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									Abramson Cancer Center

                                             Second Annual
                                   EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE

           Focus On
Lung Cancer
    & Related Disorders
        For at Risk: Lung Cancer and Related Disorders
   For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Small-Cell Lung Cancer,
             Mesothelioma and Related Disorders

      Friday, October 23, 2009
          8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
                                                                                                                       SECOND ANNUAL
                                                                         Focus On
                                                                             Related Disorders

To Register or for more information                                      Please join us for the 2nd Annual Focus on Lung Cancer
                                                                         and Related Disorders Conference, where we’ll address
                       800-789-PENN (7366)                               the needs of those living with or at risk for lung cancer or
                                                                         related disorders.
or Register On-Line at
                                                                         Our team of experts designed this conference with you and
                             oncolink.org/conference/lung                your family in mind. You’ll get the latest information and the
                                                                         answers to your questions.
Registration Deadline: Monday, October 19, 2009

Conference is free of charge.                                            Who Should Attend
No registration fee required.                                            • If you are at risk for:
                                                                              ~ Lung Cancer
$20 Suggested donation (non-tax deductible)
                                                                              ~ Mesothelioma or related disorders
to support the Focus on Lung Cancer Conference.
Cash, check or money order accepted the day of the conference.           • If you are newly diagnosed, currently in treatment
Credit cards accepted with our on-line registration.                       or a long-term survivor of:
                                                                              ~ Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Hotel                                                                         ~ Small-Cell Lung Cancer
                                                                              ~ Mesothelioma
Self-parking is available at the Hilton and will be validated.
For directions to the Hilton Hotel on City Avenue, call 215-879-4000.    • If you are a:
                                                                              ~ Family member
If you need overnight accommodations call Randy Schaller
                                                                              ~ Caregiver
at 215-879-3399.

    The Focus on Lung Cancer Conference
    is being held in collaboration with PENN Medicine
    Development. Attendees will receive communication
    regarding the lung cancer program, Abramson Cancer                                                              Doctors Tracey Evans,
                                                                                                                            Corey Langer,
    Center, and other topics. Participation in the conference
                                                                                                                       John Kucharczuk,
    is optional and privacy has been maintained. If you would                                                            Ramesh Rengan
                                                                                                                         and Joel Cooper.
    prefer not to receive development materials, please write
    to Abramson Cancer Center Development Office,
    3535 Market Street, Suite 750, Philadelphia, PA 19104.
    Focus On Lung Cancer and Related Disorders

                                                                            Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer – Early Stage
    Agenda                                                                  Morris Swartz, MD – Pulmonary
                                                                            Taine Pechet, MD – Thoracic Surgery
    REGISTRATION                                                            Corey Langer, MD – Medical Oncology
    8:00 AM                                                                 Alexander Lin, MD – Radiation Oncology
    Ask the Experts Session Sign-up
                                                                            Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer – Locally Advanced
    Continental Breakfast/Visit Exhibits
                                                                            Andrew Haas, MD, PhD – Pulmonary
    WELCOME                                                                 John Kucharczuk, MD – Thoracic Surgery
    8:30 AM                                                                 Tracey Evans, MD – Medical Oncology
    Conference Co-Chairs                                                    Ramesh Rengan, MD, PhD – Radiation Oncology
    Joel Cooper, MD        Ramesh Rengan, MD, PhD
    Corey Langer, MD       Daniel Sterman, MD                               Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer – Advanced
                                                                            Colin Gillespie, MD – Pulmonary
    Craig Thompson, MD - Director, Abramson Cancer Center
                                                                            Jared Weiss, MD – Medical Oncology
    Joseph Carver, MD - Chief of Staff, Abramson Cancer Center
                                                                            Smith Apisarnthanarax, MD – Radiation Oncology
    GENERAL SESSION                                                         Joseph Straton, MD, MSCE – Symptom Management
    8:45 AM
                                                                            Small Cell Lung Cancer
    Lung Cancer and Related Disorders Research and Treatment:
                                                                            Steven Albelda, MD – Pulmonary
    What’s On The Horizon?
                                                                            Kenneth Algazy, MD – Medical Oncology
    With knowledge gained from mapping the human genome, we can             John Christodouleas, MD, MPH - Radiation Oncology
    now target the genes and pathways that are involved in turning normal
    cells into cancer cells. We are on the brink of possessing advanced     Mesothelioma and Related Disorders
    technologies waiting to be adapted to benefit patients, while we         Daniel Sterman, MD – Pulmonary
    continue to pioneer new treatments such as targeted therapies           Joseph Friedberg, MD – Thoracic Surgery
    and proton radiation treatment.                                         James Stevenson, MD – Medical Oncology
    Joel Cooper, MD           Ramesh Rengan, MD, PhD                        Keith Cengel, MD, PhD – Radiation Oncology
    Corey Langer, MD          Daniel Sterman, MD
                                                                            12:00 PM
    Health Care Reform Briefing
                                                                            Lunch / Ask the Experts Sessions (details on page 4)
    Joseph Carver, MD
    News From Capitol Hill: Legislative Priorities for Lung Cancer
    Laurie Fenton Ambrose, President & CEO, Lung Cancer Alliance            AFTERNOON GENERAL SESSION
    10:00 AM                                                                2:00 PM
    Break / Visit Exhibits                                                  Concurrent Sessions
    10:15 AM
    Concurrent Sessions: Latest Advancements                                For Those at Risk
    Choose ONE workshop session tailored to your needs                      Coping When You Are at Risk
                                                                            Practical strategies for dealing with the challenges of being at risk.
    For Those at Risk                                                       Topics include: dealing with uncertainty, smoking cessation,
    Get important information on risk factors, monitoring, healthy living
                                                                            communicating with loved ones and more.
    and the latest research on prevention, and smoking cessation.
                                                                            Margaret Lazar, MS, MSW, LCSW
    Anil Vachani, MD - Pulmonary
    Joel Cooper, MD - Thoracic Surgery                                      For Survivors
    Robert Schnoll, PhD - Tobacco Research                                  Survivor Stories: Personal Insights from Lung Cancer Survivors
    For Survivors of Lung Cancer and Related Disorders                      Every survivor knows something that can benefit another. Our diverse
    Get the latest on: diagnosis, treatment, research and clinical trials   panel will provide inspiration and hope by sharing their personal stories.
    including new technologies coming to Penn - such as proton therapy.     Moderator: Hope Kushner, MEd
2                                                                                                                                                        3
    Focus On Lung Cancer and Related Disorders

