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					             SPED websites for Teachers, Parents, and Students
               Contributions from students of EDEX 639, CSUSM, Fall 2008

                                              . This is a wonderful resource for accessing lesson plans, interactive
powerpoints, fun links and websites for all subject areas.
. This is a website that gives resources and ideas for
behavior management. It is consistently updated for ideas and regulations for Behavior
Support Plans as well. National Institute on Early Childhood Development
and Education. This web site offers valuable resources for anybody working with young
children and/or have young children themselves. This site discusses an excellent program called TEACCH (Treatment and
Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children) for instructing
children with Autism and other related disabilities in a home and/or classroom setting. I don't know how many of you teach art, but I
am supposed to, and every week so far I am scrambling around trying to find activities that
are creative, fun, time consuming, and appropriate for my class. Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Inc. (CARD) is
among the world's largest and most experienced organizations effectively treating children
with autism and related disorders.

 ttp:// This site offers a plethora of resources at one
location. It touts that it offers “free tools and resources to help school staff and parents
to promote positive classroom behaviors and foster effective learning for all children and
Http:// Sensory Diet
Applications and Environmental Modifications: A Winning combination. This web site is a
great source of information for any teacher. The website consists of "Star Legacy Modules" which
are great learning tools. Each module is divided into five parts: the challenge, initial
thoughts, perspectives and resources, assessment, and a wrap-up    This website is a
valuable resource for those implementing RtI. The tabs include: Assistance, which
includes Professional Development, Facilitation and Coaching, and Frequently Asked
Questions; Ideas In Action. An online gradebook. Some of my favorite features include: password
protected-for you, parents and student; teacher can reset passwords if necessary; teacher
can view family/student login log; weight grades; print out a report cards/progress reports,
welcome letter, gradebook; create a seating chart & with a click it will randomly change
their seats. Wrightslaw is a resource for us, special educators. On the
website you will find everything that pertains to Special Education, from Advocacy to
Transition and back again. It literally has everything. 1 (800) 323-9034 Discovery Education Unitedstreaming is a
digital video-based learning resource proven to increase academic achievement. It features
more than 5, 000 full-length videos divided into content specific video segments, allowing
the teacher to integrate digital media into the classroom. At this site I access data from the MAP, Measures for Academic
Progress. RUSD has chosen this instrument to access and give data on student academic
achievement and growth over the school year. It is a state-aligned computer adaptive test. This site takes you to SO many different resources and
articles, leading you in the direction of effectively working with students who struggle.
Some of the places it will take you are: Techniques for Teaching Reading Effectively, Who’s
At Risk, there is a section for teachers (First Year Teachers) and so much more. I have a site that I used to
learn about Autism and tools for teachers and parents to assist their child in learning. This
page has many useful links to not only inform but to better equip parents and teachers in
working with and teaching children with Autism. I have found this site (Sandbox Learning) really useful
for making social stories. This site has social stories that have already been created (with
pictures) and you can customize them for each individual child (by inserting child's name and
other specifics that relate to each child). This website has Time for Kids magazine articles,
overviews, teacher's guide, worksheets, and more. Time for Kids gives our students an
opportunity to read a magazine so they feel more mature and have access to non-fiction
text, which they sometimes are rarely exposed to. The above website
takes you to one of the pages on the O.A.S.I.S (Online Asperger's Syndrome Information
and Support) website. This website has an article written by a young man about his
experiences working in the workplace and strategies he uses to survive the workday! Family Village is a great guide to
information for people with disabilities and their families, friends, teachers, and caregivers.
It would be a great web site to give parents for finding information on any special need
there is. It is called “Orientation and
Mobility/Community-Based Instruction Scope and Sequence Chart” by Karyl Moore. It
consists of a series of scopes and sequences according to subject matter. These are in the
areas of communication, numeric functions, daily living skills, law/social interactions,
personal/recreation skills, and fine art. This site calls itself "The world's leading website on learning disabilities
and ADHD". After spending a few minutes navigating the site, I would agree! The site is well
organized, colorful and easy to use. This is a great site with "Teacher Tools", "Research",
"Case Studies", "Online", and "Collaboration" links to four focus areas to help teachers
working with students with disabilities in general education classrooms: Instruction,
Behavior Plans, Collaboration, and Assessment. It has a wealth of forms to choose from. I used the BSP
and Manifestation Determination forms to be very helpful. There is also a form "Thinking
About My Inappropriate Behavior". This site is extremely informative
and educational as a teacher. It shares strategies on inclusion, self-esteem issues,
intellectual information, short attention spans, distractibility, Speech and Language,
Behavior Management Techniques, and much more.
