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					Phoenix Juvenile Crimes Attorney
Has your child been charged with a juvenile crime?
If your child is being charged with a juvenile crime, the fear and anxiety may be consuming your life as well as your child’s. At the Jon M. Martinez Criminal Law Group, we know that your child
is more than a case number and we will never treat him as one. Your child has goals, aspirations, hopes and dreams and it is important that your attorney gets to know your child and learn
these aspects of his life so that the prosecutor and the courts do not simply treat your child as the next case on the calendar. Attorney Jon M. Martinez is a former major crimes prosecutor who
knows what it takes to mount an aggressive defense for your juvenile case and knows what it takes to get the absolute best outcome possible for your child. Nobody wants to be defined by
their worst day and we will do everything possible to show the other side of your child that will never appear in a police report.

Types of Juvenile Charges

At the Jon M. Martinez Criminal Law Group, we understand that the juvenile justice system can be complex and scary. Having an experienced juvenile crimes attorney on your side will help
ease some of the stress that both you and your child are going through and will put you in the best possible position to keep your child from incarceration. Some of the juvenile crimes that we
handle include:

       •       Drug crimes

       •       DUI

       •       Truancy

       •       Curfew Violations

       •       Sex Offenses

       •       Robbery

       •       Theft

       •       Violent Crimes

       •       Murder

       •       Manslaughter

       •       Underage Consumption of Alcohol

       •       Burglary

       •       Weapons Crimes

What is a juvenile crime in Arizona?

Juvenile crimes are criminal offenses committed by a person under the age of 18. If your child is being charged with a juvenile crime, it is important to find a juvenile crimes lawyer who
understands the differences between a juvenile crime and an adult crime and the possible punishments that your child faces. In Arizona, juvenile courts are designed to rehabilitate the juvenile
being charged, not to simply punish them for their crimes. Simply because your child is under the age of 18 does not necessarily mean that they will automatically be charged as a juvenile. If
your child has a criminal history or the crime they are accused of is very serious, the prosecutor will often try to charge your juvenile as an adult. Having an experienced juvenile crimes attorney
who will fight to keep your child’s case in the juvenile court instead of the adult court will place you in the best position possible to get the best outcome for your child.

Contact Phoenix Juvenile Crimes Attorney

Having a juvenile conviction can have a serious impact on your child’s future. With penalties ranging from probation and monitoring to incarceration, the Jon M. Martinez Criminal Law Group
understands how important it is to fight for your child’s case. Attorney Jon M. Martinez has both a strong understanding of the law and the compassion needed to really fight for your child. We
understand that your child may have made a mistake, but we will not let that mistake ruin your child’s future. When you call the Jon M. Martinez Criminal Law Group, you will consult directly
with attorney Jon M. Martinez and he will walk you through every aspect of the juvenile court system. Mr. Martinez is determined to work with you every step of the way and fight for the
absolute best outcome possible.

For a free consultation directly with attorney Jon M. Martinez, call the Jon M. Martinez Criminal Law Group at (480) 745-1572 or email him directly at

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