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					                                          MORTGAGE COMMITMENT
                                                                     390 Bay Street
                                                                     Suite 500
                                                                     Toronto, Ontario
                                                                     M5H 2Y2
                                                                     Tel: (877) 637-4911
                                                                     Fax: (877) 637-4915
                                                                     Underwriter                          Date
                                                                     UNDERWRITERS NAME                    May 30, 2008
        JOHN SMITH                                                   Mortgage Reference Number:        LM-1234
        123 STREET
1       TORONTO, ONTARIO                                             Deal Number:                      12345                        7
        1L1 1L1

        We are pleased to confirm that your application for a Mortgage Loan has been approved
        under the following terms and conditions:

        MORTGAGOR(S): JOHN SMITH                                     PURPOSE: Refinance External
        SECURITY ADDRESS:                                            LEGAL DESCRIPTION:
        1212 STREET                                                  Lot(s) 1
    2   TORONTO ONTARIO                                              Blk/Pln 1
        1L1 1L1

        COMMITMENT DATE:                                  COMMITMENT EXPIRY DATE:                      ADVANCE DATE:
        May 15, 2008                                            Jun 6, 2008                              Jun 6, 2008                8

    3   INTEREST ADJUSTMENT DATE:                            FIRST PAYMENT DATE:                       MATURITY DATE:
        Jun 6, 2008                                                Jul 6, 2008                            Jun 6, 2013               9
        LOAN TYPE: MX - 5 year Closed Adj, CV                      LTV:                             63.58%
    4   BASIC LOAN AMOUNT:          $110,000.00                    INTEREST RATE:                   Prime + 1.00%                   10

        MTG.INSUR.PREMIUM:                  $0.00                    TERM:                          5 years 0 months Closed
    5   TOTAL LOAN AMOUNT:                  $110,000.00              AMORTIZATION PERIOD:           25 years 0 months
    6   BASIC PAYMENT AMOUNT:               $589.77                 PAYMENT FREQUENCY:           Monthly                            13
        EST.ANNUAL PROP.TAXES:              $2,300.00               TAXES TO BE PAID BY:         Borrower
        PST PAYABLE ON INSUR.PREMIUM:                               $0.00
        In this approval and any schedule(s) to this approval, you and your mean the Borrower, Co-Borrower and Guarantor, if
        any, and we, our and us mean Merix Financial

        All of our normal requirements and, if applicable, those of the mortgage insurer must be met. All costs, including legal,
        survey, mortgage insurance etc. are for the account of the applicant(s). The mortgage insurance premium (if applicable)
        will be added to the mortgage. Any fees specified herein may be deducted from the Mortgage advance. If for any
        reason the loan is not advanced, you agree to pay all application, legal, appraisal and survey costs incurred in this

        This Mortgage Commitment is subject to the details and terms outlined herein as well as the conditions described on
        the attached schedules.

        To accept these terms, this Mortgage Commitment must be signed by all parties and returned to us by no later than
        May 1, 2008 after which time if not accepted, shall be considered null and void.

        Thank you for choosing Merix Financial for your financing.

                                           This commitment is for illustrative purposes only
Above is a snapshot of the commitment enclosed within the instruction package.
Please utilize it as a guide for determining the following information:

1.    Borrowers names and current address

2.    Security address is the address that the mortgage will be secured on.

3.    Interest Adjustment Date

4.    Product Type: Conventional, Adjustable Rate Mortgage

5.    Total Loan Amount

6.    Payment amount

7.    Deal Number

8.    Closing Date

9.    Maturity Date

10.   Interest Rate

11.   Term

12.   Amortization

13.   Payment Frequency
Solicitor Frequently Asked Questions 
Q1:   What name should the mortgage be registered under?
A:    Computershare Trust Company of Canada
      Mailing Address: c/o Paradigm Quest Inc., 390 Bay St., Suite 500,
      Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2Y2

Q2:   What are the basic documents you require to fund a mortgage?
A:    3 Days prior to the closing date we require fax copies of the
      following documents:
      1. Solicitor's Requisition For Funds
      2. A copy of your void cheque
      3. Acknowledgement of Title Insurance / Certificate
      4. Credit security plan form.

Q3:   How can I obtain mortgage funds?
A:    Mortgage proceeds are direct deposited to your Trust Account by wire on
      the day of closing. Our wire payments are facilitated through The Royal
      Bank of Canada. We will require your Requisition for Funds, a copy of
      your solicitor's trust account void cheque and title insurance Two (2)
      business days prior to the advance date.
      Important: Please note for solicitors / notaries using Bank of Nova
      Scotia Trust accounts, we cannot guarantee same day deposit. Please
      request your funds for one day earlier than the advance date to ensure
      mortgage proceeds are received in time for closing.

Q8:   Where do I fax my request for payout statements for existing
      Merix mortgage or Bridge Financing?
A:    The request can be faxed to 1-877-637-4915.
      Attention: Payout Department.

