A Rose for Emily Trial

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					“A Rose for Emily” Trial

As a class, you will put Miss Emily on trial for the murder of Homer.
Each individual will have a role in the trial and the roles are listed below:

Prosecuting Attorneys
Defense Attorneys
Media Outlets (Each individual should represent a different type of medium. For
example, CNN, FOX NEWS, New York Times, National Enquirer).

All students will turn in a written element for points on the day of the trial presentation.
     Attorneys from both sides need to present a point-by-point argument that will be
        typed and collected. Evidence should come directly from the text. They will be
        given the chance to respond to the other side’s argument.
     On the preparation day, jurors will write out what evidence they will be listening
        for from both sets of attorneys (to be collected). Before giving their verdict, the
        jury will write out their verdict providing evidence/reasoning behind their
        decision (also to be collected).
     Media representatives will decide which outlet they represent. On preparation
        day, they will write a pre-trial article as it would be discussed/presented in the
        media. If representing a television network, the information will be written and
        presented as if on-camera. At the conclusion of the trial and after the verdict has
        been read, each media representative will write an article summarizing the
        conclusion of the trial.

Rubric- 50 pts.

      Participation on Preparation Day (10 pts)- Each group is focused and completes
       assigned tasks.
      Presentation Participation (15 points)- Each member of the group participates and
       presents their arguments/script with clarity in purpose and tone.
      Written Component (25 points)-Typed, well- written, clearly presented arguments
       with evidence taken from the text (each member of the group should have their
       name included).

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