    Ask The Experts                                                         Conference Co-Chairs
                                                                            Joel Cooper, MD                           Ramesh Rengan, MD, PhD
    12:00 PM - 2:00 PM                                                      Professor, Surgery (Thoracic Surgery)     Assistant Professor,
    Time is limited! Please sign up at individual tables                    Chief, Division of Thoracic Surgery,        Radiation Oncology
    in the Registration Area!                                                 University of Pennsylvania
                                                                              Health System                           Daniel Sterman, MD
     SMALL GROUP                       EXPERT                                                                         Associate Professor, Medicine
     Living with Advanced Cancer       Hope Kushner, MEd                    Corey Langer, MD                          Director, Interventional
                                                                            Professor, Medicine                         Pulmonary Services
     Nutrition, Herbs & Vitamins       Katrina Claghorn, MS, RD, CSO, LDN
     ONE-ON-ONE                        EXPERT                               Director, Thoracic Oncology
     Clinical Trials                   Patricia Madison, RN
                                       Melissa Culligan, RN, BSN, CCRC
     Cancer Rehabilitation             Elizabeth Reimet, MD
     Coping with Emotions              Kava Schafer, MDiv, MA
      and Caregiver Issues                                                  Faculty
     Coping with Body Image            Margaret Lazar, MS, MSW, LCSW        from the Abramson Cancer Center
      and Sexuality Concerns
     Employment and                    Greg Heller, Esq                     Patricia Abbott, PA-C                     Melissa Culligan, RN, BSN, CCRC
      Insurance Concerns               Rodney Warner, Esq                   Physician Assistant (Thoracic Surgery)    Clinical Nurse (Thoracic Surgery)
     Financial Planning                Andrew Cohen, AIF                    Steven Albelda, MD                        Beth Eaby, CRNP, OCN
     Home Care and                     Joseph Straton, MD, MSCE             Professor, Medicine                       Advanced Practice Nurse
      Symptom Management                                                      (Pulmonary and Critical Care)           Tracey Evans, MD
     Giving Back                       Tricia Bruning                                                                 Assistant Professor,
                                                                            Kenneth Algazy, MD
                                       Donna Griffith                                                                    Medicine (Hematology/Oncology)
                                                                            Clinical Professor, Medicine
     Integrative Medicine                                                     (Hematology/Oncology)                   Joseph Friedberg, MD
     • Acupuncture                     Jun Mao, MD, MSCE                                                              Associate Professor Surgery
     • Reiki                           Kimberly Fleisher, RMT, Med          Smith Apisarnthanarax, MD                   (Thoracic Surgery)
     • Yoga & Meditation               Fern Nibauer-Cohen                   Assistant Professor,                      Chief, Division of Thoracic Surgery,
                                                                              Radiation Oncology                        Penn Presbyterian Medical Center
     Managing Symptoms                 Suzanne Walker, CRNP, MSN, AOCN
      from Chemotherapy                Beth Eaby CRNP, OCN                  Tricia Bruning                            Colin Gillespie, MD
                                                                            Executive Director, Development           Instructor, Medicine (Pulmonary)
     Managing Symptoms                 Virginia Girard, RN
                                                                                                                      Director of Education,
      from Radiation Treatment
                                                                            Joseph Carver, MD                           Interventional Pulmonary Services
     Managing Symptoms                 Patricia Abbott, PA-C                Professor, Medicine                       Virginia Girard, RN
      from Surgery                                                          Chief of Staff, Abramson Cancer Center    Clinical Nurse, Radiation Oncology
                                       Carolyn Vachani, MSN, RN, AOCN                                                 Donna Griffith
                                                                            Keith Cengel, MD, PhD
                                                                            Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology   Director, Volunteer Services
     Smoking Cessation                 Robert Schnoll, PhD                                                            Andrew Haas, MD, PhD
      and Environmental Issues         Andrew Strasser, PhD                 John Christodouleas, MD, MPH              Assistant Professor, Medicine
                                                                            Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology     (Interventional Pulmonary Services)
     Your Medications                  Michael Vozniak, PharmD, BCOP
     • Chemotherapy                                                         Katrina Claghorn, MS, RD, CSO, LDN John Kucharczuk, MD
     • Prescription Medications                                             Clinical Dietician Specialist      Assistant Professor, Surgery
     • Over the Counter Drugs
                                                                            Patient and Family Services          (Thoracic Surgery)
4                                                                                                                                                             5
    Focus On Lung Cancer and Related Disorders

