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									         Training Subsidy Scheme MCAST (TSSM)
  Grant Scheme for Programmes at EQF/MQF levels 5 and 6 in Financial Services. This
   grant scheme is part of the ESF 1.130 – Making VET Education More Relevant and

                        APPLICATION FORM
       This scheme is administered by the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology,
                      Ministry of Education, Employment and the Family

Completion Date: The programme applied for is to be completed by end July 2014.

                                        PLEASE NOTE:
  The MCAST shall be accepting applications at the MCAST Admissions Office between 3rd and 14th
  October 2011 for programmes at EQF/MQF level 5 and 6 in Financial Services (full-time and
  distance learning) whereby the programme of studies will be completed by end July 2014.
  Applications for programmes which go beyond the eligibility period cannot be considered for

  Personal details are required as per Commission Regulation (EC) No 1828/2006 which refers to
  data on participants in ESF and ERDF operations. In this regard, this form is to be filled in by
  participants who will be taking part in the training co financed through the ESF. The Malta
  College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) can make use of all the personal information
  submitted by the data subjects. All personal data shall be processed in accordance with the
  Data Protection Act, Chapter 440. For more information you may write to the The Malta
  College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) on

  Attendance at training is closely monitored by the Planning & Priorities Coordination
  Department (PPCD) as Managing Authority, which is responsible for monitoring, evaluation,
  drawing up and submitting the Annual Implementation Report (AIR) to the European
  Commission. In this regard, this information is therefore disclosed to PPCD and may also be
  forwarded to other third parties for the purpose of follow-up studies, monitoring, auditing,
  reporting and evaluation activities inherent in training co-financed by the European Social
Before completing this form, the Applicant is required to read carefully the TSSM Regulations,
as these regulations provide the framework for the implementation of the scheme and the award
of the grant. The regulations are available on:

Each Applicant must complete this form in block letters or written legibly in blue or black ink or
type written. The Application Form contains five (5) pages including the front page.

with the relevant documentation described in section 8 of the regulations. This application
is to be submitted by hand at the MCAST Admissions Office between 3rd and 14th October
2011. Late and/or incomplete Application Form will render the Applicant ineligible. This
application shall also become ineligible if the Start Date of the course is prior to the
launch of the TSSM (31/07/11).

1. Surname

2. Name

3. Nationality

4. Address

                                                               5. Post Code

6. I.D. Card/Passport Number                      7. N.I. Number (if applicable)

8. e-mail address

9. Telephone

10. Telephone (Mobile)

11. Telephone (Work) (if applicable)

12. Address abroad (if applicable)

13. Gender
    Mark with ‘X’ as applicable                        Male                       Female   

ESF 1.130: Making VET Education More Relevant and Attractive                                    2/6
14. Date of Birth

15. Status in Labour Market
    Mark with ‘X’ as applicable
Employed                 Self Employed                       Long Term Unemployed                  
Inactive                 Unemployed                          Inactive in Education and Training
16. Vulnerable Groups
    Mark with ‘X’ if applicable
Migrant                  Disabled                            Other Disadvantaged Group             
17. Education Attainment
    Mark with ‘X’ as applicable
Primary and Lower Secondary Education                    
Upper Secondary Education                                
Post-secondary non tertiary Education                    
Tertiary Education                                       
Other                                                    
18. Present part-time employment position (if applicable)

Name and address of present employer                              Present Post       Date of Employment

19. Details of qualifications:
        Name of Institution
                                               Subject              Classification     Date when awarded





ESF 1.130: Making VET Education More Relevant and Attractive                                               3/6
20. Courses undertaken locally and/or abroad additional to Item 15:
 Name of Institution     Awarding       Course      Dates      Certificates/Diplomas





21. Course/s Applying for through this initiative:
    a) Title of Course

     Level                    Diploma, equivalent to EQF/MQF level 5                 
                              Undergraduate Degree, equivalent to EQF/MQF level 6    
b) Modality of                Please indicate if
   Diploma /Degree            Distance Learning or,                                  
                              Full Time                                              

c) Area of Study

d) What are the required
   qualifications to be
   admitted for the

e) State reason for
   selecting the
   training institution.

f) State date of
   commencement of
   the course.

                              Please note that this application becomes ineligible if the
                              Start Date of your course is prior to the launch of the TSSM
ESF 1.130: Making VET Education More Relevant and Attractive                                 4/6
22. I enclose with this application the following documents:
    (Please tick boxes if documents are attached. If they are not attached, please
    specify the reason why they are not attached on a separate sheet. Furthermore,
    applicants are to note that all pending documents must be submitted by not later
    than 11 November 2011).

i)     copy of the Applicant’s certificates and transcript (detailed) issued by the
       University/College or Licensed Tuition Centre;                                                

ii)    copy of the Unconditional Letter of Acceptance from the                                       
       Further/Higher Education Institution or Licensed Tuition Centre
       applied for that amongst other include the fees applicable;

iii)   copy of MQRIC evaluation report (where applicable);.                                          

iv)    copy of the applicant’s identity card.                                                        

v)     a statement by the applicant that s/he intends to complete the course in                      
       the time as stipulated in Clauses 3.15 and 4.1.8 of the Regulations.

       Note: In the case of disabled applicants only the following is also to be submitted:          
vi)    a copy of the Applicant’s disabled I.D. card issued by the Kummissjoni
       Persuni b’Diżabilita’ (KNPD) for persons claiming that they do not have
       the possibility of following a full-time course due to their disability.

23. Declarations

I declare that I am a citizen of..................................................... (fill in country name);
I declare that I am not the holder of another scholarship.
I also declare that all details in this application form and its Appendices are correct
and accurate.
I also declare that I am not following a course at the same level as that applied for.

Signature: ________________________                                     Date: _____________

Data Protection:
The MCAST collects and processes information to carry out its functions under the
Education Act. All data is collected and processed in accordance to the Data Protection Act
2001, other subsidiary legislation and the Privacy Policy of the Scheme, a copy of which is
available on demand.

24. For Official Use Only
TSSM Grant Application Number:                          ESF 1.130/____________

Recieved on________________                             Time _________________

ESF 1.130: Making VET Education More Relevant and Attractive                                                    5/6
ESF 1.130: Making VET Education More Relevant and Attractive   6/6

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