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					                                   2005-2006 U.S. Fulbright Lecturer Topics - Spring Edition

AMES, Roger T (Mr.)                         Philosophy, Am. History                                           Wuhan University
U of Hawaii                                                                                 Spring
Guest Lecture Topics: 1. Deweyan Pragmatism and Confucian Philosophy: A Dialogue; 2. Becoming Practically Religious: A
Deweyan and Confucian Context for Rortean Religiousness; 3. In Whitehead’s Wake: Reading Confucius to Reconstruct Confucius;
4. John Dewey, Tang Junyi, and the Very “Idea” of Confucian Democracy; 5. "Getting Rid of God:” A Prolegomenon to a Dialogue
between Chinese and Western Philosophy; 6. Indigenizing Globalization and the Hydraulics of Culture: Taking Chinese Philosophy
on its own Terms; 7."The Way is Made in the Walking:" Responsibility as Relational Virtuosity; 8. Making This Life Significant: The
Serious Business of Creativity
EPPS, Valerie C. (Ms.)                      Law, Distinguished                                                 Fudan University
Suffolk U                                                                                    Spring
Guest Lecture Topics: 1. The Laws of War and Terrorism; 2. Extradition in the Age of Terrorism; 3. The Legality of the US
Invasion of Afhanistan; 4. The Legality of the US/Coalition Invasion of Iraq; 5. Responsibilty for War Crimes for Military
Commanders and Civilian Ministers
FEINERMAN, James V. (Mr.)                   Law, Distinguished                                             Tsinghua University
Georgetown                                                                                                             Spring
Guest Lecture Topics: 1. How He Became Chief Justice - A Profile of My Law School Classmate John Roberts; 2. The New US
Supreme Court - How Will It Change or Stay the Same?; 3. Corporate Governance Reform Since Enron, WorldCom and Global
Crossing; 4. The American Legal Apparatus for Monitoring China - the CECC, USCC and Other Institutions; 5. Legal. Education at
Elite US Law Schools over the Past Three Decades and Its Changes
GRAY, Jeffrey H. (Mr.)                      Am. Literature and Poetry                                        Nanjing University
Seton Hall Universtiy                                                                         Spring
Guest Lecture Topics: 1. Mid-to late-20th-century American Poetry: Separate Topics: a. The Cold War and AMerican Poetry; b.
"Confessional" Poetry (Robert Lowell, Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, et al); c. The Beat Generation; d. The New York School (John
Ashbery, Kenneth Koch, Frank O'Hara); e. Derek Walcott and Caribbean Poetry; 2. Directions in Postcolonial Literature; 3.
Postmodernism in poetry and popular culture; 4. Walt Whitman and American Poetics; 5. Latin American and North American
literary relations, 20th century; 6. Magic Realism (Latin American Novel); 7. The Cold War and Popular Culture
GU, Anthony Yanxiang (Mr.)                  Business Administration                 Shanghai U of Finance and Economics
SUNY - Geneseo                                                                       Year
Guest Lecture Topics: 1. Anomalies in the stock markets; 2. Predictability of house prices; 3. Dynamic correlation between
house prices and interest rate and stock market; 4. Leader and Follower along Market Trends: A Granger Causality Test; 5.
Patriotic Stock Repurchases: The Two Weeks Following the 9-11 Attack; 6. The Evolution of Market Efficiency: 103 Years Daily
Data of the Dow; 7. A New Stock Option Plan and Its Valuation; 8. Small Banks in the U.S. and U.K. and Related Issues; 9.
Different price indices and the implication for the Federal Reserve
reaction function: An empirical study
GUTTMAN, Dan (Mr.)                          Law/Public Administration                         Shanghai Jiaotong/Tsinghua U
Johns Hopkins U                                                                            Year
Guest Lecture Topics: (to be confirmed) 1. American Government and Politics; 2. How Washington Works; 3. American Public
Policy Expertise: Theory and Practice; 4. Emerging Forms of Governance--the Role of Public-Private Partnerships,
Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) and the Market in Providing Public Goods and Services; 5. Energy and Environmental Law
and Policy; 6. American Worker Health and Safety Law and Policy
HUMPHREYS, John H (Mr.)                     Business Administration                  Northeast U of Finance and Economics
Texas A & M U - Commerce                                                 Spring
Guest Lecture Topics: 1. A U.S. Perspective on Leadership and Work Motivation; 2. China/U.S. Business Relationships:
Adversaries or Partners?
