1 Chaminade's 79th graduation exercises took place at C.W. Post's

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					                                                                     Chaminade’s 79th graduation exercises took place
                                                                     at C.W. Post’s Tilles Center on June 6, 2010. At
                                                                     far left, Andrew D'Ambrosio '10 shares his favorite
                                                                     memories from Chaminade High School during his
                                                                     valedictory address. Directly to the left, CHS presi-
                                                                     dent Fr. James Williams ’87 presents the Chaminade
                                                                     Man Award to James Kovar ’10; this award is given
                                                                     to the most outstanding member of the graduat-
                                                                     ing class. Below, salutatorian Conor Mercadante
                                                                     '10 gives his address to the Class of 2010. Conor
                                                                     was also the recipient of the Fr. Philip Eichner,
                                                                     S.M. Award, which is presented to the second most
                                                                     outstanding student in the class. (See pages 3-5 for
                                                                     more graduation information.)

Chaminade prin-                                                                                   Lt. Gen. Willie Wil-
cipal Bro. Joseph                                                                                 liams, USMC, Director
Bellizzi is shown                                                                                 of the Marine Corps
at right presenting                                                                               Staff (below), ad-
the Bro. Joseph Fox,                                                                              dressed the Chaminade
S.M. Service Award                                                                                student body on April
to Thomas Terrill                                                                                 27, 2010. At left, the
’10. The recipient                                                                                general is greeted on
of this award has                                                                                 his arrival by Bobby
demonstrated the                                                                                  Keating ’10. Looking
most outstanding                                                                                  on are John Connolly
service to the school                                                                             ’10 (l.) and Andrew de
and community.                                                                                    Lannoy ’10.

 The Three O’clock Prayer shrine which was erected earlier this
 year outside of the Activity-Athletic Center, was blessed on
 April 2, 2010 just prior to the start of the Good Friday Liturgy.
 Brothers and guests are shown above during the blessing of the
 three statues that form the tableau.

       The Disney Trip – April 15-18, 2010
          A Bonding Experience for the
              Entire Class of 2010

                                                                                    Sodality members gathered in Our
                                                                                    Lady’s Court on the morning of
                                                                                    May 24, 2010 to close the Month
                                                                                    of Our Lady with Chaminade’s an-
                                                                                    nual Marian Prayer Service, which
                                                                                    was also broadcast over the TV
                                                                                    system to the rest of the school.
                                                                                    A talented group from the Glee
                                                                                    Clubs as well as two of CHS’s bag-
                                                                                    pipers provided appropriate music.
                                                                                    At right below chaplain Fr. Garrett
                                                                                    ’62 began by incensing the statue
                                                                                    of Our Lady. Directly below is
                                                                                    junior Pat Cahill ’11 who served as
On the weekend of April 24-25, 2010 Chaminade hosted the New York State             one of the day’s lectors.
Forensic League State Finals. It was done in conjunction with Mineola Middle
School and the Jackson Ave. Elementary School, under the direction of Bro. John
McGrory ’84. On Saturday the AAC gymnasium (above) served as a food court
with buffets provided by several local Mineola restaurants.

                                                                                  Over half of the Class of 2010 took part in this year’s Senior Cruise on the evening
                                                                                  of May 21, 2010. It was a beautiful May evening as classmates and their dates
                                                                                  boarded buses from Chaminade to Chelsea Piers where they embarked on the Cor-
                                                                                  nucopia Majesty for a dinner/dance cruise around Manhattan. At left, Tim Liddy
                                                                                  (r.), R.J. Crimmins and their dates take a break from dancing before a background
                                                                                  of the lights of Manhattan’s skyline. Following the cruise all returned by bus to
                                                                                  CHS where the students were met by waiting parents.

