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					Statement of Capabilities & Services

“A Service Disabled, Veteran-Owned, Small Business
    Who We Are

• Orion Solutions, LLC (OSLLC) is a Service Disabled, Veteran-
  Owned Small Business, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.
• In just over six years, we have built a solid foundation of trust with
  our customers and have experienced steady growth in support of
  operational defense systems, components and interoperability.
• Our products provide the best solutions to a broad range of
  challenges through knowledge, experience, and access to the
  extensive OSLLC network of industry, technology and government

March 2010                      Orion Solutions                            2
    Who We Are (Cont)

• Since our creation in 2003, OSLLC has established a reputation for
  providing the best possible support for successful execution of each
  individual project.
• Our Principles and subject matters experts are second to none.
• Since our inception, OSLLC has experienced steady professional
  growth, both in depth and breadth of capabilities, from IT hardware
  to detailed consulting services.
• OSLLC’s steady, professional growth cannot simply be measured in
  time, but more impressively with our expansion in capabilities as
• We are both a service provider and an Information Technology (IT)
  equipment solutions provider.

March 2010                    Orion Solutions                            3
    Services & Products Overview

• We have expanded our services into five major categories to include
  defense & commercial strategic marketing/business development,
  Logistics support, Systems Engineering services, Instructional
  Design / Delivery and IT equipment and services solutions.
• As a service provider, we bring over 200 years of recent operational
  DoD experience in command and control (C2), joint operational
  insight and requirements, and an understanding of the full range of
  logistics, training, maintenance, operational requirements and
• As an IT solutions equipment provider, OSLLC is establishing
  history and professional relationships with agencies such as US Air
  Force, US Army, USAID and various other federal and commercial
March 2010                    Orion Solutions                            4
    Services & Products Summary
      Systems Engineering Services                Strategic Marketing & Business
       ̶ Program Management                       Development
        ̶ Systems Hardware Specifications          – Program Management
             support                               – Expertly crafted marketing strategies
         ̶ Systems Modeling                        – Price to Win Analysis
          ̶ System Test and Integration support    – Competitive Analysis
           ̶ Performance Definitions and           – Customer Cost Reduction
             Requirements                          – Develop Value Proposition
      Logistics Support                            – Marketing and Sales Channels
       –   Program Management                      – Develop Government Leads
       –   Human Resources Management              – Corporate Teaming Concepts
       –   Project Support                         Instructional Design and Delivery
       –   Human Resources Manning Support          –   Curriculum Development
      IT Equipment Solutions                        –   Curriculum Assessments
       – Engineered Systems                         –   SME Support
       – Purchase New and Refurbished               –   Qualified Instructors
         Systems                                    –   FMS Support
       – Rent New and Refurbished Systems
       – Warranty Packages
March 2010                            Orion Solutions                                    5
    Marketing & Business Development

• Our most frequently used consulting model is one we call SWAT
  BD, or “BD in a box”. It is most effective in:
    – Helping shape an approach to new market opportunities
    – Introducing new products
    – Expanding presence in a competitive environment.

• We pull together a team of planners and SME’s to quickly:
    –   Build the value proposition
    –   Qualify the appropriate customers
    –   Tailor the pursuit model
    –   Build the contact plan
    –   Write the elevator speeches
    –   Identify the details of the customer battle space.

• We then bring effective tools to the engagement, focusing
  specifically on those who are going to make or influence the
March 2010                             Orion Solutions            6
    Business Development (Cont)

• SWAT BD opportunities require support across the full pursuit
    – Customer insights and operational context for proposals
    – Strategic contact plans to support building customer knowledge and
      appreciation of the product, service or system
    – Scheduling, organizing and ultimately representing the client in key
      leadership meetings
    – Providing key insights into the customer needs
    – Linking the operational need to engineer, scientific or technical
      proposed solutions
    – Design and execute at operational demonstrations.
    – Provided operational and technical credibility to high level briefings to
      include Congress and senior military officials

March 2010                        Orion Solutions                                 7
       Logistics Support

• OSLLC provide a range of services that assist our customers with
  temporary or long term additional bandwidth for projects and specific
  contract support.
• OSLLC now has the ability to join your team for the purposes of
  developing or refining your business planning framework for the
  management of material, service and information.
• We help streamline those processes that include the increasingly
  complex information, communication and control systems required
  in today's business environment.
• OSLLC continuously cultivates and works hard to maintain
  relationships with the many officers and senior enlisted exiting the
  Military. This effort and positive results is passed to our customers
  as a benefit by ensuring that we provide the finest service possible.
March 2010                    Orion Solutions                             8
     Systems Engineering Support

• OSLLC provides a full range of innovative engineering and
  professional services spanning the spectrum from military
  transformation and strategic program planning, CONOPS
  development, system familiarization and maintenance package
  generation, to hands on engineering solutions .
• We also provide system integration services to facilitate ideas and
  concepts across the technical and operational boundaries in the
  creation of new capabilities.
• We provide the best solutions to a broad range of customer
  challenges through knowledge, experience, and access to an
  extensive network of industry and government knowledge agents.
• We work closely with our client team to ensure the most efficient,
  capable, and timely project completion.
March 2010                    Orion Solutions                           9
      IT Equipment Solutions

• The OSLLC sales and technical team has more than 10 years
  experience in providing Enterprise Technology purchases and
  rentals to both commercial and government clients.
• OSLLC is the most comprehensive service provider to prime
  contractors and federal agencies in purchasing and renting
  enterprise servers, storage and networking technologies.
• Systems are designed to exact customer specification. Rentals
  provided by Orion are 100% OEM equipment and engineered by our
  certified technicians.
• We proudly deliver multi‐vendor solutions from single systems to
  entire data center replication.

