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									An update from Delta on TSA Secure Flight
Delta Air Lines continues to work with the TSA to ensure ongoing compliance with TSA Secure Flight Passenger
Data (SFPD) standards. Adherence with the required TSA Secure Flight Passenger Data standards is required for
Delta and all airlines for travel to/from/through the U.S. effective November 1, 2010. Specifically, the regulation
requires customers to supply the SFPD information at the time of ticketing. This includes full name, date of birth,
gender and optional redress number.

In light of this, all direct bookings made through Delta Reservations, will require this SFPD information
starting June 15 for all travel.

Agencies are asked to provide this same SFPD information by July 1, 2010. While Delta will continue to accept
GDS reservations without complete SFPD data beyond July 1, passengers whose flights depart on November 1 or
later will be required to see a ticket agent if SFPD was not included in their reservation.

All airlines with flights to/from and within the United States will be required to adhere to SFPD standards.

Sales Account Executives will be following up to review SFPD requirements for Delta travel. In the meantime, we
appreciate your cooperation in helping to be prepared to meet this important TSA requirement.

Travel agents are encouraged to refer to WorldAgent Direct for more information, or to contact Sales
Representatives for assistance with any SFPD-related questions.

Additional Resources

    •   Complete information on Secure Flight can be found at
    •   A complete list of acceptable forms of I.D. can be found at
    •   Information on the Redress process can be found at
    •   A Secure Flight Passenger Data definition document outlining the elements of Secure Flight data that
        airlines must collect can be found at
    •   For more on TSA privacy policies, or to review the system of records notice and the privacy impact
        assessment, please see the TSA Web site at

Thank you for your continued support of Delta Air Lines.

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