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The grand opening of forum


									                              Circular 2 Forum 2008
                             Tomsk Oblast Administration
                               Tomsk Oblast State Duma
                   Natural Resources Ministry of Russian Federation
                                Siberian Federal District
                  International Association “Sibirskoe Soglaschenie”
                Tomsk Natural Resources Department (“Tomsknedra”)
                                Tomsk State University
                             Tomsk Polytechnic University
               Siberian Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences
      Siberian Research Institute of Geology, Geophysics and Mineral Resources
                                   “Technopark” Ltd

                  International Scientific Forum

     90th anniversary of Siberian Geology Committee
100th anniversary of the first mining engineer graduates in

                             10-13 November 2008
                       Circular 2 Forum 2008
                    ORGANISATION COMITTEE


A.A. Ledovskih               Head, Federal Agency for Natural Resources


V. M. Kress                  Governor, Tomsk Oblast
A. I. Varlamov               Deputy Minister, Natural Resources of the Russian
V. G. Emeshev                Deputy Governor, Tomsk Oblast, Natural Recources
                             Department, (“Tomsknedra”)
N. V. Komarova               Сhairman, Natural Resources and Ecology
                             Committee, Municipality, Federal Assembly of the
                             Russian Federation
N. P. Laverov                Academician, Vice-president, Russian Academy of
                             Sciences, research supervisor, Radiogeology
                             Laboratory, Geochemistry and Mineralogy Institute
V. P. Orlov                  Chairman, Natural Resources Committee,
                             Federation Council of Federal Assembly, President,
                             Russian Geology Society
Vice Chaimen

A.V. Komarov                 Chief, Natural Recources Department, Tomsk
                             Oblast/ “Tomsknedra”

A. E. Kontorovich            Academician, Russian Academy of Sciences, Geology
                             and Petroleum Engineering Institute
A. I. Nevoljko               Chief, Natural Resources Department in Siberian
                             Federal District; Deputy Chairman, Organizational
N. A. Nikolaichuk            Mayor, Deputy Chairman, Organizational
J. P. Poholkov               Rector of Tomsk Polytechnic University


S. F. Bogachev              Chief, Natural Resources and Gas and Oil Industry
O. V. Vasilevskij           Director, Kazakhstan Nuclear University
A. A. Germakhanov           Deputy Chief, Natural Resources Department, Tomsk
                                           Oblast “Tomsknedra”

A. S. Efimov                Director, Siberian Research Institute of Geology,
                            Geophysics and Mineral Resources

A. G. Ekhanin               Head, Natural Resources Department, Krasnoyarsk
                            region (Krasnoyarsknedra)
                   Circular 2 Forum 2008
V. I. Zinchenko         Deputy Governor. Science, Technology, Innovation
                        Policy and Education
E. I. Ivanov            President, “Polus” Ltd
R. A. Kim               General director, «Zhiant» Co.
I. N. Koshovkin         Director, “TomskNIPIneft” VNK
V. A. Kutepov           General director, “Tomskgazprom” Ltd
V.A. Lukov              Tomsk Representative, Interregional Association for
                        Economic Cooperation of Russian Federation
                        territories “Siberian Agreement”
A. K. Mazurov           First Vice-Rector, Tomsk Polytechnic University

A. P. Maximov           Head, Natural Resources Department, Omsk Oblast
A. G. Mironov           Director, Geology Institute, Siberian Department,
                        Russian Academy of Sciences
M. A. Najdov            President, Social Fund “Miner Commemoration”,
                        Kemerovo Oblast
S. I. Nikiforov         Head, Information Policy and Public Relations
N. N. Nugaev            General manager of “Gazpromneft-Vostok” Co.

L. V. Oganesyan         Vice President of Russian Geology Society

V. A. Paltsev           General director, “Tomskneft” Ltd
N.P. Pinchuk            Head, Geology Heritage Preservation Fund
T. N. Prilepskih        Editor, «Tomskij Potentsial» Publishing House Co.,
                        «Sibirskie nedra» (journal)
G. M. Tatyanin          Dean, Tomsk State University
A. A. Trubitsyn         Head of Department, Business Development and
                        Regional Economics Section, Tomsk Oblast

A. N. Frenovskij        Chairman, Permanent Commission for Natural
                        Resources, Oil & Gas Complex and Power
                        Engineering, State Duma, Tomsk Oblast
R. M. Khassanov         General Director, “Gaspromneft-Vostok” Co.

