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									                      Questionnaire on the implementation of Cybersecurity

Country:   ____________ Organization(s) responsible for the Cybersecurity _______________

Q 1 – Are there any existing national strategies and plans related to Cybersecurity use?

      Yes ( ) No ( )

    a. If Yes, please indicate the website __________________________________________
    b. If No, please specify reason:
              I.   There is no need ( )
             II.   There is no study about the subject ( )
            III.   No availability of needed experience ( )
            IV.    No availability of needed funding ( )
             V.    Other ________________

Q 2 – In case there are existing national strategies and plans, have they been interpreted to
legislations? Yes ( ) No ( )

    a- If Yes, please specify the date of legislation ___________No. of legislation ______
       address________________ Website________________

    b- If No , please state reason
             i.   There is no need ( ) … the available legislations are enough ( )
            ii.   No availability of needed experience ( )
           iii.   Legislation is on process ( )
           iv.    Other________________

Q3 – Are there any national centers for the implementation of the Cybersecurity ? Yes ( ) No ( )

    a- If Yes, please provide the following data:

                                       Starting date     Investment cost           Annual operating cost
Computer Emergency Response
Team (CERT)
Infrastructure Technologies for the

    b- If No, please provide with the following data

                                       Under study       Under execution           Subject is inappropriate
Computer Emergency Response
Team (CERT)
Infrastructure Technologies for the
Q 4 – What are the most important obstacles that hinder the establishment of these centers?

    a.   Few users ( )
    b.   Existing foreign transactions ( )
    c.   Poor technical experience ( )
    d.   Poor financial resources needed for operation and maintenance ( ).

Q 5 – What is your assessment for the number of national website hosted locally_________, hosted
internationally _________. What is your estimate for the daily no. of visits for these websites _________.
What is the storage capacity for these websites_________. What is the Mbit/sec of the visits of these

Q 6- What is your assessment for the volume of financial transactions through the internet
annually_________ which represents_________% from the whole financial transactions. What is your
estimate for the percentage of the local transactions _________% and internationally_________%.
What is your estimate for the personal transactions _________% and the organizational

Q7- What is the no. of the internet crimes annually_________ which represents _________% from the
whole crime? What is the volume of the financial transactions related to these crimes _________.

Q8- What is the percentage of the crimes related to impersonate _________%, obtaining information/data
without permission _________%, disturbing others_________%, obtaining money_________%

Q9- What is your assessment of the availability of adequate protection to the computers at the national
level_________%. Do you think that this protection is enough?        Yes ( ) No ( )

    a- If Yes, what is the contribution of the following elements to achieve the protection:
                 i.    Legislations ( %)
                 ii. Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) ( % )
                 iii. Infrastructure Technologies for PKI ( %)
                 iv. Availability of protection from internet service providers ( % )
                 v. Availability of protection from hosting websites ( % )
                 vi. Availability of protection from Internet users ( % )

    b- If No, please specify reasons:
                 i.    Weak legislation ( )
                 ii.   Lack of awareness of the seriousness of internet connection ( )
                 iii.  Lack of required experience to reduce this risk ( )
                 iv.   High experience of those who commit the crimes ( )
                 v.    Lack of funding required to reduce these crimes ( )
                 vi.   Weak implementation of legislation ( )
Q10- At the national level, is there any protection programs of the sites inappropriate for children?
     Yes ( ) No ( )

       a- If Yes, is the subscription optional ( ) , compulsory ( ) . Do you pay for this subscription,
          Yes ( ) No ( )
       b- If No, is the issue under study ( ) , not required ( )

Q11- Do you want to participate in the initiative? Yes ( ) No ( ) . Would you like to contribute in
     financing of the initiative? Yes ( ) No ( ).

        If Yes, please specify type of contribution:
              a- Cash ( )
              b- In-Kind ( )

Name : ___________________                   Position: ______________

Organization: ________________                 Date : /   /2011

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