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Briefing for Senator


									Details relating to the ceremony:

Place of Gathering: Carroll Community Centre

Time of Ceremony: 9:15am, March 17

9:00am Arrival / gathering for 9:15am start (PowerPoint display of construction will be taking place
as people gather)

Ceremony Programme: Consists of two parts –

       The religious ritual including the blessing
       The civil section which includes the official opening through the unveiling of the plaque


       Ceremony begins with general welcome and an acknowledgement made by Torres Strait
        Islander and Year 6 student, Jaida Forsyth. Jaida will acknowledge the traditional custodians
        of the land, the Jagara people, upon which Our Lady of the Rosary School (OLR) has been
       Procession into the gathering space. Students and other members of the school community
        will lead the procession to the sacred space bearing Icons and sacred objects. Bishop
        Joseph Oudeman (oo d’ mun) and Father Francis will follow.
       Introductory Prayers, reading of the Gospel, ritual response of students and Bishop’s homily
       Prayers of the People and blessing of the gathering space, the icons and of those gathered.
       Song with PowerPoint presentation, depicting aspects of the life of the Carroll Community
        Centre around our motto ‘To Know, Love and Serve’


           SCHOOL SONG
            WELCOME

             Mr John Snow (Chairperson, Our Lady of the Rosary (OLR) School Board)


             Mrs Cathy Jackson (Director North Services Centre, Brisbane Catholic Education)

             Senator Claire Moore (Senator for Queensland)

             OFFICIAL OPENING OF SCHOOL (Plaque unveiling)
            Senator Claire Moore

             Mr Andrew Oberthur (o- ber- ther) (School Principal)

            NATIONAL ANTHEM


Further details:

     Senator Moore will have a car space reserved in the small school car park alongside the
      school office. She may enter this car park via the Church car park that has its entrance on
      Kenmore Rd. The school is behind the Church. The Church itself stands on the corner of
      Moggill and Kenmore Roads. If driving from the direction of the City along Moggill Road, the
      Senator will reach an intersection immediately before the Church. Rather than make a right-
      hand turn at this intersection which would continue to take her along Moggill Road, the
      Senator would need to continue straight through the intersection, (this is Kenmore Rd) past
      the Church itself and through the second gateway into the Church car park which is on the
      left-hand side of the Church. Senator Moore will continue to drive down through the Church
    car park where she will find access to the adjoining small school with a reserved space as
    mentioned above.

 Mr Andrew Oberthur, the principal and other members of the school community, including
  parents and students, will meet the Senator and other official guests. All of those who
  undertake the role of welcoming on the day will wear nametags. Mr Oberthur will escort
  Senator Moore to the Carroll Community Centre where the ceremony will take place. Here
  she will find the required PA system, lectern from which to speak and a reserved seat. As
  Senator Moore will be officially opening the facilities, the plaque will be placed nearby.

 As indicated in the programme included above, the liturgy and rite of blessing will constitute
  the first part of the ceremony. The Most Reverend Joseph Oudeman OSM Cap DD (Doctor of
  Divinity and Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Brisbane) will be presiding over this ritual.
  Reverend Francis Onwunali (OLR Parish Priest) will be our other clerical participant.

 Other representatives from the staff, parent and student bodies will take on the role as
  reading ministers in the liturgy, while the names, titles and positions of those taking part in
  the opening ceremony are included in the programme above.

 Official invitees to the ceremony include:

    Mrs Jane Prentice MP, Federal member for Ryan

  Dr Bruce Flegg, Member for Moggill

  Councillor Margaret de Wit, Ward of Pullenvale

  Mr David Hutton, Executive Director, Brisbane Catholic Education

    Mrs Cathy Jackson, Director, North Services Centre Brisbane Catholic Education

    Mr Michael Kearney, North Services, Area (4) Supervisor

  Mr John Snow, Chair of School Board

  Other School Board Representatives

  Members of the P&F executive

  Pastoral Parish Council representatives
 We wish to have the ongoing generosity and support of our parents and the local catholic
  community acknowledged, if possible.
 We wish also for mention to be made of the use of the Carroll Community Centre to assist
  recovery for local communities affected by the January floods.
 We have chosen for the liturgical part of the ceremony a growth, tree and sheltering forest
  theme in this Year of the Forest as a metaphor for the growth and nurturing, sheltering
  aspects of our community, especially manifested in this very centre in January.
 All 656 students will be attending the ceremony, though Prep students will leave before the
  civil ceremony.
 Some of the Year Seven student leaders will be conducting tours of the School.
 Morning Tea will be served after the ceremony at approximately 10:15am.

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