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									   Welsh Government
         Sheila Crossley
Welsh Government – Financial Policy and
Greening Government commitment
• Reduce emissions 25% from 09/10
• Reduce waste by 25% from 09/10
• Reduce water consumption from 09/10
• Ensure government buys more
  sustainable & efficient products
Welsh Government experience of preparing
 HMT FreM report (Financial Reporting
    Manual) (http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk/frem_sustainability.htm)
• Large no of locations of varying sizes
• Issues of 3rd part management of facilities
• Lack of recording equipment particularly in older
• Timing of validated numerical data much later
  than accounts timing
• Large no of employees recording business travel
  but no automated process for capturing mileage
  and car emissions detail
• Overlap with other initiatives with differing
  requirements eg CRC
   Welsh Government – range of
• Own estate impact
• Transport – road building programme
• Development assets for regeneration and
  business growth activities
• Cadw – large no of properties of varying
  ages and conservation issues
     Welsh Government – range of
      activities (2) Policy direction
•   Sustainable Futures and Bill
•   Schools/Universities/College
•   Local Authorities/Fire Services
•   NHS – Local Health Boards and Trusts
•   Welsh Government Sponsored bodies &
    Commissioner bodies
         FReM requirements
• Current guidance excludes devolved
  administrations and has a de-minimus for
  smaller government bodies
• Some bodies not covered by FReM –
  charities, local authorities but are covered
  by ‘ Greening government commitment’
• Wales is unique in the UK in having
  sustainable development as its central
  organising principle
• Sustainability legislation planned –
  announced by Minister. Details to be
  worked through.
• Our experience is that employees are
  proud and enthusiastic to promote better
          FReM de-minimus
• More than 250 FTE staff and
• Floorspace > 1000 sq m
• Exemptions for specialist activities or
  trading organisations
             Who is affected
            under FReM rules
• Welsh Government estate
• LHB’s and Trusts

• Need to produce FReM format reports and
  to report where numerical information is
  currently unavailable
   Welsh Government proposal
• All devolved public bodies in Wales above the following
• More than 50 FTE
• More than 500 sq m
• Focus on big impacts – define for your organisation and
  make proposals to reduce them and provide metrics in
  the FReM format where possible
• Include numerical information if you have good quality
  metrics readily available or provide narrative on plans to
  improve metrics
• Numerical information consistent subset for other
  reporting requirements eg Green Dragon and CRC
   Welsh Government proposal
• All public bodies to include a text commentary in their
  Management Commentary on what proposals are in
• Proposal doesn’t apply to the private and 3rd sector,
  although we encourage them to use A4S as well
   Welsh Government proposal
• Dry run – based on 2010/11 to evaluate if the right
  metrics are available
• Feedback to us on practicalities – on-line forums/further
  events (collaborative approach)
• For 2011/12 – minimum of text commentary on initiatives
  in management commentary
• For 2012/13 – text and numeric information (numerics
  limited for de-minimus bodies)
• WG will continue to support the A4S Forum, share our
  learning and share best practise
• WG SD Annual report will be published on 22 September

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