Principal’s Graduation Address
                                       “How can I repay the Lord for all the          “How can I repay the Lord?” Gratitude leads to service. Too often
                                       good He has done for me?”                 we see success as a promotion of self rather than an opportunity to help
                                              Psalm 116                          others less fortunate than ourselves. Over the past four years, you have
                                                                                 demonstrated in many ways how to respond to others in need. You
                                     Dear Graduates of the Class of 2010,        have put your time and talents at the service of others. As we recall the
                                          Today we recall all of the blessings   accomplishments of the Class of 2010 there are so many that fall under
                                     of the past four years: your academic       the realms of service and sacrifice. There are countless hours given to
                                     and athletic accomplishments and            teaching the faith; volunteering with Emmaus; practicing for a team;
                                     your spiritual growth as individuals        writing articles for publications; sharing faith, cooking, and doing laundry
                                     and as a class. Indeed, upon reflec-        on retreats; learning a language; defending the life of unborn children;
                                     tion, the Lord has so graciously            and the list goes on. Service and sacrifice are an expression of gratitude –
                                     blessed the Class of 2010. Now, what        gratitude for all the good the Lord has done.
                                     return can we make to the Lord?                  I cannot help but reflect on how Mary incorporated Psalm 116 into
                                          Our society tends to avoid the         the fabric of her life. Mary knew she was blessed by the Lord: “Hence-
                                     two aspects that the Psalmist high-         forth all ages will call me blessed,” she proclaimed. Mary sang out in her
Bro. Joseph Bellizzi ’78             lights, namely, to recognize all that the   Magnificat that “the almighty has done great things for me.” This leads to
                                     Lord has done for us, how blessed we        her Fiat, “I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me accord-
are, and then to ask the question of how we can repay the Lord.                  ing to your word.” Mary was able to repay the Lord with her great act of
      So much of our success is taken for granted. To what degree do we          humility and service. May you never forget the words and the example of
see our accomplishments as gifts from God: what the Lord has done for            the Blessed Mother.
me? Graduation day is a good time to reflect and to appreciate all your               My prayer for you is that you may always be grateful for all the good
accomplishments and all the good things and people that have filled your         the Lord has done for you. May you continue to repay the Lord with acts
life these past four years. In the midst of our rejoicing, may we stop and       of mercy and service. May you continue to be Sons of Mary who follow
thank the Lord for his great love and providence. To give thanks to God          her example in all you do and say.
is such a crucial Christian act. While it is true that our own hard work is                                     Good luck and God bless.
part of every successful endeavor, let us not forget about the role of God.
And may we also remember with glad thanksgiving the people God has
worked through - parents, teachers, coaches and fellow students – who                                        Bro. Joseph Dominick Bellizzi, S.M. ’78
have helped you make it to this day.                                                                         Principal

                                                                                          Special Awards recipients for 2010 are pictured at left immediately
                                                                                          after graduation exercises on June 6, 2010. Pictured in the front
                                                                                          row from left to right are Andrew D'Ambrosio '10 (Class Valedic-
                                                                                          torian, New York State Attorney General Triple "C" Award), Conor
                                                                                          Mercadante '10 (Class Salutatorian, Fr. Philip Eichner, S.M. Award,
                                                                                          New York State Attorney General Triple "C" Award), Kevin Weiss '10
                                                                                          (Bro. Louis Faerber, S.M. Service Award, Nassau County Comptrol-
                                                                                          ler Achievement Award), James Kovar '10 (Chaminade Man of the
                                                                                          Year Award, Nassau County Award), Dimitri Moise '10 (Alexander
                                                                                          Ott Glee Club Award), Brendan Fowler '10 (John R. Lenz "Semper
                                                                                          Fidelis" Award), Conor Nickel '10 (Frank "Boiler" Burns Student-
                                                                                          Athlete Award), and Michael Wysota '10 (Chaminade Academic
                                                                                          Excellence Award, Congressional Medal of Merit). Pictured in the
                                                                                          back row from left to right are David LeBlanc '10 (Parish Religious
                                                                                          Education Award), Michael Bucaria '10 (Robert C. Wright Speech
                                                                                          and Debate Club Award), Eric Barro '10 (Angelo Ferdinando Band
                                                                                          Award), Gregory Dick '10 (String Orchestra Award), Brendan Quinn
                                                                                          '10 (Albert Kozar Drama Club Award), Thomas Terrill '10 (Bro.
                                                                                          Joeseph Fox, S.M. Service Award, Town of Hempstead Award), and
                                                                                          Michael Kelly '10 (Joseph F. Thomas Student-Athlete Award).

