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August 2010 Newsletter2


									                                   August 2010 Newsletter
                                             The Group

                                            PO Box 94551

                                         Seattle, WA 98124


Chair      Bob Eastwood                        Seattle Public Utilities         Voice    206-233-2635
           City of Seattle                     500 5th Ave #3100                Fax      206-684-7585
          Seattle, WA 98104
Vice       Casey Parks                         Silver Lake Water District       Voice    425-750-9854
Chair                                                     Fax

Treasurer Mary Gonzales                                                         Voice    425-773-1414
          Clear Waters Backflow Testing                                         Fax      425-775-1413

Secretary Bill Bruce                           Everett Public Works 3200        Voice    425-257-8833
          City of Everett                      Cedar Street                     Fax      425-257-8882
              Everett, WA 98201
Past      Dennis McLaughlin                    Dennis McLaughlin’s              Voice    206-364-9531
Chair     Dennis McLaughlin’s Backflow         Backflow Prevention Service      Fax
          Prevention Service                   11345 19th Ave NE Seattle,                206-367-1837
          mclaughlinbackflowtesting@msn.       WA 98125

        Don’t miss the upcoming Tenth Annual Group Seminar in October in Tacoma.

        Well, the annual picnic went off without a hitch. The food was great, as usual, and the
        company was excellent too. Thanks to Kathy Caldwell & Dennis McLaughlin for
        arranging the meeting place and shopping for the food. Thanks also to Dominic
        McLaughlin for cooking up the chicken and burgers. There was also quite an awesome
selection of other goodies to choose from, as well. Thanks Casey for the minutes.
Thanks to all.

The Group shed its usual pomp and circumstance on this occasion, as the gathering was
less about business, than about the simple joy of being together as friends. That’s not to
say that there was no Group business being done, but the mood was much less formal
than usual. (As if we’re that formal to begin with)

After dining, the Group focused the discussion on the letter from Washington
Certification Services (WCS) sent in July 2010 to Backflow Assembly Testers (BATs).
The letter explained that changes will be made to the approved testing procedures used
for the hands-on exams in Washington State. The changes impact exams for initial BAT
certification and professional growth.

Peggy Barton of WCS related that, for the hands-on BAT exams, the change from the
9th edition USC CCC Manual field test procedures to the 10th edition procedures will
become effective January 1, 2011. She also noted that DOH will notify testers and
purveyors about implementation of the new 10th edition procedures in the field. Dominic
McLaughlin added that the new procedures make sense when applied and may, in some
cases, make assembly testing easier to perform.

The 10th edition of the USC CCC Manual contains standards for field test kits. There
have been rumors of new requirements for BATs to use test kits from an “approved” list.
At this time, DOH has no plans to require test kits from an “approved” list (USC has not
approved any field test kits to date). As long as the test kit’s accuracy verification/
calibration is up to date, and the kit is capable of performing current test procedures, it is
good to go.

The discussion moved to the October Seminar in Tacoma. The fliers are going out soon,
so make plans to register early and attend. There are still some details yet to be worked
out, but this year’s Seminar promises to be great. Dave Cantrell from King County
Plumbing and Paul Schwartz from USC is just a couple of the luminaries who’ll be
imparting their wisdom to the assembled throngs. Don’t miss it! As John Lennon wrote,
“A splendid time is guaranteed for all”.

Casey Parks
Vice Chair

P.S. In a subsequent telephone conversation with DOH, Terri Notestine indicated that the
Office of Drinking Water will be sending out a memo to purveyors concerning
implementation of the 10th edition USC CCC Manual field test procedures.

The next Group meeting will be on Wed. Sept. 15th 2010 at West Sound Utility
District, 2924 SE Lund Ave. Port Orchard, WA 98366. Karen Forsmark 360-876-
2545 will be our host. The topic will be on Heat Exchangers, Res. floor hot water heating
systems and backflow protection by King County Plumbing Senior Inspectors.
Open up the two following pdf files and print out separate documents for the maps found

(2)MapWestSoundUti     (1)MapWestSoundUti
  lityDist.Snap1.pdf    lity Dist.Snap1.pdf
                               WWCCPP GROUP ATTENDANCE
                                 DATE: AUGUST 18, 2010