modification.jsp This web site lists a variety of different articles that are strictly on
behavior modifications and give data collections of different interventions that are
possible. There is a lot of information that can be found in these and teachers as well as
parents can benefit from them. This is a great website that I used almost every day when I
taught a 3-5th SH class. It has a letter menu that students can click on and the animated
letter does a little special clip and say's its name. It also has interactive reading and writing
exercises. I create material, purchase material, borrow material, and use the
Internet to search for material. Teacher Vision has become one of the most useful
resources I use to find material. This website is a great resource for secondary and primary teachers,
parents and students. It has topics ranging from character education to specific subject
areas, bulletin board ideas, and lesson plans. Students can access homework help and
information in specific subject areas. This web site points out that despite the fact
that it is common knowledge that structure in the classroom is needed in order to
effectively teach children with autism there is minimal understanding of how to plan for and
use the concept of structure as it relates to these children. I happened across On the
Shoulders of Giants (OtSoG) a few nights ago and since then, I've been happily reading
away. While I don't think this website will really fit into a web resource, it is very
interesting for a few reasons. First, the website is written by a 4th year English teacher in
one of Brooklyn's (NYC) failing schools. I found this website extremely helpful last year, teaching in a
K-4 elementary school. You can scan subjects and categories for activities, booklets,
information, etc. You are able to design your own worksheets (math, spelling, etc.) or you
can peruse the available samples. The Online teacher resource is another excellent web site with
too many resources to list. I espceially like the different theme resources and the fact that
most of them have printable worksheets, coloring pages, puzzles and even cooking recipes. This website, created and
maintained by teachers in Florida, has a wealth of resources regarding Autism. They have
sections on inclusion, training your paraprofessional, data templates for informal
assessments, social skills, and many more. There are also curriculum support ideas in
Reading, Math, Spelling, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. The site offers links to a variety of websites and
articles to help teachers. Teach-nology states that it has “over 150,000 reviews of sites
that teachers can use as resources.” The site is simple and user friendly. I especially liked
the link to the Special Education site. (gets you to kidspiration
page) This website comes recommended by my resource specialist who has used it to provide
me with visuals for my students. There is a lot offered on this website but the part she
uses is kidspiration. The website slogan is that it "Inspires students to visualize, think,
organize and learn." This site has a wealth of helpful information for communication systems
such as PECS boards for classroom activities such as art time and tons of behavior
modification resources such as visual cues and schedules. There are also many great social
skills activities and theme based monthly activities to do in your classroom. The above website is called ASL
browser. You can click on any letter of the alphabet and a long list of words come up. Then,
there is a video of someone signing that word and an written explanation of how to sign it as
well. It's very user friendly. The MonkeyNotes web-site is a comprehensive site
offering over 1400 different literature booknotes literally from A-Z. Just type in name of a
Title or Author in the search box and you will get any results that match the words you list.
You are able to make a purchase of a downloadable literature booknote for around $8.00. This is a great site with tons of
information and links to support and teach children with autism. I especially like the
"Tinsnips" link. I like using the cooking lessons. They are step by step simple, and easy to
follow instructions with pictures. You can download them, laminate and keep in a large
envelope to start a classroom recipe collection from which to chose from each week. Happy
cooking! :) This is a great web site with tons of information, articles,
lesson plans, links to other resources, professional development, technology information,
etc. I just downloaded an interesting lesson plan on the use of commas for grades 6-8, 9-
12. This website was a self-esteem
saver for one of my students If you have any students struggling with the idea of having a
disability this site really helped me out.
co-taught with a wonderful teacher and we used these two web sites to develop some fun
lessons. We were able to use a multimodal approach with a lot of visuals by using the web
sites. We made pipe cleaner neurons and watched how neurons communicated and the effect
drugs have on that communication. PTPI was established by Dwight D. Eisenhower in
1956. The company’s current President and CEO is Eisenhower’s grand daughter. On this site
you can sign up to be a teacher leader and accompany students on trips to various locations
around the world.
website: has reviewed a virtual resource center for people with autism, and a
virtual world where people with autism may experience social interaction. “David Savill, 22,
lives in Gloucester, England, in real life and created this spot within the virtual world of
Second Life. Residents of this digital realm can represent themselves with 3-D images
called avatars and connect with each other over the Internet”. The virtual world is: and looks to be a very cool place for older kids and adults with
autism. This is a site that covers the
basic terminology of different emotional disturbances. Then it sends you off to look at
another site called I hope these sites help you when you need to
learn more about one or more of the emotional disturbances that affect your students or
loved ones.

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