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					Name Of    Objectives         PLO’s   Teaching Activities                                              Assessment         Other Resources
Unit       (key topics,                                                                                Activities         to Support this
           concepts,                                                                                                      Unit
           issues, ideas)
Design     SWBAT:
For Living
Class 1    1-Discuss the      F12     Small group work: Break students up into groups to define        Observation       Magazines
           differences                the elements of design (line, form, space, color, texture)       within discussion Canadian Style
           between the                Large group work: discuss how the elements of design can         Room Designs
           elements of                be used to create different effects in interior design                             Architectural
           design                     :Pro’s and Con’s                                                                   Digest
                                      : Discuss the principles of design (balance, rhythm,
           2-Explain how              proportion, scale, emphasis, unity)-show pictures of                                House and Home
           the elements of            different housing layouts and rooms.
           design can be              :Discuss different areas where you would find
           used to create             certain/common principles and elements of design
           different                  Small group work: in pairs have students design a specific
           effects in                 room in the house using the six principles of design
           designing                  Presentations: each pair presents their room designs to the
           interiors                  class

           3-Create a
           room design
           that utilizes the
           six principles
           of design
Class 2    1-List criteria   F15      Large group work: Questions-what’s important to think            Dream or           Statistics Canada-
           for selecting              about?                                                           practical living   Families,
           household                  (Cost, location, accessibility, community aspects-stores etc.,   Journal response   households and
           products                   style/size-one bedroom, quality-new or old etc.)                                    housing
                                      Small group work: List areas in order of importance to each
           2-Describe the             student
           pro’s and                  Large group work: volunteers share-discuss reasons and
           con’s of                   what was thought about while numerically organizing
           selecting                  : What would you want as a student or when you decide to
           certain interior           move out? Are you going to university or college?
           products                   What are some key considerations when selecting where
                                  you would like to live?
                                  Individual work: take your requirements and ideas on where
                                  you would prefer to live research your choice of living and
                                  discover what is involved in buying and living in that
                                  particular area/home.
                                  : Does your criteria fit with what you found?
                                  : Are there any other considerations?
                                  Now use the information and housing of your choice and
                                  consider the interior products you will need (furniture,
                                  appliances, furnishings etc.
                                  Large group work: Compare and contrast interior products
                                  ex wall coverings-paint, wall paper, fabric
                                  Homework-call or look up online the price of the interior
                                  products you like or need. Things to consider
                                  durability/style/size, price, function etc.)
                                  Journal response-what would you leave out? What is most
                                  Where did you find your information?
Class 3   1-identify and    F13   Small group work: Handout pictures of different types of      Pamphlet   Books from
          use correct             furniture (French Provincial, Danish Modern, Colonial,                   library:
          terminology             Retro, Oriental)                                                         Daily life in
          when                    Organize supplied descriptions of each; students try to                  medieval times: a
          describing              match up proper terminology and descriptions to furniture.               vivid, detailed
          furniture               Large group discussion: discuss students                                 account of birth,
                                  answers/reasons/reveal right answers                                     marriage and
          2-Identify              Pamphlets-give students a historical period (Middle ages,                death; food,
          various forms           Roman empire, Post modern) have them create a pamphlet                   clothing and
          of architecture         that includes the appropriate forms of architecture in a                 housing; love and
                                  typical home (structural elements, columns, walls, arches,               labour in the
          3-identify and          forms-cones, spheres, and/or slabs)                                      middle ages / by
          use correct             Within pamphlet students will need to identify the                       Frances and
          terminology             decorating styles (eclectic, country, contemporary, and                  Joseph Gies.
          when                    minimalist, rustic.)
          describing              Presentations: have students present pamphlets                           Life in the Roman
          decorating              Discuss the differences within each student’s house and                  Empire by
          styles                  compare to the historical periods.                                       Kathryn Hinds
                                                                                                                Short log and
                                                                                                                timber building
                                                                                                                book: a handbook
                                                                                                                for traditional and
                                                                                                                modern post and
                                                                                                                bean houses by
                                                                                                                James Mitchell