On May 20, 2010 the Junior division set                                                                                  The 2009-10 CAPA year concluded
aside texts and classrooms, boarded buses                                                                                on June 19 with the annual barbecue
for New Jersey and spent the day at Six                                                                                  in Our Lady’s Courtyard. Outgoing
Flags Great Adventure. Kevin Weis-                                                                                       presidents Joe and Maureen Anselmo
sheier proudly displays his day’s winnings.                                                                              (at left center) announced that Fr.
Below (from l.-r.) Tom Cassese, Eric                                                                                     James ’87 will serve as CAPA’s new
Haslbauer, Dan Haslbauer, Mike Marron,                                                                                   moderator, and that Debbie and John
Ben Hesse, and Jack Manning show their                                                                                   Stellakis (Debbie is at left) are the new
enthusiasm after an exciting (and wet) ride                                                                              presidents. Below left are the barbecu-
on the flume.                                                                                                            ers, Steve Melley, Tony Cascardi, and
                                                                                                                         Bro. Thomas Cleary ’81. Directly
                                                                                                                         below is Bro. Stephen Balletta ’74 with
                                                                                                                         Jim and Marybeth DiLiberto ’71.

THE CLASS OF 2010                                                     Dickinson College
                                                                      Leodor Altidor
                                                                                                Georgetown Univ.
                                                                                                Alexander Capogna
                                                                                                Christopher Jeffrey
                                                                                                                         Loyola University
                                                                                                                         Thomas Antorino IV
                                                                                                                                               Muhlenberg College
                                                                                                                                               Richard Doyle
                                                                                                                                               Kevin Hargrove
Colleges new alumni will attend                                       Drew University
                                                                      Carmine Biancamano
                                                                                                Brendan Quinn
                                                                                                Philip Sidoti
                                                                                                                         Ryan Baker
                                                                                                                         Anthony Benvegna      Nassau Community
                                                                      Anthony Burns             Patrick Spagnuolo        Kyle Brennan               College
Adelphi University     Catholic University    Connecticut College                               Daniel Sprotte           Brendan Coles         Michael Brennan Jr.
Christopher Bock            of America        Daniel Morici           Duke University           John Urbank              Justin Falciano       Thomas Doyle
Demetrios Giakoumis    John Dautzenberg       Paul Tierney III        Jonathan Derlath          Tyler White              Patrick Kammerer      Peter Goutzounis
Michael La Sala        Philip Rizzo                                   Brendan Fowler                                     Nolan McKeown         Francis Greenwood IV
Shane Murphy           John Ruggiero          Cornell University                                Hamilton College         Brian Palmeri         Brian Joyce
                                              Francis Arland Jr.      Emory University          Max Schnidman                                  Eric Marley
Albany Medical         Clemson University     Andrew D'Ambrosio       Trevor Pirro                                       Manhattan College     Thomas Sweeney
     College           Daniel Giordano        Steven DiDominica                                 Harvard University       Meena Balady          Christopher West
Joseph Crapotta        Matthew Jansen         Maxwell Gentile         Fairfield University      Joseph Ruescher          Thomas Engelhart
                       Antonio Vindell        Timothy Healy           Christopher Cahill                                 Michael Martin        New York University
American University                           Andrew Ines             Andrew Clarke             Haverford College        Kevin Swenson         Kevin Butler