I. N. Tseluck           Director, Krasnoyarsk Research Institute for Geology
                        and Mechanical Engineering, Krasnoyarsk
A. V. Shatovich         Head, Government for Finance and Economics, Tomsk
                        Oblast Administration
V. E. Shaftelsky        General Director, “Nord-Imperial” Co.
M. I. Schadov           President, International Mining Congress, Honored
                        Professor, Tomsk Polytechnic University
E. G. Yazikov           Director, Geology and Petroleum Engineering
                        Institute, TPU
S. Z. Jampolskij        Director, “Technopark”Ltd
                     Circular 2 Forum 2008

F. B. Bakscht            Senior Research Worker, Geology and Petroleum
                         Engineering Institute, TPU
V. A. Domarenko          Deputy Director in Science, Geology and Petroleum
                         Engineering Institute, TPU

Committee group:

B. D. Vasiljev           Associate Professor, Geology and Petroleum
                         Engineering Institute, TPU
A. V. Volostnov          Associate Professor, Geology and Petroleum
                         Engineering Institute, TPU
O. M. Grinev             Associate Professor, Tomsk State University
V. G. Lukjanov           Professor, Geology and Petroleum Engineering
                         Institute, TPU
M. S. Parovinchak        Director, Tomsk Mining Company
A. Y. Pschenichkin       Head, Laboratory, Geology and Petroleum
                         Engineering Institute, TPU
S. A. Rodygin            Associate Professor, Tomsk State University
V. M. Sovetov            Deputy Director in Economics, Geology and Petroleum
                         Engineering Institute, TPU
A. I. Chernishov         Professor, Geology and Geography Faculty, Tomsk
                         State University
E.P. Yankovich           Engineer, Geology and Petroleum Engineering
                         Institute, TPU
                                          Circular 2 Forum 2008
Dear Mr/Ms_____________________!

You are invited to participate in the International Scientific Forum “Siberian Mineral
Resources: History of Development and Future Trends”, devoted to the 100th anniversary
of the first mining engineer graduates in Siberia and the 90th anniversary of Siberian
Geology Committee which will be on November 10-13 2008, Tomsk.
To discuss the problems of socio-economic development in Siberia through
      the increasing role of mining and geological industry of Tomsk Oblast
      the history development analysis of mining and geological industry of the region
      the usage of modern innovation technologies in research, production and scientific
   The following topics will be discussed*:
           formation and development of mining and geological service in the eastern part of
           formation of mineral resources and future prospects,
           multi-level mining and geological education

 *Note: As the main topic of the Forum is devoted to Geology & Mining Siberian Service History, we kindly ask
                            you to include, as possible, any information to this topic

 Important dates                                         Committee Address:
                                                         Tomsk Polytechnic University,
 Forum Days –                                            Russia, 634050, Tomsk, 30 Lenina Ave.
                                                         Tel.: +7 (3822)-426-156, +7 (3822)-421-313
 10-13 November 2008                                     E-mail:
 Deadline for applications and papers –                  Victor Alexeevich Domarenko
                                                         Fyodor Borisovich Baksht
 Till 15 July 2008
                                                         Registration Fee - 500 roubles. Please transfer
 Participation Notification –                            fee to the following account: ИНН 7021016928
                                                         УФК МФ РФ по Томской области (ИНН
 Till 31 July 2008                                       7018007264 Томский политехнический
                                                         университет) Л\счет 06075137410)
 Registration Fee –                                      Расчетный счет 405 038 109 000 010 002 58
                                                         ГРКЦ ГУ Банка России по Томской области
 till 1 November 2008                                    г. Томска БИК 046902001 Корр. счёта нет.
                                                         Please mark: На договор 2-41/08
 Participants Arrival –
                                                         Or pay cash at arrival
 10-11 November 2008
                              Circular 2 Forum 2008
                               FORUM PROGRAM

