Lesson Plan Reflection (DOC) by panniuniu


									                                                                                Brian Franz

       Of the three lessons I taught, two went very well and one went only adequately.

The Basic Skills lesson I taught involving basic mouse skills was quite effective. I used

both the minimalist and systematic method in teaching basic mouse skills to a senior

citizen. It was especially important to use the systematic approach, since this is primarily

a physical skill. I think I did a very good job introducing the advantages of the mouse and

explaining to the adult-learner why it is advantageous to use a mouse over keyboard


       The Information Access lesson I taught was excellent. Again, I relied heavily on a

more systematic approach to teaching this lesson. Of the three lessons I taught, this was

probably the most effective. I did not need to change my lesson plan at all in order for

this to be a successful lesson. Students were very involved with the initial investigation

about Jacopo di Poggibonsi and we genuinely surprised to learn that he did not exist. It

was essential for students be immersed in the technology for this lesson plan and it

worked very well.

       The Productivity lesson was a good lesson, but not excellent. It was taught to a

group of teachers and teachers can be difficult students. The lesson itself went well,

again mixing systematic and minimalist approaches. The teachers were not entirely

convinced from the attention grabber that using Excel to make charts is advantageous for

everyone. Having said that, nearly every teacher was able to learn how to make a unique

chart that they could use if they desired. If I were to do it again, I would perhaps come up

with more reasons teachers would want to make a chart and include them in the lesson.

       Ultimately, for myself, a mix of systematic and minimalist teaching works best

when I’m teaching something technology related. I don’t feel comfortable simply
                                                                                 Brian Franz

immersing students in a new technology without adequately explaining the need for it. I

believe the best way to use technology in the classroom is to only use it when it is

enhancing the education of the student. I dislike teaching that utilizes education, but for

no reason other than to use it. It may look good, but looking good is not enough for a true


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