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					Web site                                                                  Basic Content                              Starters                                    Assessment project                          Links                Statistics Data                                           GERMAN           Dynamic Geometry                                             Lesson Plans                                              Java Applets                                A Level          A Level                                        A Level   Software            Java Applets                                                A Level                                  Java Applets                                                    A Level                                                    Distance Time Graphs                                               Maths Dictionary                                                   Resources                                  Resources                                      Statistics Data                                           Resources                                      Competition                                                  Resources,/                                           Extension Activities,,18209,00.html              Sudoku
Topic Area          Paid/Free Access
All                 Free
Investigations      Paid

Data Handling       Free
Data Handling       Free

SSM                 Free
All                 Free
All                 Free
All                 Free
Polar Coordinates   Free
Complex Numbers     Free
SSM                 Free
SSM                 Free
STEP and AEA        Free
All                 Free
Written Articles    Free

SSM                 Free
All                 Free
All                 Free

All                 Free
Data Handling       Free
All                 Free
Competiton          Free

All                 Free
All      Free

Number   Free

A few assessment tasks avaialble free

A dynamic geometry programme
America's National Council for Teachers of Maths site
Netherelands School Site
Revision site for students (login required)
Animations of graphs in polar form

Downloadable software to demonstrate straight edge and compass constructions
Applets of 3D shapes (loads of them)
Solutions and notes for teaching STEP and AEA
An excellent resource for all lower secondary levels. Contains good java applets on most topic areas
Produced as for A Level students to find out more about the uses of Maths

Distance time graph of a footballer
Illustrated Maths Dictionary
Teachers Resource Exchange on National Grid for Learning

Powerpoints and EUKLID geometry
Census at Schools Project. School data available. Participation in project also an option
pdf copies of all the MEP texts. Additional linked resources available too.
Cipher Challege. Yearly competition for Key Stage 3 and 4 students

Useful teaching and learning resources
Web based magazine containing G&T activities for all Key Stages

The Times Sudoku link

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