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					                    INTERNATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATION UNION                                               COM 2 – D 86 – E
                    STANDARDIZATION SECTOR
                    STUDY PERIOD 2001-2004                                                                Original: English

 Question(s):          1/2                                                     Geneva, 26 November - 6 December 2002
                             STUDY GROUP 2 – DELAYED CONTRIBUTION 86
 Source:               CHINA
 Title:                ENUM TRIAL IN CHINA

 This contribution provides some historical information, the current status and the next steps of
 ENUM trial in China.

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                                          COM 2 – D 86 – E

1       Introduction
The ENUM trial in China is led by the Ministry of Information Industry. The participating parties
include telecom carriers, Internet services providers and research organizations. The initial trial plan
was finished in March, 2002 and is subject to revision recently to incorporate some technical
2       Objectives and Scope
The ENUM trial in China is carried out with the following objectives:
       Set up a testbed including the ENUM provisioning and application to demonstrate the core
        concepts and significance of ENUM ;
       Study the technical framework for ENUM implementation under the country code 86 ;
       Study the policy, regulation and security problem brought by ENUM;
       Study and analyze the market perspective of ENUM in China
The trial will be confined to technical study and test. No commercial test and implementation will
be launched during the trial period.
3       Organization
The ENUM trial is led by the government, i.e. the Ministry of Information Industry (MII) of China.
One ENUM trial leading team and five study groups have been established after the first
coordinating meeting of ENUM trial in March, 2002. The ENUM trial leading team is in charge of
the overall study program and working plan. It is consisted of the officials of MII and leaders of the
five study groups. The five study groups are in charge of the study related to ENUM Application ,
Provision, Registration, Regulation and Security, and ENUM International Coordination aspects
respectively. The organization can be described by the following figure:

                                               Ministry of

                                             ENUM Trial
                                            Leading Team

        ENUM                 ENUM               ENUM               ENUM                  ENUM
                                                                Regulation and        International
      Application          Provision         Registration       Security Study        Coordination
     Study Group          Study Group        Study Group           Group                 Group
                                 Organization of ENUM Trial Study

4       Working Progress
The trial could be dated back to the end of 2001, until October 2002, the progress made was
outlined here:
       2001, Oct- the CNNIC tested ENUM server and some clients internally;
                                         COM 2 – D 86 – E

       2001, Nov-MII held workshop on ENUM and introduced the international ENUM study
       2002, Jan-suggestions of ENUM trial were raised and the MII decided to organize ENUM
        trial under its leadership;
       2002, March- Initial ENUM trial plan was finished and submitted to the first coordinating
        meeting of the ENUM trial. After the meeting, the leading team and study groups were
       2002, Jun-MII organized the second workshop on ENUM study. The status of ENUM trial
        was presented and the next steps were discussed. There was an agreement to temporarily
        delegate country code 86 under according to the Interim procedure of ITU with
        the aim to technically study and evaluate the TLD issues of ENUM;
       2002, Sep-CNNIC set up two name servers for and the RIPE-NCC delegated
        the to them;
       2002, Nov-the ENUM trial plan will be revised.
5       Next Steps in the Trial
ENUM trials have been running or to be starting in several countries. Their trial experiences and
results will be helpful for us in the next steps. The ENUM trial plan of China will be revised in the
next steps to incorporate some technical improvement. It hopefully will be finished by the end of
November, 2002. The revised trial plan will be sent to the ENUM trial study group for discussion
and consensus. According to the plan, the results of the trial will be submitted by the end of June,
2003 to the MII for further consideration of ENUM development in China.


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