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					                 Open Ended Questions: GRAD: Real Life contain?
67. Is there any additional information this publication should Indiana Please
resumes, cover letters, use of online career networks, online placement sites, advice on keeping your social
networking clean and professional, use of placement services on campus and also professional placement
services -- what to look for - costs, etc. with one of the purposes obviously being to keep IN grads in IN -- keep
Regarding the piece about employment at Kroger (page 12) it would be beneficial to tie the article back into the
idea that students should be looking for jobs that lend themselves to advancement within the company.
I always want to see a picture of a person who is being quoted (for example, page 13, bottom right).
No. This is my first exposure to this publication, and I am actually quite impressed by this. I wish something like
this had been in existence when I was a junior/senior in college and graduating into an economy without many
Publication seems very thorough and complete. The only additional information that could be included would be
more suggestions of job-search resources.
It would be nice to have a section on service (in addition to the military) after college. I served in the
Peace Corps. Several of my friends were AmeriCorps members. My husband participated in Teach for
America. All of those opportunities and more help many individuals figure out the career path they'd
Consider including top places to live for recent college graduates.
There is plenty of information. More would likely make the publication too unwieldy.
This is way too much information for high school students. Grad school is too far off, in my opinion, for students
to get this invovled--except for very few. This should be really re-conceptualized.
Need information about preparing cover letters, resumes, and online search and job applications. Also, tips on
interviewing and pursuing your dream job - setting goals and seeing the job ladder progression in several
68. Does this publication contain any extraneous, inappropriate, or unimportant information that
should be omitted? Please describe.
the lists of all the grad programs in the state takes up a lot of space -- maybe just a web link for each institution
I thought all the information was pertinent.
PLEASE lose the photo of the girl in mom jeans on page 49. Some of the photos read very "multicultural central
casting" (page 51). I guess I'm saying not to be either too authentic (p 49 mom jeans) or too phony (looking like
an IU Credit Union ad or anything that involves jumping up in the air).
It seemed a bit gratuitous to have a story on Kroger as an employer and have an ad from them as well, but that
No, most information seems to be very appropriate.
P. 52- Different graduate programs cost different amounts of money. I don't understand how the
amounts listed on this page could possibly be accurate. (For example comparison of Law School at
IUPUI to getting my Masters in Social Work, the costs are very different)
The information seemed appropriate and useful to this group of students.
No What other suggestions do you have to improve the content of this publication?
Please describe.
The utility of this publication is less clear. While there is a segment of the college population that would find this
information on target, many will not find the information useful or at the right level. Student focus groups would
be helpful. Is a similar publication being developed for associate degree students focusing on continuing their
This publication was by far the most thorough, best laid out and good mix of information plus interactive (charts,
guides to fill in). Great publication!
No other suggestions, as a recent college grad who is not originally from Indiana I thought the publication
provided a wealth of information that I had never been exposed to before.
Direct people to an online site where they can find complete listings of grad programs, etc. but spare them from
The content is really very strong...from preparing for the job search to paying back loans, to grad school options,
this really doesn't need any additional contect.
Perhaps should be introduced to students prior to their junior/senior years.
This publication seems much more organized and less cluttered than the Indiana Next publication. All of the
information is valuable to college graduates.
The magazine format that this publication uses would be more effective if the "punchline" of the story were
given up front. Sometimes the reader is halfway through the article before a point is made. For example, page
19's "Perfect Job Candidate" article is six paragraphs long, and the criteria for a perfect candidate is not listed
until the fourth paragraph. Readers are unlikely to stick with the article that long. Also, the first three paragraphs
I like the intent, but there's just too much information to wade through.
I think it s very through
I wish more of this information was also included int he 9-12 publications. My high school students need to see
71. What other suggestions do you have front of them in the early years.
the budgeting and Indiana HOT 50 jobs spelled out into make this publication more appealing to its
target audience?
Cover looks very staged.
even more personal stories --especially about grads who have found careers and exciting lifestyles in IN
I just asked a group of 10 college seniors to be---now remember the publication and none would read if it arrived-
--does really make them want to pick it up and read it.
The layout looks much better.
When talking about different regions of Indiana, the addition of more places to go and things to do in these
areas would appeal to the target audience. If you have never been to southern Indiana, you might think it was
Less text, more directing to Web. my mind this completely hits the mark.
Nothing major comes to mind.
On my first read-through, i had a vague impression that this publication was targeting young men more than
young women. I have a hard time quantifying why that might be, but I felt like the article which compared job-
Make it more visually sophisticated. Graphs, charts, etc. are good. Add a map. Make a reference to the three
geographic sections of Indianashow them visually. Add grad schools on the map too.
74. What other suggestions do you have to improve the presentation of this
Previously suggested.
The presentation is much better than all other publications.
I thought the presentation of the material was suitable for the target audience of college students.
Better art, less text. And I'm a writer. I like the content in the page 15 sidebar, and would like it to take up a
Maybe a different cover shot...while I can see that it's three professionally dressed people in front of a building,
maybe a shot of some sort of meeting? Just something that tells a little more of what will be inside.
Material is presented in a clear and organized manner.
This publication relies heavily on text, page after page. This clashes with the magazine format and becomes
tiresome to read. Charts, fact boxes, charts, maps, and graphics would make the content more interesting and
None the graphic design should be a little more contemporary and mature - identifying with Newsweek, Time,
US News, etc. If you are aspiring to go to Grad school or invest in a job working for a company in Indiana, then
that potential grad's future is competing with other state grad schools and other jobs in Chicago, New York,
77. What other suggestions do you have to improve the distribution
Dallas, etc. Indiana needs to look like it is competing graphically in the global economy. of this publication
or expand its reach?
By the time students are college seniors -- they would likely prefer an interactive web site to a hard copy
publication--something to think about
use the web, facebook and twitter---this is what they are reading---add some gaming aspect and maybe some
I like that this publication is sent directly to students, I wish every LearnMore publication was sent directly to
Instead of making it available only as a downloadable PDF, I'd have an easily navigated Web site.
Is there a way for colleges and universities to send an e-mail to their juniors, seniors, and "super seniors" alerting
them to this publication's arrival? It's such good information, I would hope that it could be promoted by the
Make some available in offices around campuses.
Is there any value to a publication like this for students at 2-year colleges? Perhaps this could also be distributed
Consider displaying at local stores with the other free publications, coffee shops, and colleges and universities
Mailing is very expensive; then again, I can't really think of a better way to reach the majority of students.
See comments on previous pubs. I doubt this gets into many students' hands.
Our research indicates the primary source of learning about grad schools is via the Internet. Think it is probably a
waste of time sending to "super seniors." Print could be useful with some college students who don't typically
think about going to graduate school, but think you can accomplish everything you want via the Internet and a
Consider other sources of distribution (Facebook, Twitter, You Tube)
78. Please provide any further comments
Posting on college websites and emailed to students. or suggestions for improving this
in general -- the magazine is very redundant to the services and information that career services offices provide
on every campus...not sure this is a good investment
Drive people to a related Web site with links/complete information and keep it simple here. I like the "win
$1500" as a measure of how many people are responding. Could similar rewards (free books, etc.) be offered for
No further comments.
Just focus the writing. College students have so much reading to do, and they need to get the information as
quickly, easily, and enjoyably as possible. Use graphic organizers and images to present information and break up
I thought it was great information

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