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Information Covered:
     What is Sports and Entertainment
                                                                               Sports and
       College and Amateur Sports
      Professional Sports                       Be satisfied with
      Marketing Products and Services

       Through Sports
       Public Images
                                               nothing but your best!           Marketing
                                                                                Tulpehocken Area
      Advancing the Cause
                                                                                 School District
References Used:
       Sports and Entertainment Marketing
        book by South-Western Publisher.
       Supplemental Materials

       Must be completed on time.
       Will be collected and graded. If you
        are absent, your assignment must be
        made up as soon as possible upon
        your return to school.
       Missed assignments can be made up
        during homeroom, lunch, study hall,
        before or after school (by

                                                                        Miss Snyder
                                                                        Room 708
Daily Responsibilities                         Classroom Rules                                 Grading
Opening Exercises [Every Day!]                      Students are expected to arrive to             Tests
                                                     class ON TIME and sit in their
   Quietly arrive on time with a pencil                                                            Quizzes
                                                     assigned seats. All materials need to
   Pick up your folder in the blue bin              be brought to class and you must be
                                                                                                    Homework
   Sit in your assigned seat, log onto              prepared to work when the bell
     computer, check the board to what               rings.                                         Classwork
     materials you will need for today’s            Students arriving after the bell rings
     class, and get prepared to work/learn!          will be marked late.                           Projects
                                                    There will be no eating of food or          *All work must be turned in by the DUE
During Class [Every Day!]                            drinking of ANY liquid in class, unless     DATE. If it is turned in ONE day late you
                                                     given by the teacher as a reward.           will receive no greater than a 50%. If it is
   Be respectful of teacher and classmates
                                                    Students will be allowed to miss            turned in after one day, you will receive no
   Never go to the printer, the teacher             class for “lessons”, hearing a speaker      credit for the assignment.
     will hand out any printed papers                for another class, completing a
   Be responsible when using computer               project, etc. AFTER permission is         Care of Equipment
     equipment                                       received from the teacher and only
   Keep all materials in your class folder.         if ALL work is complete up to date.            Students must take proper care of
     Folders will be collected periodically         Students will remain in their seats             equipment when using it.
     for a grade.                                    the entire class period. Students
                                                     may get out of their seats and exit            Students are NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY
   Try your best, ask questions, and have
                                                     the classroom when the bell rings.              GAMES unless given permission by the
                                                    Behavior is expected to be courteous            instructor and will usually be for a special
                                                     and respectful to one another and               occasion. Getting finished an assignment
Closing Exercises [Every Day!]                                                                       early is not a special occasion. If projects
                                                     the teacher at all times.
    Log off computer when instructed by            School rules in the handbook are                are completed, you may use the
      teacher                                        always enforced in my classroom.                computer for school-related work.
    Put all papers back into folder and
      reorganize computer station              Disciplinary Actions
    Return your folder to the bin
                                                  1st Action Taken: Verbal
                                                  Reprimand/Warning & Conference With
                                                  2nd Action Taken: Written
                                                  documentation of behavior and
                                                  call/email to parents
                                                  3rd Action Taken: Detention and
                                                  conference with students/parents

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