    Faculty continued                                                                              The Abramson
    Hope Kushner, MEd                         James Stevenson, MD
    Patient Support Specialist,               Assistant Professor,                                 Cancer Center
      Patient and Family Services               Medicine (Hematology/Oncology)
                                                                                          thanks the following educational grant
    Margaret Lazar, MS, MSW, LCSW             Andrew Strasser, PhD                         providers for their generous support
    Director, Patient and Family Services     Assistant Professor, Psychiatry
    Alexander Lin, MD                         Joseph Straton, MD, MSCE                                  Genentech
    Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology   Assistant Professor,
                                                Family Medicine & Community Health
                                                                                                   OSI Pharmaceuticals
    Patricia Madison, RN
    Clinical Research Nurse                   Morris Swartz, MD
      (Hematology/Oncology)                   Clinical Associate Professor,
    Jun Mao, MD                                 Medicine (Pulmonary)
    Assistant Professor, Family Medicine
    and Community Health
                                              Medical Director, Respiratory Care
                                                and Pulmonary Diagnostic Services,    About the
    Fern Nibauer-Cohen
                                                Penn Presbyterian Medical Center
                                              Craig Thompson, MD
                                                                                      Abramson Cancer Center
    Associate Director,                                                               PennMedicine.org/Abramson
      Strategic Marketing Services            Professor,
    Certified Yoga Instructor                    Medicine (Hematology/Oncology)
                                                Director, Abramson Cancer Center
                                                                                      The Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania is
    Taine Pechet, MD                                                                  one of a select group of cancer centers in the country awarded the
    Assistant Professor                       Anil Vachani, MD                        prestigious designation of Comprehensive Cancer Center by the
    Surgery (Thoracic Surgery)                Assistant Professor,
                                                                                      National Cancer Institute. This status reflects our outstanding
                                                Medicine (Pulmonary)
    Elizabeth Reimet, MD                                                              research, clinical services, education and information services,
    Assistant Professor,                      Carolyn Vachani, MSN, RN, AOCN          and community outreach.
      Rehabilitation Medicine                 Nurse Educator, OncoLink
    Director, Cancer Rehabilitation           Michael Vozniak, PharmD, BCOP           As part of the University of Pennsylvania Health System, we are able
    Kava Schafer, MDiv, MA                    Oncology Pharmacist                     to build upon the resources of one of the nation’s foremost medical
    Staff Oncology Chaplain                   Suzanne Walker, CRNP, MSN, AOCN         centers, enabling us to address all of our patients’ medical needs.
    Robert Schnoll, PhD                       Advanced Practice Nurse                 We are committed to treating each patient as our only patient, while
    Associate Professor, Psychiatry
                                              Jared Weiss, MD                         pursuing our understanding of, and ability to fight cancer.
    Daniel Sterman, MD                        Senior Fellow, Medicine
    Associate Professor, Medicine              (Hematology/Oncology)
    Director of Interventional Pulmonology

