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Slightly press and slide the battery cover aside. Pull out the used batteries and
insert the new ones. 3xAAA batteries are needed.
                                                                                              PROTECTION OF CELLULAR PHONE FROM EAVESDROPPING BY SECRET ACTIVATION

                                                                                                                                             USER’S MANUAL
                                                                                        GENERAL DESCRIPTION
 Characteristic                                         Min    Typ       Max    Units
 Supply Voltage                                         2,0      –        5,0     V     ANTISPYPHONE -S (version 2.0) is designed for cellular phone protection in case of
 Supply Current in Sleep Mode                            –     3,0        5,0    µA     secret remote activation. When a cellular phone is secretly remotely activated, it
 Supply Current in Radio Watch Mode                      –     110        130    µA     shows no signals of activation but turns on its microphone in high sensitivity mode
 Supply Current in Audio Noise Mode                      –      40         50    mA     and starts transmission of all conversations that may be going on nearby.
 Frequency Band                                         300     –        3000    MHz
 Operating temperature                                  -20     –         +50     ⁰С    ANTISPYPHONE -S is a modified holder for cellular phone with an embedded
 Working Time in Radio Watch Mode                        –      13         –    Month   electronic module. Principle of action of ANTISPYPHONE is based on constant
Data in Typ column is at 20⁰C and 4,2V.
                                                                                        monitoring of your cellular phone’s electromagnetic emission. If your phone
                                                                                        (being on the holder) starts transmission of speech information, ANTISPYPHONE
                                                                                        turns on audio noise generator with floating spectrum. Level of audio noise is
                                                                                        enough to cover any nearby conversation.
                                                                                        ANTISPYPHONE controls all the frequencies of GSM, 3G (UMTS, WCDMA, LTE),
Manufacture guarantee for faultless work of the electronics within 3 years since        CDMA-2000, as well as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (WLAN 2,4GHz) and WiMAX. In case of
the date of sale. The guarantee does not cover the batteries.                           transmission of information trough any of these channels, ANTISPYPHONE turns
                                                                                        on audio noise generator.

                                                                                        Please note, that from time to time cellular phone exchanges some service
SELLER _______________                    DATE OF SALE _______________                  information with base stations. ANTISPYPHONE may turn on for a short time
                                                                                        during those exchanges. This does not mean any eavesdropping.

POSSIBLE WAYS OF INTERCEPTION                                                        USAGE

Remote interception of conversation can be activated in the following ways:          TURNING ON
                                                                                     Press and hold the button for 3 seconds. LED turns on and sound “Turning On” is
1. Any cellular phone can be switched into eavesdropping mode by cellular            played. ANTISPYPHONE switches form Sleep Mode into Radio Watch Mode.
network provider.
                                                                                     TURNING OFF
2. Your cellular phone has been modified and become so called “spyphone”. In         Press and hold the button for 3 seconds. LED turns off and sound “Turning Off” is
this case malefactor can listen to your conversation by calling your cellular from   played. ANTISPYPHONE switches form Radio Watch Mode into Sleep Mode.
special preprogrammed number. To learn more about spyphones, you may just
type the word “spyphone” in google.com                                               WORKING MODES AND INDICATION
                                                                                     In Radio Watch Mode the LED flashes at the rate of about 1 time in 2,5 seconds.
3. Alternative ways of interception are various virus programs which may send        Radio-ether is checked at the same rate. Short press of the button in this mode is
speech information through channels of GSM, BLUETOOTH or Wi-Fi (WLAN).               confirmed by short beep.

                                                                                     If ANTISPYPHONE detects transmission of any speech information, it switches into
                                                                                     Audio Noise Mode. Audio noise generator turns on and LED starts frequently
                                                                                     blinking. If information transmission is stopped, ANTISPYPHONE switches back
APPERANCE AND CONTROLS                                                               into Radio Watch Mode.

                                                                                     In Sleep Mode LED does not blink. Short press of the button is not confirmed.
                                                                                     Power consumption in Sleep Mode is so low that it is possible not to extract the
                                                                                     battery even if ANTISPYPHONE is not used for a long time.

                                                                                     BATTERY CONTROL
                                                                                     If battery level drops below 2.2V, LED changes its color from green to red. In
                                                                                     Audio Noise Mode signal “Battery Low” is played every minute.

                                                                                     CONDITIONS OF EXPLOITATION
                                                                                     ANTISPYPHONE may be used in wide range of temperatures (-20⁰С…+50⁰С). After
                                                                                     exploitation in damp conditions, ANTISPYPHONE should be dried out. Protect
                                                                                     ANTISPYPHONE from aggressive chemical agents such as gasoline, solvents, etc.
There are LED and ON/OFF button on the inside panel of the holder.
                                                                                     CHECKING THE WORKING MODE IN VARIANT WITHOUT LED
ANTISPYPHONE -S can be produced without the LED.                                     To understand in which mode ANTISPYPHONE is, shortly press the button. If
                                                                                     pressing of the button is confirmed by sound, ANTISPYPHONE is in Radio Watch
                                                                                     Mode. If pressing of the button is not confirmed by sound, ANTISPYPHONE is in
                                                                                     Sleep Mode.

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