Daniel Carter          Colgate University     Kyle Kurkela            Paul Croce                Ever Ramirez             Joseph West           Salvatore Cotilletta Jr.
                       Christopher Ahrens                             Michael Greubel                                                          Jonathon Dornbush
Arizona State          Erik Barro             Culinary Institute of   Jack Penzi                Hobart and William       Marist College        Daniel Hinton
     University        James Morra                America             Michael Raymond              Smith Colleges        Joseph Attard         Matthew Hughes
Daniel Vanderhoef                             David Mammina Jr.       Joseph Sbarro             Thomas Elder             Neal Burke            Dimitri Moise
                       College of Charleston                                                                             Kevin Cabello         Alfred Ragone
Auburn University      Andrew Brennan        CUNY:                    Fordham University        Hofstra University       Robert Flood          Rocco Tomassetti
Robert Forrester       Steven Cronley             Baruch College      Robert Abballe            John Brady               Kevin Gaffney
                                             Christopher Ambrosio     Conor Berkery             Karl Chopyk              Timothy Gilbert       Northeastern Univ.
Bentley University     College of Saint Rose Michael Corrado          Allen Buzzeo              Nicholas Franzini        Brian Hall            Matthew Dunn
Matthew Picarella      Casey Cunningham      Thomas Erikson           Daniel Carter                                      John Hordern          Matthew Saitta
Bruce Watterson        Casey Sammon          Daniel Halleran          Ryan Castro               Iona College             Andrew James
                                                                      Michael Cestare           Brendan Behan            Jonathan Kenney       Pace University:
Boston College         College of the         CUNY: John Jay          Kyle Chuber               Conor Buckley            Daniel Lane                New York City
Sean Burpoe                 Holy Cross            College of          Brian Dawes               Francis Cahill           John Mackin           James Ragone
Sean O'Hara            Christopher Brosnan        Criminal Justice    Frank De Domenico         Gregory Gerner           Marino Pawlowski
Edward Parisi III      John Castro Jr.        Daniel Leboff           Robert Demmett            John Mohrmann            Daniel Pojero         Pennsylvania State
Stephen Pearn          Adrian Fekula          Matthew Scarallo        Joseph DiDonna            James Robertazzi         Thomas Rooney               University
                       Peter Genovese                                 Christopher Garnett                                Brian Veltre          Lucas Angelini
Boston University      Thomas Keane           CUNY:                   William Gruener           James Madison Univ.                            Sagar Beharry
Christopher Mello      Ryan Kessler                Queens College     Luke Homer                Christopher Imperio      Mass. College of      Thomas Byrne
Robert Pulido          Timothy Liddy          John Gallo              Daniel Hughes                                          Pharmacy &        Robert Chisena
Andrew Scarpitta       Patrick Moran          Andrew Gina             J. Andre Lobato           Lafayette College            Health Sciences   Joseph Danielson
Michael Volpe          Matthew Murawski       Michael Labbate         Nicholas Manetta          Jacob Ricca              Tony Moozhayil        Zachary DeVoti
                       Liam Neville           Ethan Noblesala         John McGovern                                                            Phillip-Michael France
Brown University       Scott Patterson        Andrew Ortiz            Gelsomino Papa            Lehigh University        Mass. Institute of    Matthew Gillis
Lukas Bentel           Nicholas Petsky        Nicholas Pizzo          Matthew Poppe             Michael Alas                 Technology        Michael Gramarossa
                       Ryan Raphael                                   David Portmore            Joshua Friend            Andrew Koche          John Hunter
Bucknell University                           CUNY: Sophie Davis      Kevin Rochford            William Pirk                                   David Kobbe
Daniel Wallace         College of William         Medical School      Gregory Schiliro                                   McDaniel College      Patrick Stano
                            and Mary          Michael Ibarra          Kevin Sutcliffe           LeMoyne College          Andrew McCann
Case Western Reserve   George Dimitriades     Andres Maldonado                                  Andrew Strzelinski                             Polytechnic Insti-
University                                                            Franciscan University                              Miami University:          tute of NYU
Michael Dimaano        Columbia U.:           Dartmouth College           of Steubenville       LIU: C.W. Post                Ohio             Gregory Brown
                           Columbia College   Luke Suydam             Kevin Weiss                   Campus               Patrick Walsh
                       Jerome Genova                                                            Michael Lupola                                 Pomona College
                       Christopher Hatzis     DeSales University      Franklin & Marshall       Charles Pileggi          Middlebury College    Michael McGuinness
                       Michael Kelly          Charles Hartley             College                                        Michael Wysota
                       Alexander Ortiz                                Matthew Gillan


