Teeny Tiny UR Marketing Plan Worksheet

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					      Teeny Tiny UR Marketing Plan Worksheet

1. Gather information
  What materials do you know you can collect about your undergraduate
  research program?

2.1. Macro-environment analysis
  State what you know about undergraduate research in the following areas.
  How could they impact your program, and how can marketing address this?

   Demographics                         Economy

   Environment                          Technology

   Politics                             Culture

2.2. Porter’s Six Forces Analysis
  Think about what groups could have an impact on your program, and how
  you can address those impacts.

   Customers                            Suppliers

   Competitors                          Substitutes

   New Entrants                         Stakeholders

3. Institutional Mission Analysis
  Write in the mission and/or vision statements of your institution, your college
  or vice president, and your program or unit. Circle the words and concepts
  that can be influenced by your program.


   College or Vice President

   Your Program or Unit

4 & 5. Audience and Messages
  Based on what you’ve identified so far, who are your audiences, and what
  types of message points do you want to convey to them?

   Who do you want to talk to?             What do you want them to know?
   Audience #1

   Audience #2

   Audience #3

   Audience #4 (you can add more)

6.1. Identity marketing (Branding)
  Develop a tagline by starting with a brainstorm of all the messages, thoughts,
  and feelings you want associated with your program.

  Check on institutional requirements for your logo. Consider employing student
  or other help to design a logo.

  What other design elements would you like to include in your identity (colors?
  Fonts? Icons or images?)

6.2. Marketing Tactics
  What type of tactics will help you advance your program?

  Print Pieces, Advertising, and Publications
   Posters and signs          Brochures                Guidebooks
   Newsletters                Post cards/greeting      Newspaper ads
   On-campus billboards       Press releases           Bookmarks

  Websites, Social Media, and Multimedia
  Website                   Facebook page              Twitter feed
  Blog                      ListServ or email group    Promotional video
  Podcast                   Online UR journal          E-handbooks

  Events and Awards
   Symposia                  Legislative events        Award ceremonies
   Receptions/open house     Social gatherings         Anniversaries
   Swag                      Awards                    Viral marketing

6.3. Implementation
  Make a plan for implementing your chosen tactics.

  Tactic 1:
   Goals to accomplish

   Tactic description

   Dates/Timeline                       Budget:

   Tasks to implement


  Tactic 2:
   Goals to accomplish

   Tactic description

   Dates/Timeline                       Budget:

   Tasks to implement


  Plan more tactics as needed.

                          See? It’s that easy!


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