Handing-over-file by panniuniu


									Handing Over Folders and Files

Sno.                          Folder Name                                  Drive
                          1   UK Hotels A-Z                                E drive
                          2   RU Itinerary Images                          E drive
                          3   All Websites backup                          E drive
                          4   Email database b2c and agents                E drive
                          5   SEO test paper                               E drive
                          6   Designation charts IHPL                      E drive
                          7   Meetings and Stats report                    E drive
                          8   Link Exchange Resources                      E drive
                          9   CD content                                   E drive
                         10   Indianholiday.co.uk                          E drive
                         11   Domain Sugession List                        E drive
                         12   All Resumes                                  E drive
                         13   Kapil work                                   E drive
                         14   The Trains Work                              E drive
                         15   Luxoindia                                    E drive
                         16   RU website                                   E drive
                         17   Indianholiday.com                            E drive
                         18   Incredible India videos                      F drive
                         19   Travel guide Images                          F drive
                         20   Trains Videos                                F drive
                         21   Hotel Images                                 F drive
                         22   Luxury Brochures                             F drive
                         23   New banners                                  F drive
                         24   IHPL Presentation                            F drive
                         25   Trains Images                                F drive
                         26   Trains-links-pages                           C Drive
                         27   Softwares                                    C Drive

                          1   Picture Gallery Website Structure             Desktop
                          2   Trains Keywords Rank Report                   Desktop
                          3   Ilt tours keyword                             Desktop
                          4   All Accounts Password                         Desktop
                          5   Social Bookmarking and community website list Desktop
                          6   Packages Indianholiday.com.ua                 Desktop
                          7   Meta tags Maharajas' Express                  Desktop

                          1 Songs                                          D drive
                          2 Movies                                         F drive
Major Files
All cities hotels list + Indianholiday.co.uk website structure
Images used in RU websites itinerary section.
All websites January backup
database list of IHPL backoffice 2008 + 2009 + Travel agents list
SEO test paper and related data
Designation chart and HR salary structure.
All minutes of meetings held and Stats report
Links Exchange Resources
All the final content and structures for CD to be developed by Kapil.
UK work till date.
All domain research work.
All PHP,SEO and content resumes
All the kapil's work till date.
Trains submissions till date.
Luxoindia research and final structure.
All the RU website work done + content till date.
Changes sugessions for Indianholiday.com and Summer packages list till date.
Incredible india latest videos has been saved here.
RU travel guide Images
Trains videos used in ILT and network websites
RU hotels Images
IHPL luxury brochure
All 5 trains banners developed.
PPT presentations.
ILT trains images
ILT and network websites links pages.
All the used softwares are saved here.

New picture gallery website will be structured accordingly.
It includes all the websites password details
IH.COM.UA packages list.


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