Q9:   What is your address for mortgage registration purposes?
A:    Paradigm Quest Inc.
      390 Bay St., Suite 500, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2Y2

Q11: Where do I send my final report and final bridge documents?
A:   Paradigm Quest
     390 Bay St., Suite 500
     Toronto, Ontario
     M5H 2Y2
     Attention: Final Document Department
Q12: How do I register a Fixed rate mortgage?
A:   Consult the Closing Instruction Worksheet within the instruction
     package it will indicate the Standard Mortgage Terms that needs to
     be used for the province the property is located in. A list of Standard
     Mortgage Terms is also on our website www.mortgagedocuments.ca
     select the brand, and than click on the province.

Q14: How do I register a HELOC mortgage?
A:   The heloc mortgage needs to be registered as a collateral mortgage
     charge with the interest rate as prime +5% and payments " on demand".
     Consult the Closing Instruction Worksheet within the instruction
     package it will indicate the Standard Mortgage Terms that needs to
     be used for the province the property is located in. A list of Standard
     Mortgage Terms is also on our website www.mortgagedocuments.ca
     select the brand, and than click on the province.

Q15: What payment frequency dates do I register the mortgage with?
A:   The mortgage can be registered either Monthly or according to the
     client’s payment frequency, as indicated on the Cost of Borrowing
     Documents and the Mortgage Commitment.

      Payment frequency dates are as follows:

      Monthly from the date of funding
      Semi-Monthly is on the 1st and 15th or 2nd and 16th of the month
      Bi-Weekly is every other week from the date of funding
      Weekly is every week from date of funding.

Q17: How is the interest compounded on the mortgage?
A:   Semi annually not in advance for Fixed Rate Mortgages.

      Calculated monthly for Adjustable Rate Mortgages.

Q18: How do I find the Funders contact information?
A:   Please refer to the fax cover sheet enclosed with the solicitor’s
     package, or within the instruction package

Q19: What is the Provincial Registration Number for British Columbia
A:   The Provincial Registration Number is A52313
Q20: Where can I find a copy of the standard charge terms?
A:   On our website www.mortgagedocuments.ca , select the brand, and
     than click on the province. There is a list of all standard charge terms.

      If the mortgage is a HELOC select the province where the property is
      located, and than select from the list of documents required for the
      Heloc’s 1st Mortgage for the fixed portion and than the documents
      required for the collateral portion.

      If the mortgage is a Fixed Rate or Adjustable rate, select the province
      where the property is located, and than select the standard charge
      term for Fixed or ARM Mortgages.

Q21: Does Merix have an Identification Verification Form?
A:   No we currently don’t have an IVR form, however we do require
     solicitors to use their own standard Identification Verification Forms.

Q22: How long does the solicitor have to send in the Final
A:   Solicitor has no more than 90 days from the date of closing to send in
     the Final Documents.

Q23: Where can I find the Privacy Agreement?
A:   The Privacy Agreement is faxed with the instructions package,
     however if there wasn’t one received it can be found on our website at

Q24: Are there any other options apart from wiring funds into a trust
     account when a deal is funding?
A:   The only option is wiring.

Q25: Can a deal fund without Title Insurance?
A:   It is mandatory that the Title Insurance is received with the request for
     funds from the solicitor prior to the deal funding. A mortgage will not
     fund without Title Insurance.

      Please be advised that we no longer require our solicitors to obtain a
      homeowner's title insurance policy for borrowers and only require
      solicitors to obtain a Lender's title insurance policy. This change is
      effective Thursday, October 22, 2009 and is effective immediately.
Q26: When should the solicitor forward the CSP Insurance forms to
A:   We require solicitors to fax a copy of the CSP Insurance forms with
     their requisition for funds, prior to the deal funding.

Q27: What is the Funding Departments phone number?
A:   1-877-637-4911 Option # 2

Q28: Is there a confirmation automatically faxed when funds have
     been wired into solicitors trust account?
A:   There isn’t a fax sent out automatically confirming on the day of
     funding that funds have been wired. However if it is required, it can be
     requested by calling the funder and advising him/her.

Q29: What are the documents required to fund a bridge loan?
A:   The following documents need to be signed and faxed to the funding
     department 3 business days prior to funding:

          1.   Letter of Direction
          2.   Demand Promissory Note
          3.   Letter of Undertaking
          4.   Solicitor Void Trust Cheque
          5.   Acknowledgment of registering upon delayed closing

Q31: How do I register a No Frills Mortgage?
A:   The No Frills mortgage standard charge terms is at
     www.mortgagedocuments.ca , select the brand and than the province.

      ** Please note: there needs to be a schedule attached to this
      mortgage and is also located at www.mortgagedocuments.ca

Q32: Can I email funding documents?
A:   Yes documents can be emailed to funding@paradigmquest.com

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