Culm Act 20s 30s by panniuniu


									Culminating Activity II: The Roaring 20s and The Dirty 30s:

NOTE:          You are expected to complete one creative activity and one journal

Creative Activity (choose 1):                   Journal Response (choose 1):
On a Bristol board, map out the route taken     Write a newspaper article about a famous
by Canadian rum runners in smuggling            mobster. Include historically accurate
illegal booze to the United States. Include     information pertaining to the character.
major sites in both Canada and the U.S.
Note methods used to transport the alcohol.     Minimum Length: Two pages

Create five biography cards of key              Choose one film that focuses on the 1920s
individuals from the 1920s. The front of        or the 1930s as it theme, and write a film
the card should have a name and photo,          review that includes: essential film
while the back of the card should include       information, five historical accuracies
information highlighting why the                found in the film, five historical
individual is significant to the era. Cards     inaccuracies, and a personal critique of the
may feature athletes, entertainment stars, or   film.
other celebrities.
                                                Minimum Length: Two pages

Create a time capsule containing at least       Write five journal entries from the
eight artifacts connected to life in the        perspective of a rich and prosperous
1920s. With each artifact, include a one        individual in the 1920s that loses all his
paragraph explanation that notes its            wealth during the stock market crash of the
significance to the era.                        Great Depression.

                                                Minimum Length: Two pages

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