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How to be a Copywriter


									How to be a Copywriter

So you want start writing copy that will turn the heads of readers and make them
respond. Well, if that is the case, you have come to the right place. This chapter
will start it all. In this chapter, you will learn what you must do to be able to write
copy for the web.

The first point you must be aware of is that writing for the web is much different
than writing copy for any type of offline market. This includes newsletters,
brochures, direct mail, or even press releases.

Unlike direct mail, where readers can flip pages to get to the end, they have to sit
there in front of their computers and read over your web copy. So it is vital that
web copy be written so it can capture the eyes of those who read it.

Why is writing web copy so important? Well, look at it this way. When someone
lands on a web page, the first thing he sees is either an image or bunch of images
or written text. This written text could be web copy or simply content (article).

If the web page is offering something for sale, this has to be known so the visitor
will know to expect a purchase. The problem with websites is that each one is
different. There are websites that are two, five, or ten pages long.

There are also websites that are only one page. One such type is known as a
landing page. It is called a landing page because everybody lands on it. Another
single page website is a squeeze page.

This is an unusual name for a web page. But its sole purpose is to advertise
something briefly that will encourage the visitor to offer his or her name and email
address, after which they are presented with another web page with an actual offer.

So where does a copywriter come in? Good question. A copywriter may be hired to
create the text for the landing page and squeeze page. They may also create text for
other web pages.

When copywriters create the text for web pages, they need to find a way to be very
clear with the text. They need to make sure the text is also easy-to-follow and that
will lead the reader to taking some kind of response.
The important of web copy is the language and tone used when writing. Don’t get
overly technical. Keep every simple and straight-forward and you shouldn’t have a
problem communicating what you have to those reading it.

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