                        Dan Herchenroder      Andrew Brennan ’10      Brian Grady ’73 and       Dave Kobbe ’10 and       Keith Conway ’10 and Steve Giordano ’75
                       ’10 and John ’72       and Mike ’73            Sean ’10                  Dave ’73                 Gerard ’74           and Dan ’10
                                                                       Twenty-nine members of the Class of 2010
                                                                       are sons of alumni and six have alumni
                                                                       granddads. Three of the six are three genera-
                                                                       tion families: the Kobbes (above – the late
                                                                       Jack Kobbe ’45 was Dave ’10’s grandfather),
                                                                       the Derhams (below – the late Don Derham
                                                                       Sr. ’44 was Don III’s grandfather), And the
                                                                       Crimmins (at far right). All of these fathers/
                                                                       sons and grandfathers/grandsons were
                                                                       invited to assist in the baccalaureate Mass of-
                                                                       fertory procession. At left are the Hoffmans,
                                                                       Brian ’10 and his grandfather George ’40.

Matt Butler ’10 and    Pail Homer ’78 and     Basil Palmeri ’78 and   Brian Butler ’10 and     Don Derham Jr. ’79        John Hunter ’10 and   Jim Mercadante ’79
Bill ’78               Luke ’10               Brian ’10               Mike ’79                 and Don III ’10           John ’79              and Conor ’10

