year 2005! That is why elevator
manufacturers around the world use the simple and highly reliable simalube-lubricating
system of the Swiss company simatec ag.
And that is how the ingenious invention works: The gas producing drycell, which has been
developed by simatec and is now integrated in every lubricator, pressurises a piston with up
to 3 bar. In return, this lubricator supplies a lubrication point with an exactly regulated amount
of oil or grease. The dispensing period can be adjusted in months at the top of the cartridge.
For dispensing, the lubricator is twisted into a bracket with integrated brushes. That is it!
Thus, guiding rails, which are difficult to access, can be maintained reliably and efficiently
according to the specifications of the manufacturer. In addition, the permanent provision with
lubricant has a positive effect on all parts which need lubricating (depending on the type of
elevator) and the wearout of the guide rails and the guide shoes is lower. Furthermore, the
elevator runs audibly and noticeably quieter and visibly cleaner.

Existing elevator systems can easily and quickly be retrofitted with the simalube mounting

After the gas producing cell has been activated, it continuously delivers lubricant to
the designated lubrication point by the dispensing of hydrogen.
Contemporary solution, also for the environment

The reduced maintenance and cleaning effort cuts the operating costs of a system
measurably. In addition, empty lubricators can be refilled with a simple filling device. For this,
two sizes of single-point lubricators are available. Their content is either 60 or 125ml.

The range of lubricants for simalube contains all common, for the special requirements in the
grease and oil lubricators modified, high performance lubricants. On request and depending
to the specifications of the manufacturer, biodegradable or food safe lubricants are also

Production and distribution by:

simatec ag
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CH-3380 Wangen a. Aare

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