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									Libel project                           Name
Journalism 1                             Date

You are the publisher of a very select, minimalist publication. Each
month you choose one topic of interest and devote your entire
newsletter to examining that one subject. Last month was an exposé
on the alarming realities of honeybees. This month is all about libel.
You are going to research the history of one famous libel case and
convey your findings in a newsletter. It is up to you to decide how to
present your information. No matter how sensational, how serious, or
how slanted your publication is, there are several issues that must be
addressed explicitly in your project:

               a very brief reminder of what libel is
               the parties involved
               the specific issue and accusation
               the legal issues at stake
               the legal basis of the outcome
               the outcome of the legal case
               any information necessary to explain differences in the libel laws of
                different countries

Here are some famous libel cases to choose from:
       Cherry vs. Des Moines Leader
       Collier vs. Postum
       Chicago Tribune vs. Henry Ford
       Rushdie vs. Evans
       Hill vs. Church of Scientology of Toronto
       Tom Cruise vs. Daily Express Newspaper
       Oprah Winfrey vs. Texas Beef Group
       Janklow vs. Newsweek
       Yale Law Students/AutoAdmit Lawsuit (Doe I & Doe II vs. Anthony Ciolli;
       Mathew C. Ryan; Ryan C. Mariner; Individuals whose true names are

You will use Microsoft Publisher to create a Newsletter to publish
your findings. You will be graded both on the content of your
information and the actual product (the newsletter).

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