Princeton University    St. Bonaventure          SUNY Center at           United States Air       Benjamin Loweree        University of            Joseph Lawless
Cody Abbey                   University               Stony Brook              Force Academy      Steven Moirano              Richmond             Biagio Marino
Joseph Goss             John Michael Rea         Louis Carbone Jr.             Prep               Andrew Thalheimer       Ryan Grant               Robert McGrane
William Himler                                   Jon-Michael Giannuzzi    Louis Fasano                                    Liam Ray                 Kevin Morrissey
Christopher Prisco      St. Francis College      Sean Hardick                                     University of Mass.     James Starkie            Daniel Papa
                        Vincent Pagnotta         Francis Keating          United States Coast         Amherst             Matthew Weber            Forrester Pierce IV
Providence College                               Matthew Seridge              Guard Academy       Raymond Moylan          Kevin Westerman          Brandon Pues
Joseph Dalli            St. John’s University                             Robert Scaduto Jr.      Andrew Napolitano                                Ryan Reynolds
Nicholas Mandarakas     Evan Browand             SUNY College at                                                          University of San        Colin Sauvigne
Michael McConnell       Frank Durso                   Buffalo             United States Mer-      University of Miami           Francisco          Kevin Spahr
Christopher Merlo       John Lodispoto           Tyler Bauer                   chant Marine       Stephen Smith           Jesse Salvo              Declan Stack
Stephen Morello         Hugh Lowery                                            Academy            Thomas Terrill                                   Ryan Stoll
Kristian Nielsen        Steven Mazza             SUNY College at          John Connelly                                   University of
Edward Siems            James Mohr                    Cortland            Thomas Stewart          University of                Scranton            Virginia Polytechnic
Francis Taylor          Anthony Nania            William Walsh                                         Michigan           Joseph Comitino               Institute
James Worth Jr.         Michael Ryan                                      United States           Thomas Licatesi         Alex Cotton              Gregory Kislowski
                        Adam Sanchez             SUNY College at              Military            Michael Short           Gardner Fitzgerald
Quinnipiac Univ.        Mark Venezia                  Geneseo                 Academy             Joseph Truzzolino       Thomas Morgan            Wake Forest Univ.
Stephen Agnone          Michael Woodhouse        Joseph Ceriello          Brendan Echausse                                Michael Teston           Jonathan Anderson II
Thomas Palumbo                                   Thomas Collins                                   University of North     Michael Trabulsi         Robert Crimmins III
Timothy Schulze         St. Joseph’s Univ.       Joseph Toscano           United States Naval         Carolina:                                    Richard Garner
                        Peter Adams III          Edward Zebrowski             Academy                 Wilmington          University of            John Koslow
Rensselaer Polytech-    Christopher Manganelli                            Andrew Hayes            Evan Doherty             Southern California     Jonathan McCarthy
    nic Institute       Daniel Redmond         SUNY College of            Robert Keating                                  Serge Liberovsky
Aaron Sedlacek          Matthew Sagan               Environ. Sci. &       Glenn McKenna          University of                                     Washington & Lee
                                                    Forestry                                          Notre Dame          University of Virginia        University
Sacred Heart Univ.      St. Leo University     Victor Prieto              University of Califor- Patrick Brosnan          Ryan Berger              John Reuter
Salvatore Carnazza      David LeBlanc                                          nia: San Diego    Dillon Connolly
Donald Gill                                    SUNY Maritime              Arno Khachatourian     Matthew DiFazio          University of            Washington Univ.:
                        Stevens Institute of        College                                      Michael Galzerano            Wisconsin -              St. Louis
Salve Regina Univ.            Technology       Ross Freund                University of          Alfredo Guzman               Madison              Ryan Minett
Nicholas Coyle          Michael LaGumina       Frank Marchese Jr.              Chicago           Patrick O'Brien          Leonard Manning
                                                                          Joseph DiCapua         Nicholas Prevete                                  Webb Institute of
Santa Clara Univ.       Stonehill College        Texas A & M Univ.        Samuel Wigutow         Patrick Schmitz          Vanderbilt University        Naval Architec-
Timothy Quinn           Daniel Tierney           James Kovar                                     Francis Soler            Gregory Dick                 ture
                                                                          University of                                   Daniel Herchenroder      Donald Derham
Seton Hall University   SUNY Center at           The Hotchkiss                 Connecticut       University of Oregon     Matthew Landolphi
Thomas Brennan               Albany                  School               Ryuji Ueki             Stephen Maher                                     Wesleyan University
Stephen Palazzolo       Jonathan Chen            Dylan Sinnickson                                                         Vassar College           Troy Sampson
                        Robert Insardi Jr.                                University of Dayton University of              James Quigg
Siena College                                    Trinity College          Keith Conway             Pennsylvania           Timothy Serkes           Williams College
Theodore                SUNY Center at           Peter Burrows            Conor Kutner         Edem Attikese                                       Conor Mercadante
     Czubakowski             Binghamton          Julian Gocksch           Dillon Grandinette   Conor Nickel               Villanova University
William Kleinfelder     Frederick Brussell III   Alexander Shea                                James Talwar               Douglas Allen            Worcester Polytech-
Richard Porembski       Christopher Dmu-                                  University of                                   Zachary Arthus                nic Institute
                        chowski                  Tufts University              Delaware        University of              Michael Bucaria          Joseph Giesecke
Skidmore College        Michael Foley            Patrick Bender           John Camperlengo         Pittsburgh             Brian Butler
Brian Hoffman           Bryan Gitto              Christian Widmer         Sean Grady           Matthew Butler             Michael Clarke
Quinn Regan             Jonathan McMahon                                  Ryan May             Dylan Provencher           Andrew de Lannoy
                        David Ostermann          Tulane University                                                        Sean Dolan
Slippery Rock           Nicholas Plackis         Mark Vessio              University of Mary-     University of           James Florez
     University of                                                             land: College           Rhode Island       Paul Fortanasce
     Pennsylvania       SUNY Center at           Union College                 Park               Stephen Fontana         Anthony Fradella
Frank Marciari                Buffalo            MarcAnthony Parrino      Michael Ehrhardt                                Peter Kechejian
                        Justin LaMarca                                    Patrick Kaim Jr.                                James Kelly III
                        John Staudt

