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					Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney
Providing Dedicated, Aggressive and Experienced Defense to Clients in
At the Jon M. Martinez Criminal Law Group, we work hard to keep you out of jail. When you are charged or
suspected of a crime, you may have feelings of fear, anxiety, anger and confusion. An experienced and aggressive
Phoenix criminal attorney can help ease those feelings and put you in the best position to win your case. As a former
Major Crimes Prosecutor in Maricopa County, criminal defense lawyer Jon M. Martinez knows what it takes to get the
best result from your case and will fight hard to make sure that you are seen as more than just a case number.

Why should you hire the Jon M. Martinez Criminal Law Group?

    •    As an experienced Phoenix criminal lawyer, Jon M. Martinez has both the knowledge of the law and the
         legal process that is required to put you in the best position to win your case.
    •    Flexible Payment Plans- It is our belief that a person should not be turned away from an aggressive criminal
         defense simply because it might take them longer to pay for an attorney. Our flexible payment plans can
         work with almost any budget to guarantee you the best defense possible of your criminal case.
    •    In this troubling time of your life, one of the most important things your defense attorney can do for you is
         simply be there for you. The Jon M. Martinez Criminal Law Group will have your back when it comes down
         to fighting your case against the government.
    •    You are not a case number. Too often in the criminal justice system, the prosecutors and even other lawyers
         and judges will simply look at your case as the next number on the calendar. Our office knows that you are
         much more than a case number and much more than the crime that the police are accusing you of. You
         have a family that cares about you, a job that you work hard at, and a history of your life that will not show
         up in the police report. It is our job as your criminal defense attorney to use your entire life history so that
         the prosecutor and the judge can get a full picture of who you really are in order to get the absolute best
         result from your case. Nobody wants to be defined by their worst day and it is important to show every
         aspect of your life in order to get the absolute best result possible.
    •    Your case will be provided with the personal attention that every client deserves, every time. Whether your
         case is First-Degree Murder, DUI or a speeding ticket, it is important to you and it is important to our firm.
         Attorney Jon M. Martinez will personally meet with you and handle your case from the initial consultation
         until the conclusion of your case. It is important that you know your defense attorney and your defense
         attorney knows you. Attorney Jon M. Martinez will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you
         get the best result possible for your criminal case.
    •     Our firm is available to speak to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The criminal justice system does not
         take a break simply because it is a weekend or holiday and neither will we. At the Jon M. Martinez Criminal
         Law Group, we will be here for you whenever you need us most.
    •    We get results. Our criminal defense team has fought hard to get the best results possible for our clients for
         years and will continue to do the same for your case. This determination and hard work has resulted in the
         dismissal of numerous cases before ever having to step inside of a courtroom for trial. Our criminal defense
         lawyers also get results at trial, with many cases resulting in Not Guilty verdicts by using an aggressive
         defense every step of the way.

Who is my Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Jon M. Martinez is an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney who is dedicated to providing you with
the best legal defense you can get. Mr. Martinez received his legal education at Boston University where he also
received a Master’s Degree while studying law. His thesis for his combined Master’s/ Law program focused on new
technology and 4th Amendment Search and Seizures issues. He used that experience first as a prosecutor with the
Maricopa County Attorney’s Office where he was quickly promoted to a trial group before ultimately being promoted
to a Major Crimes Unit. Since leaving the prosecutor’s office, Mr. Martinez has dedicated himself to helping others in
their time of need and presenting the very best defense possible on their behalf.

Hiring the right attorney could be one of the most important decisions of your life. A criminal charge can affect you in
so many different ways. The outcome of your case can cause a loss of your freedom, have a dramatic impact on you
financially and cause a huge amount of stress and pressure on both you and your family during the process. The Jon
M. Martinez Criminal Law Group will walk you through the entire process and help you with every step of your case.

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                        Contact a Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney at (480) 745-1572

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