Swine flu by jassmith85


									Swine flu: The biggest threat to the country now Entire India is now shivering in the panic of Swine Flu. The death roll has already crossed 20 and may likely to grow as fresh cases are being detected everyday. Till now, Maharashtra has been the worst effected Indian state followed by West Bengal. At present, Pune is holding the record of maximum deaths caused by this viral flu, which include some doctors. Though the Government has urged people not to panic, it has not been able to done anything that can lessen their worries. Some precautionary measures, dos’ and don’ts’ have been announced on behalf of the administration but that does not seem to be enough as news of new admission in hospitals is coming from all parts of the country everyday. Yes, like all other cases, we the common people are blaming the state governments and their health infrastructures, but probably the government is not to be blamed here. By now, it has become clear that the source of the disease is not India but it has been carried here by the foreigners and countrymen who have returned from abroad. So tackling this epidemic is a bit difficult for the government. Previously the country has witnessed bird flu where the state governments have taken prompt actions but when a disease is being carried here from outside, the administration gets very little scope to do anything. However, checking has been strengthened at airports as these are the gateways of the country for the international citizens. People have been requested to wear musks to protect their nose and mouth as a precautionary measure and arrangement for special treatments have been made in the health centers. But apart from all these, we, the common people have got some responsibilities too. We need to be more careful about our habits and practices that we maintain on roads. We need to keep ourselves clean and avoid eating in roadside dhabas and restaurants. Instead of neglecting health problems we need to rush to the doctor so that if tested positive we can get early treatments. Most importantly, we need to check out whether somebody known to us has returned from abroad recently. These are things we need to do very strictly as prevention is always better than cure. When a disease is spreading fast we need to make sure that we have taken every possible step to stay away from its effect. Instead of blaming the government it is now time to blame ourselves for our bad habits because these are things that invite health problems.

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