    Time                            Event                         Location
                            Monday, 10 November 2008
9a.m.–6 p.m.    Arrival, Registration                      Building № 1, TPU
                            Tuesday, 11 November 2008
   9–10a.m.     Forum Registration                         Grand Hall
10–11:30 a.m.   Forum Open (Keynote Address, Reports)      Grand Hall
 11:30–11:45    Coffee Break                               Grand Hall
  11:45a.m.–    Forum Session (Reports, Awards)            Grand Hall
   1:15 p.m.
   1:15–2:45    Lunch                                      Oblast Administration
      p.m.                                                 cafe
 2:45–3 p.m.    Kirova Ave.                                Building № 1, TPU
     3–3:40     Geologist Glory Alley Foundation           Kirova Ave.
  3–6 p.m.      Tours (TPU/TSU/Tomsk).                     TPU (Buildings № 1,
                                                           19, 20 , Main Building,
                                                           Cultural Center,
 4–4:30 p.m.    Governor reception (TSU,TPU)               TSU (Museums,
                                                           Botanic Garden)
  6–9 p.m.      Governor Reception (Greetings, Awards,     Grand Hall
                Gifts), Concert, Fireworks, Banquet
                          Wednesday, 12 November 2008
10–11:30 a.m.   International Scientific Forum (Keynote    International Culture
                address, Reports)                          Center, TPU
 11:30–11:45    Coffee Break
11a.m.–1p.m.    International Scientific Forum (Reports)   International Culture
                                                           Center, TPU
  1–2 p.m.      Lunch
 2–2:30 p.m.    “Tekhnopark” Ltd Exhibit
 2:30–4 p.m.    Exhibit Open                               “Tekhnopark” Ltd
 2:30–7 p.m.    Tours (Tomsk/TPU/TSU)                      TPU, TSU
                Student meetings at TPU and TSU
  5:30–6:30     Central Sport Association “Tom”, Forum
     p.m.       Close
  6:30–9:30     Dinner                                     Central Sport
     p.m.                                                  Association
                          Thursday, 13 November 2008
  9–11 a.m.    Participants departure
11 a.m.–1 p.m. Academic Council, Geology and Petroleum     Building № 20, TPU
               Engineering Institute, TPU
   1–4 p.m.    Lunch
   4–8 p.m.    Conference Close, Banquet                   International Cultural
                                                           Center, TPU
                                    Circular 2 Forum 2008
                                 GUIDELINE FOR PAPERS

    Organization Committee will review your paper. You will be notified whether your paper has
been accepted.
    Maximum paper size is 6 A4 pages, including figures and tables. Save figures and tables in
MS Word format files, *.doc extension, pattern (NO OTHER PATTERNS
PERMITTED). Follow the instructions:
    Use Times New Roman Font, Size 14, Bold for authors names
     Use Times New Roman, Italics, Size 14 to specify place of your work or
     Use Times new Roman Font, Size 12 for paper text
     Backup 10 pt.
     Line spacing – 1,5
     upper – 28 mm,
     lower (lower running title) – 28 mm (from edge to page number),
     from lower edge to text – 35 mm,
     inner – 28 mm, outer – 28 mm. (See Fig.)
     Indention 1 cm.
                              For Page Setup use the following scheme:
     File  Page Setup  Margins (margin dimensions)  Paper source (up to lower running title)

     Use JPG, TIF formats to place figures both in the text and in separate files.
     Use authors name (and first co-author name) to name files.

                                 NO FOOTNOTES PERMITTED!
                                     Circular 2 Forum 2008
                              PAPER FORMATTING SAMPLE:

                         V.A.OBRUCHEV COLLECTION AT TPU
                                    I.I. Ivanov1, A.N. Petrov2
                              Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia
                                  Tomsk State University, Russia

      During his work at General Geology Department of Tomsk Technologic Institute V.A.
Obruchev ….

