Catherine The Great _HC + AA_ by panniuniu


									Catherine The Great

        Catherine’s Early Life
• Catherine The Great was know as Catherine but
  her real name was Sophie Friederike Auguste von
• Catherine was born on May 2,1729, and died
  during her reign in November 17,1796 at the age
  of 67.
• Catherine was a German princess at the time of
  birth but she had some Russian history in her.
               Growing Up
• When Catherine was young she received
  education from a French governess, and other
• Catherine married Peter III on September 1,1745.
• Shortly before the couple was married Catherine
  converted to the Russian Orthodox Church against
  wishes,and changed her name to Catherine. Her
  father was a very devoted Lutheran.
• Many people have said Catherine was very wise.
        Becoming of the Crown
• Peter took over Russia after the death of an
  empress then after his death Catherine took over
• Many people thought that the crown belonged to
  Paul, her son, the rightful ruler in their eyes.
• Catherine the Great was still in rule thanks to the
  goodwill of the military, she knew she could be
  overthrown as easy as she had gotten the crown.
• Catherine had said she would do any thing to be
  qualified to wear the crown.
• Catherine was born to Christian August Prinz von
  Anhalt-Zerbst, and Johanna Elisabeth Prinzessen
  von Holstein-Gottorp.
• She had two brothers, Wilhelm Christian Friedrich
  von Anhalt-Zerbst, and Friedrich August von
• Catherine had a son, Tzar Paul I, and a daughter,
• Her son was assassinated in 1801, and her
  husband was assassinated in 1762.
                  Early Reign
• Catherine accomplished a lot in her reign. She
  took over after her husband’s death. Catherine
  expanded the Russian Empire, and improved
  administration, as well as pursuing Westernization
  during her reign.
• Catherine sent her troops to help Poland, and
  Turkey took advantage of this. They wanted to
  destroy, or at least weaken a long time enemy so
  they declared war on Russia.
• Turkey got destroyed and Austria threatened
  Russia on their behalf. The said Russia could not
  take full advantage, so Catherine agreed to restrain
  for part of Polish territory.
        Catherine’s Later Years
• Catherine The Great eventually advanced their
  borders to Black Sea.
• She had a successful war, the Ottoman Empire
  War against Turkey which took place during
  1768-1774, after which she signed a peace treaty
  with Turkey.
• Catherine The Great had a important role during
  her reign in political, economical, and social life
• Catherine The Great was a great leader to Russia
  during her 34 year reign.
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