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									                                         Favorite Books
                                         March 5, 2009

Created by: Kelly Bohri, Lisa Gridley, Jen Harton, Kelly Hosonitz, Sarah Kelly, Rhonda
Moyer, Kristen Newill, Audrey Nolte, Kelly Radzai, Ronnie Rother, Maureen Schafer, Sue
Stauffer, Kristine Stottlemyer, Kristen Swanson, Lisa Treffinger, Katie Zorzi

Idea to share: Do you put post it notes for teaching ideas in the front of your books?

The House in the Night Winner of 2009 Award (Swanson) Illustrated by Emmaus native Beth
Krommes, it names nighttime things that are both comforting and intriguing. Compare it to Good
Night Moon. (Audrey)

How I Learned Geography (Shulevitz) Silver medal 2009- Beautifully illustrated book touches
the emotions as a child learns the value of geography. His book Snow was a previous winner.
(Audrey’s top pick)

The Man Who Walked Between the Towers (Gerstein) A Recent winner of Academy Award for
documentary about the life of Philippe Petit. Great connection to history. Petit said “Walking the
tightrope is my poetry.” (Kelly Hosonitz)

A River of Words; The Story of William Carlos Williams Silver medal 2009 (Bryant) This
inspirational book will inspire poets and writers alike. Williams became a doctor while he wrote
poetry. (Audrey)

Farmer Duck (great connection to Tops and Bottoms) Sharing and good examples of
onomatopoeia (Katie Z)

Magical Hands (Barker) One man does secretly does the chores of other shop owners. The other
characters reciprocate. Great example of community building. (Maureen)

Enhance Writing
Earrings (Viorst) Great use of voice persuasive writing (Kelly Bohri)

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves (Julia Rawlinson) Personification, Adjectives, great
illustrations. Seasons, beauty, great language. (Sarah Kelly)

Fletcher and the Spring Blossoms (Julia Rawlinson) –Same as above (Sarah)
Fortunately (Charlip) Great cause and effect, sequencing. Opens up avenues for creativity.
(Kelly Bohri)

Pssst It’s Me the Bogeyman (Barbara Park) Talks about fears of a child. Promotes great
vocabulary and uses literary devices. It is a rhyming book. Students can write about their own
bogeyman. (Lisa Gridley)

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs (Scieszka) (Point of View) Students could identify a
villain in a different fairy tale and write from that point of view. Great reader’s theatre
possibilities. (Kelly Radzai)

The Cat Next Door (Wright) This book sensitively deals with the death of a young girl’s
grandmother. (Sue S.) Other titles to consider are What is Heaven (Shriver) and The Tenth
Good Thing About Barney (Viorst)

Dinosaurs Divorce (Krasney and Brown) Effectively deals with family divorce and the impact
on kids. (Sue S.)

The Graduation of Jake Moon (Park) The sensitive issue of Alzheimer’s Disease is presented
through a boy’s relationships with his grandfather. (Kristine)

Julius the Baby of the World (Henkes) Sibling issues are presented with humor and great
perspective. (Kristen Newill)

Noisy Nora (Wells) Great use of rhythm to tell Nora’s story of adjustment in a growing family.
“Jack had dinner early. Father played with Kate, Jack needed burping, so Nora had to wait.”
(Kristen Newill)

Brother Eagle, Sister Sky (Jeffers) speech not a poem. Great for use with ecosystems and Earth
Day. Criticisms of research, not all Native Americans look the same. This would be a great
starting point for researching Native Americans. (Ronnie)

Wham, It’s a Poetry Jam (in library) Use of performance poetry. It explains words like
perspective, kid friendly. Gives suggestions for a poetry wham jam (snapping instead of
clapping). (Kristen S.)
Quilts Did you know that quilts were used as family journals?
The Keeping Quilt (Polacco) Traditions, customs, family faith, and symbols. In third grade
anthology great for a class set. (Maureen)

My Grandmother’s Patchwork Quilt Relates why a patch was chosen for a quilt. Self assessment
of patch. Use with a buddy class with fabric. (Lisa Treffinger)

The Quiltmaker’s Gift (Brumbeau) Great book for community. The gift of oneself and sharing
are the greatest gifts of all. Good text to text connection to Rainbow Fish. (Rhonda)

Other Great Reads
The Extraordinary Egg (Lionni) Humorous introduction to eggs, not everything that comes from
eggs is a chicken.( Katie Zorzi)

The Great Kapok Tree (Cherry) Arbor Day, Habitats, Ecology, great use for teaching verbs,
quotation marks, geography (Kelly Radzai)

Heartsongs Treasury (Mattie Stepanek) Inspiration and great ideas written by kids. (Jen Harton)

Math Curse (Scieszka)Uses word problems and riddles that go along with the book. ( Lisa

Now and Ben (Beretta) The modern inventions of Ben Franklin. What we use and how it relates
to Ben Franklin. (Jen Harton)

Science Curse (Scieszka) Same format as Math Curse to integrate science. (Sarah)…..

Professional Books to Enhance Literacy

Picture Books; an annotated bibliography with activities for teaching writing with the 6+1 Trait
Writing Model (Bellamy, ed.) in our library (Audrey)

Strategies that Work (Harvey) in our library (Audrey)

Using picture Storybooks to Teach Literary Devices (Hall) Sarah Kelly has a personal copy. Will
order a copy for the professional library

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