       NAME                 COMPANY                   PHONE                     E-MAIL
Barton, Peggy         WA Certification Services
Bucklin, Doug             City of Bellevue         425-452-5208
Carter, Judy            Department of Health       360-236-3139
Cassinelli, Dean       Firgrove Mutual Water       253-845-1542-
Caldwell, Kathy           City of Redmond
Cantwell, Tim         Woodinville Water Dist.      425-487-4125
Eastwood, Robert                SPU                206-233-2635
Forsmark, Karen       West Sound Utility Dist.     360-876-25 45
                       Clear Waters Backflow
Gonzales, Mary                Testing             425-773-1414 (C)

Hallenberg, Scott          City of Tacoma          253-502-8215
Hanks, Bob                 City of Monroe
Holmes, Larry                   BAT                425-999-5546

Hubbert, Bob              City of Bellevue         425-452-6192
King, Ronald                  A Bat II
King, Ron                      A Bat
McLaughlin, Dennis              BAT
McLaughlin, Dominic             BAT                206-890-8337
McMurphy, Linda           City of Edmonds              1644 

Nelson, Pat                     BAT
Ottow, Jordan              City of Monroe
Parks, Casey              Silver Lake W.D.         425-750-9854  
Podraza, Darren       West Sound Utility Dist.     360-509-7730  
Ray, Ann               City of Snohomish           360-568-7070-
Ward, Kirsten          Firgrove Mutual Water
                                           2010 CALENDAR
                        All meetings start at 10:00 AM unless noted otherwise.
                               Business meetings to precede the topic
    DATE                TOPIC                             LOCATION           CONTACT
                                                              Tacoma Public Utilities
January 19, 2010   Annual Summary Reporting                   3628 South 35 St.             Terri Notestine
 Starts 9:00am     Procedures                                 Tacoma                        WSDOH
                                                              9:00-1:00                     360.236.3133
                                                              City of Edmonds               Bob Eastwood
  February 17,                                                          th
                   Irrigation Systems and Related Issues      7110 210 St SW                Seattle Public Utilities
                                                              Edmonds, WA                   206-233-2635

                   Backflow Assembly Testers Forum            City of Bellevue Utilities    Larry Holmes
March 17, 2010     (open discussion)                          2901 115 Ave NE               Bob Eastwood
Starts 9:00am      Snacks, test report issues,                Bellevue WA                   Jason Moe
                   Guests/Speakers:                           9:00- 12:00

                                                              City of Tumwater City
                   Gray water, rain water, ground water       Hall                          Terri Notestine
 April 21, 2010
                   and auxiliary water                        555 Israel Rd SW              Dave Cantrell
                                                              Tumwater, WA
                                                                                            Vicki Alward
                                                              Clallam PUD
 May 19, 2010      Flow-through fire systems                  2431 E Hwy 101
                                                              Port Angeles, WA
                                                                                            Pt. Angeles, WA
                   Skagit County Public Utility District
 June 16, 2010                                                                              Mt. Vernon
                   Water Filter Plant
                                                              Mt. Vernon, WA
                   Fire service Design and the difficulties   Firgrove Mutual, Inc.         Kirsten Ward
 July 21, 2010     of proper installation                               th
                                                              10408 144 St. E.              253-286-2835
                                                              Puyallup, WA. 98374           Puyallup, WA

                   Annual Picnic                              Grass Lawn Park, 7031
                                                                 th                         Kathy Caldwell
August 18, 2010    Discussion of Yellow Manual in             148 Ave NE 98052
                   relation to the ongoing revision.          Redmond, WA

 September 15,     Heat exchangers, domestic hot water        West Sound Utility Dist.      Karen Forsmark
     2010          heating system                             2924 SE Lund Ave.             360-876-2545
                                                              Port Orchard, WA 98366
                                                                                            Mick Holte (chair),
                                                                                            Tim Cantwell, Al
                                                              La Quinta Inn
                   Annual Seminar                                       th                  Cohen, Doug
October 20, 2010                                              1425 E 27 St
                                                                                            Bucklin, Dennis
                                                              Tacoma, WA 98421
                                                                                            McLauchlin, and Bob
                                                              Northshore Utility District   Mick Holte
November 17,       Annual Business Meeting--Elections                     th
                                                              6830 NE 185 St                Northshore Utility District
2010               (Election of 2011 Group Officers)
                                                              Kenmore, WA                   425-398-4417
                                                              Snohomish Library             Ann Ray
 December 15,
                   2011 Agenda and Planning                   311 Maple Avenue              360-368-7070
                                                              Snohomish, WA                 Snohomish, WA

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