                                                                                                                Internet: Real
                                                                                                                Estate Dictionary-
Class 4   1-research and    F16   Library/Computer Lab: research a variety of ways to        Research           Internet sources:
          discuss a               minimize environmental impact in the home                  assignment         Alternative
          variety of              -alternative sources of energy                             worksheet          energy sources-
          ways to                 -water conservation                                                           http://home.utah.e
          minimize                -building materials                                        Comparing your     du/~ptt25660/tran
          environmental           -energy saving appliances                                  home to research   .html
          impact on the           -garbage disposal
          home                    School Walk: give students certain areas to located and                       Water
                                  compare the schools ways of conserving energy, water and                      conservation tips-
          2-compare and           other resources to the research                                     
          contrast their          Large group discussion: discuss the findings                        
          own home to             Homework:                                                                     rtips/watertips_e.
          the research on         Compare your home to the information discussed and found                      html
          ways of                 during your research time
          minimizing the                                                                                        Water quality tips
          environmental                                                                                         around the house
          impact                                                                                                information
                                                                                                                      Energy saving
Class 5   1-Describe the   F14   Large group discussion: why is it important to maintain           Designing a safe   Household safety:
          importance of          your home?                                                        home               http://edis.ifas.ufl.
          maintaining a          What are some common ways we maintain our homes?                                     edu/FY591
          home                   How do you contribute to maintain your home?                      Reflection-home
                                 Individual work: fill out house cleaning plan                     safety             Architectural
          2-interpret            Small group discussion: how does maintain your home                                  symbols-
          blueprint              relate to safety in the home?                                                        http://www.cad-
          symbols                Large group discussion: students share ideas                                         design-and-
                                 Designing a safe home: have students evaluate floor plans                            drafting-
          3-Evaluate             to understand their relationship to making interior design                 
          safety                 decisions (positioning of rooms, appliances, furnishings,                            itectural-
          procedures in          traffic patterns, storage, electrical outlets, fire and                              symbols.html
          the home               emergency precautions)
                                 Large group discussion: discuss blue print symbols
                                 Posters: groups of 3-5, students will create a floor plan for a
                                 specific room in the home in regards to safety
                                 Homework: Household safety checklist
                                 Reflection: write out how you can improve the safety within
                                 your home.
Name Of    Objectives         PLO’s   Teaching Activities                                              Assessment         Other resources
Unit       (key topics,                                                                                Activities         to support this
           concepts,                                                                                                      unit
           issues, ideas)
Class 1    1-Compare          F18     Class Walking Tour: Walk around the immediate area to            Housing options    Remember to
           housing                    discover the different types of housing options                  work sheet to be   look at the
           options in their           -what types are there? (Condos, apartments, houses, town         filled out on      school’s policy on
           community                  houses, assisted living etc.)                                    walking tour of    taking students
                                      :discuss the differences between them (cost, location, size)     housing options    off school
           2-Discuss                  : Who is more likely to live in each of the different types of                      grounds
           suitable                   housing? (Single family, elderly, student, large family etc.)    House design
           housing                    Individual work: Housing Poster-design your ultimate living      posters            Map route of
           options for                space-what type of place would you like to live in? (House                          community for
           specific                   boat, apartment, condo, residence, house, town house etc.)                          each student
           individuals                -what would your house look like on the inside? Outside?                            while on walking
                                      (Colors, textures, styles, etc.)                                                    tour
           3-Create a
           house design
           based on their
           gained in class
           and personal
Class 2    1-Identify         F19     Large group discussion: create questions to ask the guest        Journal
           reasons for                speaker                                                          Reflection
           purchasing a               : what are the reasons for buying a home or a particular
           home                       home? (Family decisions, personal values, safety, security
           2-Describe the             Guest speaker : from a local bank
           economic                   :show and discuss statistics
           considerations             :considerations as a students or young adult moving out of
           involved in                the family home (down payment, mortgage, strata fee’s,
           purchasing a               insurance, maintenance, property tax, utility payments,
          home                    commission, equity, resale value, house inspection etc.)
                                  :specify own needs for buying a home
          3-Justify the           :what are the best options for the students
          purchase of a           : what should the students look for or watch out for?
          particular              Individual work: journal reflection on the information
          home for                provided by the guest speaker
          different               : What are 5 things you have learned today?
          individuals             :what else would you like more information on?
                                  :how will you use this information in the future?
                                  :where could you go for more information?
Class 3   1-identify        F20   Think-Pair-Share: create a list of the major household            Presentations-      Consumer ratings
          major                   purchases (appliances, furniture, window treatments, floor        rubric included     on household
          household               coverings, entertainment system/electronics)                      presentation        purchases-
          purchases               :share your ideas with a partner                                  skills and          magazine-**Shop
                                  :have one partner from each group write on the board your         expected criteria   Smart the quick
          2-identify              list                                                                                  and easy guide
          ways to                 Large group activity: what are some ways to investigate                               from consumer
          investigate             different products?                                                                   reports This is an
          product choice          -brainstorm web on board (consumer magazines, online,                                 amazing
                                  comparison shopping, word of mouth, brand names)                                      magazine I would
          3-identify              Small group activity: hand out basic information of each of                           suggest it to
          types of                the types of payment options (cash, credit, layaway plan,                             everyone
          payment                 rent to own, different types of loans, deferred payment,
          options                 bonus rewards)                                                                        Online: Complete
                                  :have the students come up with 2-3 pro’s and con’s on their                          Guide to Home
          4-evaluate              given payment options.                                                                Buying-
          different types         :have students present their information to the class and ask                         http://www.home
          of payment              audience to add or dispute the students ideas                               
          options                 :What would be the best option for a student?
                                  :What do you have to consider?
                                  Small group activity: Scenarios-give each group a scenario
                                  of an imaginary person (ex elderly women, widow, needs
                                  part time care, has a pet cat, loves to socialize, doesn’t know
                                  how to cook, has 20,000 in the bank.)
                                  :have students determine the appropriate decision on a
                                  household purchase
                                  Presentations: have students present their decisions and
                                 ideas to the class
Class 4   1-identify and   F21   Individual activity: look at the house you designed how         Revised          Environmentally
          describe               environmentally friendly is it?                                 individual homes friendly homes:
          different              Power point presentation: show students different types of                       Online-Eco
          environmentall         environmentally friendly homes (R2000 homes, healthy                             Friendly-
          y friendly             homes, enviro homes, LEED building, rammed earth                                 http://www.nahan
          homes                  homes, “off the grid” homes, “green” buildings)                        
                                 Individual work: Posters have each student recreate the                          98,163
          2-demonstrate          house they designed to incorporate a more environmentally
          the difference         friendly home.
          between an             *This does not have to be another poster it can be drawn out                     Organic Earth
          environmentall         or displayed in a way the students feel they can best express                    Magazine
          y friendly             themselves
          home and a
          y friendly

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