Phil Sidoti ’10 and     John Westerman ’75       Ryan Kessler ’10 and     Justin Falciano ’10     Frank Keating ’77 and   John Brady ’10 and
Peter ’75               and Kevin ’10            Jim ’76                  and Anthony ’77         Frank ’10               Brian ’78

                                                   The Class of 2010 numbered 402 young
                                                   men, among whom was the 20,000th gradu-
                                                   ate of Chaminade High School. Almost all
                                                   of the father/son combinations are pictured
                                                   here. In addition, four of the grandfathers
                                                   are as well. Pictured two photos to the left
                                                   are Robert Hayes ’49 with his grandson
                                                   Andrew ’10. Directly to the left are the
                                                   Sauvignes, Jerry ’46 and Colin ’01. R.J.
                                                   Crimmins ’10 is pictured at right with his
                                                   dad Rob ’79 and his maternal granddad,
                                                   John Lane ’58.

Pat Moran ’10 and       Pat O’Brien ’10 and      Pat Brosnan ’10, Mark   Tom Morra ’81 and        Dan Landolphi ’82       Kevin Weiss ’10 and      Steve Morello ’10 and
Bob ’79                 Bob ’79                  ’80, and Chris ’10      Tom ’10                  and Matt ’10            Tom ’83                  Steve ’84

At the Class of 1985’s 25th reunion on May 8, 2010,
committee members (from l.-r. above) Pete Dana,
Jack Martins, Anthony Iandoli, Kevin Cuddahy and
Anthony Spera present Fr. James with a class gift
that (at the time of ths writing) was almost $79,000. The event began in the Chaminade chapel as classmate Fr. Todd Saccoccia
(above center) celebrated Mass. A tour of the school, followed by cocktails and dinner in the Activity-Athletic Center, completed
                                                       the evening. Directly to the left are Chris and Carla Concannon (l.) with
                                                       Jim Ciquera. At right with Bro. Lawrence Syriac is Chris Connolly. To
                                                       their left below are Anthony Piana (l.) and John Hammersley. At left
                                                       below, coach William Carriero ’69
                                                       and his wife Kathy are shown with
                                                       Bill Going (l.) and Steve and Chris
                                                       Glockenmeier. At table below
                                                       are (l.-r.) Kim and Greg Grieco,
                                                       Mike Gullo and Maggie Coyle,
                                                       and Georgia and Tom Fasano.
                                                       Continuing to the right below are
                                                       John Lovisolo, Rich Aneser, Kevin
                                                       Meyers, and Kevin Cuddahy.

                                              Almost forty alumni, representing 34 different occupational fields as-
                                              sisted with the Career Night program for the Class of 2011 on May 11,
                                              2010. Among this year’s speakers were (from l.-r. above) Pat O’Hanlon
                                              ’57 (diplomatic security service), Mike Juckiewicz ’03 (architecture),
                                              Bill Abbott ’80 (communications media), Steve Ferrari ’66 (graphic
                                              design), and John Ellwood ’87 (dentistry). At left is Bob Kaufmann
                                              ’61 (accounting) and from l.-r. below are Mark O’Brien ’90 (film/TV
                                              production), Brian O’Keefe ’87 (law), Michael Ronan ’91 (medicine),
                                              Rob Reardon ’96 (stocks and securities), and Lt. Sean Riordan, USN
                                              ’00 (military careers). Once again the program concluded with a
                                              special keynote address by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly ’67 (shown at right).
                                              Bill has very kindly assisted with Chaminade’s Career Night for the past
                                              ten years.