O'CONNELL, George A. (Mr.)                  American Literature                                               Peking University
Independent/Unaffiliated                                                                   Year
Guest Lecture Topics: 1. Reading and discussing my own published poetry, as well as new work; 2. The Many & The One--
Literature and The Human Condition; 3. Raymond Carver--Minimalist or Cartographer of the Contemporary Heart?; 4. Words To
Follow Silence--American Poetic Response to the Paintings of Edward Hopper; 5. Painter's Eye, Poet's Brush--20th Century Poets on
the Paintings of Pieter Bruegel; 6. The Face In the Mirror--Randall Jarrell's Narrative Personae in Crisis
McSHANE, Megan (Ms)                         Art History                                                  Zhongshan University
Florida Gulf Coast University                                                              Spring
Guest Lecture Topics: 1. American Artists, Land Reclamation, and Phytoremediation: Art and Ecology; 2. Studies in the Future:
The 1939 New York World's Fair Pavillions Democracity and Futurama; 3. Contemporary Art From the Florida Collections: Looking
at New Media; 4. A History of Video Art Featuring Bill Viola and Nam June Paik; 5. Dorothea Tanning and American Surrealism; 6.
Machine Age Design in American Industry
                                  2005-2006 U.S. Fulbright Lecturer Topics - Spring Edition
PATTERSON, Eliza (Ms.)                      Law                                                  Renmin University of China
Washington and Lee U                                                                    Spring
Guest Lecture Topics: 1. The Changing Role of Developing Nations in the WTO; 2. The US Trade Law and Policy Development
Process (with focus on explaining the respective roles of the business community, NGOs, Congress and the Administration); 3.
Multilateralism vs Regionalism: What Does the Future Hold and What is At Stake?; 4. US- China Trade Relations (with focus on US
laws specifically directed at trade and investment between the US and China)
SUAREZ, Ernest F. (Mr.)                     American Literature                                         Zhongshan University
Catholic U of America                                                                          Year
Guest Lecture Topics: 1. Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman: Lyric and Narrative Traditions in American Poetry; 2. Romantic
and Naturalistic Tensions in American Poetry; 3. Romantic and Naturalistic Tensions in the American Novel; 4. Impure Poetry and
Critical Purity: the Failure of Recent Literary Theory; 5. Recent Movements in American Poetry; 6. Poetry and Rock: the
Relationship between American Poetry and Popular Music; Also Professor Suarez can give readings from MANAGING HAVANA, his
forthcoming novel.
SWANSON, Gary E. (Mr.)                      Journalism                                Communications University of China
Northwestern U                                                                  Year
Guest Lecture Topics: 1. Making the Committment to Quality Journalism; 2. Is it Newsworthy? Who Decides?; 3. Television
News - If It Bleeds It Leads; 4. Truth, Accuracy and American Journalism; 5. Are American Journalists Losing Their Freedom of the
Press?; 6. Filling the News Hole in Television News; 7. Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents and Other Intellectional Property - Why Are
They Important?
TAN, Justin (Mr.)                           Business Admin., Distinguished                                   Nankai University
York U                                                                                        Year
Guest Lecture Topics: (to be confirmed) 1. State of the Art in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship Research; 2. Sino-
US Management Practices Compared and Contrasted
TOWNLEY, Charles T. (Mr.)                   Information Science                                    Beijing Normal University
New Mexico State U                                                                        Spring
Guest Lecture Topics: 1. Intellectual Property Rights in Higher Education: Creating World Class Universities and Faculties; 2.
Accreditation of Professional Degrees in the United States: Universities and Professional Societies Collaborating to Improve
Professional Degree Quality; 3. Knowledge Management: Key to Organizational Success in a Global Economy; 4. How Organizations
Learn: Using Knowledge to Achieve Strategic Goals; 5. Winning through Knowledge: Individual Skills for Competitive Advantage; 6.
Knowledge in the Academy: Creating Effective Schools and Universities for the 21st Century; 7. Cross-Cultural Learning:
Techniques for Successful Learning across Cultures; 8. Delivering Instruction at the Right Place and the Right Time: Using Distance
Education to Increase University Effectiveness
VANCE, Charles M. (Mr.)                     Business Administration                                         Xiamen University
Loyola Marymount                                                                              Spring
Guest Lecture Topics: 1. The Value of Linear/Nonlinear Thinking Style Balance; 2. Disempowerment: The Clue to Unleashing
Optimal Productivity; 3. Training Investment: The Key to Competitive Advantage; 4. Important Considerations for Managing a
Global Workforce; 5. Performance Management Skills for Improved Supervisory and Managerial Effectiveness; 6. Moral and
Spiritual Dimensions of Effective Leadership; 7. Emotional Intelligence for Performance Improvement; 8. The Vital Role of the
Human Resources Function in Effective Corporate Governance Policy and Practice.

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