Make A Playing Hobby A Paying One

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					Make A Playing Hobby A Paying One

Addiction to golf comes second only to that of booze, no wonder ‘golf widows’ were creatures who once
received our deepest sympathies.

Now, of course, the term ‘golf poor’ is quickly becoming a universal truth as well. And that’s only because
golf and its accessories can really empty out an addict’s wallet.

But the wise and the wiser can whisper a couple of secrets on how you can stop golf accessories from
pinching your wallet. In fact, those in-the-know will inform you how this is one hobby that helps reap rich
dividends for them.

First, every loves freebies especially if you happen to dish out your golf tips for free. You might be loved,
but you’ll remain poor.

Instead, if you play your cards right you can advice golfers alright. However, when the time is right, ask
them to allow you borrow some expensive accessories.

You will soon realize that no one will deny a golf guru their just dues. In the process, you can use (not own
or possess) high-end golf accessories for free. Take this a step further and offer to give informal tuitions for
a small fee.

Think of other ways in which you can allow your golf accessories to earn a small income for you. Can you
rent them to other golf instructors so they can be used for training rookies

Not only will this bring in some pocket money, you can actually use the additional money to buy your own
set of fancy golf accessories.

wealth without risk

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