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									Greek City-States Travel Brochure
Group Project

Greek city-states were formed after the Dark Ages in Greece and centered around trading. Often several smaller villages
came together to form a city-state. Greece was not yet one country. Ancient Greece was a collection of Greek city-states.

The ancient Greeks considered themselves citizens of their individual city-states, not citizens of Greece. Each city-state
(polis) possessed its own culture, government, laws, and traditions. If you asked an ancient Greek where he was from, he
would not say, "I live in Greece." If he was from Sparta, he would say, "I am a Spartan." If he lived in Athens, he would say,
"I am Athenian." The city-states might unite to fight a mutual enemy, but they also warred against one another.

The city-states had many things in common. They all believed in the same gods. They all spoke the same language. Ancient
Greeks were very loyal to their city-states.

(Information taken from:

We will spend Friday, Monday, and Tuesday in the computer lab researching our city-state and creating our travel brochure.
The library is also available before and after school if you need additional time work on your project. The final project is due
Wednesday, September 15.

   1. Research - Your group will need to complete research on your city-state and identify important political, cultural,
       and social information. You will also need to work with your group to identify important people and popular
       entertainment for your city-state.

    2. Travel Brochure – Each of you will create a travel brochure for your city-state using the information you gathered
       with your partner(s). You must include the following components in your brochure:
                      Name of city state
                      Photograph of an attraction or location on map
                      An original tagline or motto
                      Governmental structure
                      Political views
                      Cultural information
                      Other things to consider: were any gods/goddesses prominent in your city-state? What do the
                               citizens do for entertainment?

    3. Presentation – You will present your travel brochure to the class. Your classmates will choose a travel destination
       based on the brochures, and the most common destination will earn 10 bonus points.

    4. Questions – Be prepared to answer any questions that the class might have about your city-state.

Below are some reliable web sites that offer a good starting point for city-state research.
Greek City-States Travel Brochure Rubric

Brochure addresses all
focus areas outlined in
assignment                        50         40   30   20   10

Adequate visual aids
are included in brochure          10         8    6    4    2

Brochure is “professionally”
done and attractive               10         8    6    4    2

Presentation is mature/
Professional, and effort
is apparent                       10         8    6    4    2

Presentation total         _____/80 points

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