       Fig. 3.1. Marble-gabbroid contact.
1 – schistose gabbro; 2 – marble with single lenticular dark colours isolations; 3 – scarn.

                                                                                           Table 1
                                              Subject Title

                            Deposit name                Deposits, thousands

1.   Last Name, Initials. Book Title. – City: Publishing House, 2002. – 123 p.
2.   Book Title / Ed. Initials. Last Name. – City: Publishing House, 2002. – 123 p.
3.   Last Name, Initials. Paper Title // Journal. – 2002. – № 11. – P. 71–77.
4.   Last Name, Initials. Thesis Title: Thesis abstract … candidate of Physico-mathematical
     sciences. – Tomsk, 2002. – 19 p.
5.   Patent. 2000000 Russia. МКИ G01N 29/04. Method of determining … / Initials. Last Name.
     Applied 10.04.1998; Published 10.02.2001, Bulletin № 4. – 6 p..
6.   Last Name, Initials. Scanning Process Modeling // Modern Engineering and Technologies:
     Proceeding of VII International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists. – Tomsk, 2002. – V.
     1. – P. 226–228.

                                             Circular 2 Forum 2008
                                              PARTICIPANT FORM

Last Name
First Name
Paper Title in Russian
and (or) in English
                                             Two ways of participation
Direct (panelist)                      yes
Indirect (publication of paper only)
                                       You would like to get Forum Materials
electronically (CD)                    yes
printed                                yes

                                    Circular 2 Forum 2008

      Tomsk is the administrative centre of Tomsk region, Siberia. Founded in 1604 it is one of
the oldest Siberian cities with the population of about 500,000 people. Tomsk is situated on the
river Tom. There is a wide range of regional, municipal, administrative, trade and cultural
institutions, universities and industrial enterprises. Tomsk is a students’ city. There are six
universities: Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk State University, Tomsk State Medical
University, Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics, Tomsk State
University of Architecture and Building, as well as many professional schools, colleges and
lyceums. The scientific centre of Tomsk is “Academgorodok” (Academic Campus). Tomsk has
Philharmonic Concert Hall, several theatres, including Drama Theatre, Young Spectator Theatre,
Arts Museum, Museum of Regional Studies, Botanic Garden, etc. Tomsk is the combination of
wooden and modern architecture. You may be surprised with the places of olden time, which
please your eye and heart. These are an old bridge via the river Ushaika, cathedrals, chapels and
magnificent wooden buildings with wooden laces.

      One can arrive to Tomsk by plane, train and car. In case there is no direct communication
between Tomsk and departure point, you can get to Tomsk via Novosibirsk (plane, train, car)
and Taiga Station (train). The distance between Tomsk and Novosibirsk is 275 km.
      There are comfortable buses circulating between Tomsk and Novosibirsk International
Tolmachevo Airport every 1 or 2 hours. Daily express train departs from Novosibirsk for Tomsk
at 16.30 local time except Monday. It takes 4 hours to get to Tomsk from Novosibirsk.
      Trains will take you to Tomsk from Taiga station.

                                       Transport information

From                         To                                   Bus
Bogashevo Airport            Tomsk                                119
“Yuzhnaya” bus stop          “TEMZ” bus stop                      18, 19, 22, 32, 35
Tomsk    Railway    Station, “TEMZ” bus stop                      23, 26, 35
Tomsk Bus Station
Tomsk    Railway    Station, “Oktyabr” bus stop                   4
Tomsk Bus Station

    Public transport rate is 9 roubles.
    When in Tomsk please feel free to contact Victor A. Domarenko (+79069590073) and
Fyodor B. Baksht (+79050899461) with any questions.
                 Circular 2 Forum 2008
             Forum location points. Map
       Tomsk Polytechnic University, Building 1
           Tomsk State University, Building 1
Tomsk Polytechnic University, International Cultural Centre

             Forum location points. Map
        Tomsk Polytechnic University, Building 20

              Forum location points. Map
                  Grand Concert Hall,
                 Region Administration

              Forum location points. Map
               Exhibition “Tekhnopark”,
                  76, Vershinina St.

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