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					                                 DURHAM UNIVERSITY
Please complete and return this form to HR Reception, The University Office, Durham University,
Old Elvet, Durham, DH1 3HP.

      If you are travelling greater than 60 miles in total during the selection process, you may
       claim travel expenses. These include standard class rail fares (or the cost of an economy
       domestic flight if you can provide evidence that this is the cheaper option), mileage or other
       public transport costs.

      If you are travelling from abroad for interview you may claim reasonable return air fare. If
       you are not sure if your flight costs will be covered, please contact HR Reception on 0191
       3346533, or email

      Mileage is reimbursed at a rate of 22p per mile.

      Claims for domestic or international flight reimbursement must be accompanied by the
       details of the most cost effective air fare, such as a print out of flight options available from
       a travel agent or airline website, so please retain information at the time of booking

      If it is absolutely necessary for you to spend more than one day away from home in order to
       attend your interview then a maximum of two night’s accommodation may be reimbursed.
       Generally one night for UK based applicants and two nights for those based outside of the

      University accommodation must try to be booked in the first instance; however, if
       accommodation can not be secured then the cost of a reasonable priced hotel will be

       University accommodation can be booked through the Event Durham Team
       ( or 0191 334 2887)
       Local hotels include the Premier Travel Inn ( and Travel Inn

      Reasonable expenses claims for subsistence will be reimbursed. Money spent on alcohol is
       non-refundable. The following subsistence levels have been set, any expense occurred above
       these levels will not be reimbursed.

              Breakfast (When journey begins before 7.30 am)         £ 6.00

              Lunch                                                  £ 8.00

              Dinner (where absence continues after 8.30 pm)         £17.00

      Claims must be completed in detail and must be supported by receipts. We will not
       reimburse expenditure where there is no supporting receipt.
      Expenses claims will normally be processed and paid within 4 – 6 weeks of Human
       Resources receiving the completed claim form and receipts.

      We are unable to make travel arrangements on your behalf. Visa expenses, photocopy
       expenses, courier charges, postage and telephone call expenses will not be reimbursed.
         In the event of the candidate withdrawing his/her application or refusing the offer of
          employment on grounds which, in the opinion of the interviewing panel are inadequate, no
          expenses will be paid.
         Claims under £10.00 will not be processed
         If you have a query about the expenses claim form you have submitted please email to



Bank Name and Address:

Account Number:

Swift Code:

IBAN No: (European candidates only)

Post:                                                                 Vacancy Reference:

Department:                                                           Date of Interview:

EXPENSES DETAILS                                                              £            p

Return rail/bus fare (standard class)

Other expenses – please give full details
(Bar or telephone expenses will not be refunded).


Signature: ……………………………………………………….                                      Date: ………………………..

GOODS RECEIVED: ………….                    CERTIFIED FOR PAYMENT: …………………………

To be completed by the         S/F       Creditor                      Transaction number
Finance Department                                                     PR

Cost Centre       Detail Code                               Analysis     VAT       Value (excl. VAT)
Project           Project Analysis                          _______      code          £       p
  l       l   l   l   l         l    l    l   l     l   l

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