March 2010                   Orion Solutions                         10
      Customized Training Solutions

OSLLC has recently expanded our capabilities to include US and
foreign military instructional design. Our team of retired military
instructors and facilitators will assist in the development and facilitation
of the customer’s defined subjects. We are positioned to provide:
• Curriculum Planning and Assessment
    – OSLLC can assist you in shaping your training based on known competencies
      and stated performance.
• Instructional Design and Development
    – Our instructional developers provide the full range of analysis, design and
      development services using proven military techniques.
• Classroom, and Blended Delivery Formats
    – OSLLC specializes in the development of military formatted training using
      blended approaches that align the specific learning objectives with preferred
      delivery methods.

March 2010                           Orion Solutions                                  11
     Customized Training Solutions (Cont)

We are additionally positioned to provide:
• Professional Instructors and Facilitators
    – We provide instructors with the proper skill set and expertise to deliver your
      training at your offices and facilities.
• Training Materials Development
    – In support of your training, we develop complete sets of reference manuals,
      participant workbooks, web resources, presentation slides, instructor guides,
      job aids, worksheets and other support materials.

March 2010                           Orion Solutions                                   12
    Our Partners

              •    SAIC
              •    L-3 Titan Group
              •    VSE, BAV Division (FMS)
              •    Liberty Business Associates
              •    WBB Consulting
              •    Delta Resources
              •    Impulse Technologies
              •    Alion Science & Technologies
              •    Synnovative Consulting
              •    AMSEC
              •    Marion Hyper Sub

March 2010            Orion Solutions             13
    Some of Our Commercial Customers

• Raytheon                           • Shipley & Associates
• L-3 Communications                 • Goodrich, Engineered Polymer
• EDO                                  Products
• American Systems Corp              • VSE, BAV Division
• Lakota Technologies                • Virtual Technology Services,
• Elbit Systems of America             Inc.
• International Enterprises Inc      • Level Three Communications
• SAIC                               • Canvas Systems, LLC
• Basic Commerce & Industries,       • North Florida Shipyards, Inc
  Inc.                               • Jacksonville Area Ship Repair
• Virtela Communications               Association

March 2010                  Orion Solutions                       14
    Some of Our Government Customers

       • Services:
             •   United States Navy
                  – NAVSEA
                  – SPAWAR
       • IT Sales:
             •   United States Air Force
                  – Warner Robins AFB
             •   United States Army
                  – Fort Carson
             •   United States Agency of International Development

March 2010                         Orion Solutions                   15
    Corporate Evolution

• Orion Solutions is now positioned to bring significant strategic,
  operational, and managerial experience to federal contracts.
    – We have over 200 years of Navy experience between principals and
    – We bring detailed and current knowledge of the customers needs
    – We have four years of preparatory study of the procurement process
      and are aggressively pursuing teaming opportunities with companies
      possessing complimentary skill sets.
    – We have access to a wealth of experienced Navy veterans to support
      specific pursuits
    – We are a Service Disabled Company, positioned to lead, partner, or sub
      contracts within our scope and capability

• We bring leadership and managerial skills to provide a team solution
  across a wide range of programs and challenges.

March 2010                      Orion Solutions                           16
    Corporate Profile
                                                • NAICS Codes:
                                                   –   334112 – Computer Storage Devices
                                                   –   423430 – Computer/Equip/Software Wholesaler
                                                   –   423690 – Other Electronic Parts Wholesaler
 • DUNS #:                                         –   425120 – Wholesale Trade Agents and Brokers
      – 146644260                                  –   443120 - Computer and Software Stores
 • CAGE Code:                                      –   454111 – Electronic Shopping
                                                   –   454112 – Electronic Auctions
      – 4HNZ2
                                                   –   454113 – Mail-Order Houses
 • Business Types (CCR):                           –   532420 – Office Machinery Equip Rental/Leasing
      –   QF - Service Disabled Veteran Owned      –   541330 – Engineering Services
      –   2X - For-Profit Organization             –   541512 – Computer Systems design Services
      –   95 - Research and Development            –   541513 – Computer Facilities Management Services
      –   A5 - Veteran Owned Business              –   541519 – Other Computer Related Services
      –   LJ - Limited Liability Company           –   541611 – Administrative Management and General
      –   VN - Contracts                               Management Consulting
 • SeaPort E Contract #:                           –   541612 – Human Resources and Executive Search
                                                       Consulting Services
      – N00178-07-D-5177
                                                   –   541613 – Marketing Consulting Services
 • SPAWAR Contract #:                              –   541614 – Process, Physical Distribution, and Logistics
      – N65236-08-D-2816                               Consulting Services
                                                   –   541618 – Other Management Consulting Services
                                                   –   561210 – Facilities Support Services

March 2010                              Orion Solutions                                              17
     Looking Forward to the Future!

• Please feel free to contact us for clarification of any of these details.
  Contact information:

   Rick Hoffman: President/CEO           (904) 382-1776
   Ryland Reamy: VP, Operations          (904) 302-2101
   John Carnley: VP, Technical Services  (904) 228-0574
   John Murphy: VP, Technology Solutions (678)296-4822
   Orion Solutions, LLC.
   7545 Centurion Parkway, Suite 403
   Jacksonville, FL. 32256
   Phone: 904 394-0934
March 2010                       Orion Solutions                          18

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