The Alumni Real Estate Association had its third
meeting on April 27, 2010 at the Weston Times                                                                        From l.-r. above are Steve Treacy ’75, Greg Sidoti
Square Hotel. At rt. are association president Bren-                                                                 ’06, Tom Treacy ’01, Peter Sidoti ’75, and Richard
dan McCormick ’89 (l.) with event host and guest                                                                     Treacy ’03.
speaker John Vickers (Vissicchio ’79), president and
CEO of Tishman Realty & Construction Co.

                                                         Over 60 alumni, CAPA members and parents at-
                                                         tended the event. At left above are l.-r. Chris Curran
                                                         ’03, Jeff Conolly ’04, and Pat Bowe ’03. Pictured
                                                         at left below are (l.-r.) Rick Jackson ’84, Assistant
                                                         Alumni Moderator Bro. John McGrory ’84, Jim Mer-
                                                         cadante ’79, and Alumni President Pat Donnelly ’80.
                                                         With Fr. James at right are Joe Tinari ’02, and Frank
                                                         Sciame ’02.

       Alumni Association
         Coming Events
             Friday, August 6, 2010
         Yearbook Distribution Barbecue
              for the Class of 2010
              5:30-7:30 Courtyard

           Saturday, September 18, 2010
            Kick-Off Reunion Barbecue
                                                           Young alumni gathered on June 10, 2010 at Mulchay’s in Wantagh, NY. Among them were from l.-r. above
  (11:30 a.m.), Varsity Football Game Flyers vs.
                                                           are John Murray ’0?, Torch director Jim Sheehan, Bro. Patrick Sarsfield ’86, David Miller ’07, Tom Salogub
   Xaverian on Ott Field (1:30 p.m.), Mass in
                                                           ’04, John Kirrane ’01 and Dan Salogub ’07. Below (l.-r.) are Greg Maloney ’06, Conor McNamara ’06,
       Darby Auditorium (4:00 p.m.), and
                                                           Dan Burke ’06, Dan Rynkar ’92, Mike Conaghan ’92, Tom Galgano ’06, and Sean Paulsen ’06.
  Combined Reunions of the Classes of ’35, ’40,
’45, ’50, ’55, ’65, ’70, ’75, ’80, ’90, ’95, ’00, and
           ’05 – AAC, (6:00 - 9:30 p.m.)

         September 30 - October 3, 2010
           Class of 1960 50th Reunion

         Thursday, October 21, 2010
  Alumni Association Job Search Seminar (4:00
       p.m.) & Combined Professional
      Associations Meetings (6:30 p.m.)

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                            Spring Athletic Championships
                                      Freshman Baseball
                                  NSCHSAA Sportsmanship Award

                                             Spring Crew
                                      New York Championships:
                                Varsity and Junior Varsity Champions
                                       Second Varsity 2nd Place
                                        Lightweights 3rd place
                                       Stotesbury Cup Regatta:
                                    Junior Varsity Silver Medalists
                                 Scholastic National Championships:
                                           Varsity 5th Place
                                       Junior Varsity 2nd Place
                                        Lightweights 6th Place

                                          Varsity Golf
                            NSCHSAA 1st Place Regular Season Dual Meet
                                 NSCHSAA Undefeated League
                              NSCHSAA Coach of the Year Jim Hock

                                NSCHSAA 1st Place Regular Season
                                        Junior Varsity
                               NSCHSAA Tie 1st Place Regular Season
                                 NSCHSAA Sportsmanchip Award
                               NSCHSAA Tie 1st Place Regular Season

                                        Varsity Tennis
                                   NSCHSAA League Champions

                                     Freshman Spring Track
                                   NSCHSAA League Champions

                                       Varsity Volleyball
                                  NSCHSAA Sportsmanship Award


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