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					                                                                           February 14, 2011

Dear Parent,

        It has been brought to my attention that your child has missed an unacceptable amount of
school days during the first semester. Tulsa Public Schools attendance policy requires that children in
elementary school “attend 90% of instructional time scheduled” and “make satisfactory academic
progress in order to be unconditionally recommended for promotion to the next grade.”

       If these absences are due to a mental or physical challenge, we must have written
documentation from a doctor, psychologist or other appropriate service provider to consider the
absence as “excused”. If no documentation has been provided, then the absence is considered

        There is a direct correlation between school attendance and school success. It is imperative to
your child’s progress that they attend every day of school possible. In addition, your child could be
considered truant, which could involve additional consequences for you and your child.

          One of my responsibilities as a school counselor is to assist families in overcoming obstacles to
learning. I would like to meet with you to discuss your child’s attendance and work with you to resolve
this critical issue. Please contact me at 746-9300 x69304 to set an appointment time that is convenient
for you, even if it is outside of regular school hours.


        Laura E. Hassell, MSW,counselor

        Bryant Elementary School

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