    Guest Speakers/Experts
    Laurie Fenton Ambrose                     Greg Heller, Esq
    President & CEO, Lung Cancer Alliance     Caldwell and Heller, LLC
    Andrew Cohen, AIF                         Rodney Warner, Esq
    Vice President, Vantage Point Financial   Project Attorney, Law and Health
    Services, Inc                               Initiative for Cancer Survivors,                                                     Penn Medicine’s
    Kimberly Fleisher, RMT, Med                 Legal Clinic for the Disabled, Inc.                                                  Perelman Center
    Director, Reiki School and Clinic                                                                                         for Advanced Medicine,
    Reiki Practitioner/Teacher                                                                                   home to the Abramson Cancer Center
6                                                                                                                                                            7
    Focus On Lung Cancer and Related Disorders

    Penn’s Lung Cancer                                                     Lung Cancer Research
    Program                                                                Our extensive research efforts make us one of the most
                                                                           comprehensive lung cancer programs in the country.

    The Penn Difference                                                    Research Highlights
                                                                           • We are the leaders in an international effort to revolutionize the
    Innovative Research...Advanced Medicine...
                                                                             prevention and management of lung cancer through the creation
    Service Excellence                                                       of the first international lung cancer registry, that will deepen our
                                                                             understanding of lung cancer.
    Penn created a new level of lung cancer care when it established the   • Penn has developed a treatment for mesothelioma based on work
    Center for Lung Cancer and Related Disorders in 1991. The program        in the laboratory and continues to test its effectiveness through a
    is distinguished in a number of ways including:                          National Cancer Institute grant.
    • Dedicated specialists who evaluate and treat only lung disease.      • Penn investigators are conducting exciting clinical trials including:
    • Ranked among the top ten by US News and World Report                     ~ Combination chemotherapy/surgery/radiation for mesothelioma
      for respiratory diseases.                                                ~ Autologous tumor vaccine for lung cancer and mesothelioma
                                                                               ~ PDT for treating currently untreatable tumors
    • A Tobacco and Environmental Carcinogenesis Program that                  ~ Cell manipulation to enhance immune response
      is studying the relationships between environmental exposures               for lung cancer, and mesothelioma
      and cancer, with a focus on prevention of tobacco and                    ~ Lung gene research including: effects of gene expression,
      asbestos-related cancers including lung cancer, head and                    effect of drugs on inactivated gene, survival as function
      neck cancer and mesothelioma.                                               of gene status and vascular invasion.
    • A Tobacco Use Research Center (TTURC) whose mission is to            • Personalized medicine research on smoking cessation including:
      understand the factors that influence risk for nicotine dependence        ~ The use of genetic markers to predict an individual smokers’
      and develop better treatments to help smokers quit.                         chances of quitting smoking with particular medications.
                                                                               ~ Brain imaging research that explains why some smokers are
    • Penn interventional pulmonologists who are using a new minimally            prone to concentration and memory problems when they try
      invasive technology as a less invasive way to stage lung cancer.            to quit smoking.
    • Penn thoracic surgeons who see more thoracic patients                    ~ Evaluation of a blood test that may help doctors make
      than any other hospital in the Delaware Valley.                             decisions about the optimal type, dose and duration
    • Penn’s thoracic surgeons who were among the first to form a                  of treatment for individual smokers.
      separate section specializing in non-cardiac thoracic surgery,
      thus focusing their time and talents on thoracic disorders.
    • Penn thoracic oncologists who have developed new surgical
      procedures to treat previously inoperable lung cancer.
    • Penn clinicians and researchers who developed the nation’s first
      Comprehensive Multispecialty Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) Center.
    • A rate for lung conserving procedures that is among the best
      in the country, ensuring that you will retain the highest quality
      of life possible.
                                                                                                   Dr. Craig Thompson, Director of the
    • We are a major center for lung cancer clinical trials, allowing us                           Abramson Cancer Center and Dr. Tullia
      to provide some of the newest and best therapies to our patients.                            Lindsten, Research Associate Professor
8                                                                                                                                                    9
                            First Class
                          U.S. Postage
                         Permit No. 2563
                         Phila., PA 19104
Life After Lung Cancer
Abramson Cancer Center
3400 Spruce Street
1620 Penn Tower
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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