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Texas Intelliscript Pilot
• What is it?

• EZ-Write Underwriting Process

• Timing of Pilot

• Agent Communication

• Underwriting Training
       EZ-Write – What is it?

• A simplified underwriting process that will
  produce a firm risk rate with less hassle.

• Pilot markets: TEXAS
  Austin, Houston, South Texas, Dallas
       EZ Write – What is it?
• Brokers will get a firm risk rate for small
  groups quickly.
• Brokers will have confidence in our risk
  rating along with ease in doing business
  with us (should increase ability to sell
• A process that is perceived as easier
  should make us overall more competitive
  in the market.
  EZ-Write – How it Works for You
• Census and general demographic information =
  baseline quote.

• Humana Underwriting Request Form + RAF and
  authorizations = firm risk rate.

• No individual health statements are required.

Note: Changes in census and medical
     information could impact final rates.
           EZ-Write Requirements
The easiest way to submit is just send in an EGA and Employee
  applications with your Humana Underwriting Request Form.
  However there are different options that can be utilized.

•    Humana Underwriting Request Form
•    RAF (Risk Assessment Form)
•    Signed and dated authorizations
•    Demographic information on each applicant and spouse to include:
     - Name
    - Social Security Number
    - Date of Birth
    - Gender
    - State
    - Zip Code
  EZ-Write – Underwriting Process
• Broker submits RAF, authorizations, and demographic
  information with Humana Underwriting Request Form.
• EasyRate creates quote, enters demographic
  information into Intel and pends quote to Underwriting.
  (Paperwork routed to Underwriting same day).
• Underwiting receives and reviews data within 24 hours.
  Adjusts and documents quotes as needed.
• Underwriter sends completed quote (with directions
  regarding quote status on cover sheet) to agent with a
  copy to Sales Exec.
 EZ Write – Underwriting Process
• If additional information is needed:
  -- Underwriter contacts broker by phone,
      broker by e-mail (questionnaires), or
      applicant by phone based on the
      selection designated on Humana
      Underwriting Request Form.

 -- Underwriter waits additional 24 hours to
    receive information
  EZ-Write – Underwriting Process
  --   Underwriter releases quote (with statements on
       cover sheet advising of status of quote) within 48
       hours utilizing the following options:
       1)     RAF reviewed, underwriting
              completed, no adjustment to rates
       2)     RAF reviewed, underwriting
              completed, X adjustment to rates
       3)     Additional information needed, but not
              received, no adjustment to rates

Note: Timeframes are flexible, work with your underwriter!
       EZ-Write Expectations
• Upon receipt of a “complete group”,
  finalized rates will be available within 48

• Information submitted with the sold case
  (RAF, etc.) will contain the same
  information as the data used to determine
  the risk adjusted rate on the quote.
                      Timing of Pilot
-- Sales Training: June 2 and 3

-- Underwriting & EasyRate (Hands-on Intel) training: June 3

-- Sales Office (Hands-on Intel) training: week of June 6-10

-- Pilot begins (DATE T.B.D)

-- Transition period (DATE T.B.D)
   * Begin new process but allow current process for 60 days
   * If pilot successful, existing quote/MRA process will be discontinued 60
      days from “softlaunch”
         Agent Communication
• Sales/Market
  -- Provide Humana Underwriting Request Form to
      your agents. (Forms will be posted under
      agent portal, applications, Texas, other Employer
  -- Consider customizing your quote cover page
  -- Marketing pieces will be made available
• EasyRate
  -- Instructions on cover sheet (not disclaimer)
      during transition period to aid in educating
      brokers on new process
  -- Verbal communication/education to brokers on
      phoned in quotes

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