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									AP Art History
Chapter 36 Study Guide
Europe and America After 1945

Why did North American Culture take center stage during the second half of the twentieth

What is the attitude of Existentialists toward human existence?

List two characteristics of Jean Dubuffet’s :


Dubuffet felt that the art of what three groups was most direct and genuine?



What major artistic style developed in the United States after the influx of refugee artists from

List one way in which De Kooning’s work related to that of Pollock:

In what way does it differ?

How does Post-Painterly Abstraction differ from Abstract Expressionism?

Why did art critic Clement Greenburg support this form of art?

Why was Ellsworth Kelly’s work known as “Hard Edge Abstraction?”

What is color field painting?

Describe Frankenthaler’s soak-stain technique that Morris Louis used in this work:
In what way are the principles of Post Painterly Abstraction related to Minimalist sculpture?

What is Louise Nevelson trying to convey in her sculpture Tropical Garden II?

How does the work of Louis Bourgeois relate her work to landscapes?

How does Eva Hess’s Post-Minimalist work differ from the work of Judd and other artists of the
Minimalist school?

Look at Richard Hamilton’s Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Homes So Different So Appealing and
list the references to each form of mass media in this piece:
General Mass Media :

Advertising :

Pop Culture :

What did Lichtenstein utilize as the basis of his works?

What had the greatest impact on the work of Audrey Flack?

What does the title of Susan Rothenberg’s Tattoo refer to in the piece?

What did she see as a metaphor for humanity?

Why did Judy Chicago create The Dinner Party?

For what type of art is Miriam Shapiro most famous?
What did she mean by the name “femmage?”

Who produced a series of film stills known as Untitled Film Stills? What issue was of primary
concern to the artist?

To what issues does Barbara Kruger want her art to draw attention?

Who are the Guerrilla Girls? What was their agenda?

_______________________________ is a Native American artist who uses cultural heritage and
historical references to comment on the present.

List three stylistic features of Leon Golub’s art that characterize his brutal vision of contemporary



What is Magdalena Abakanowicz trying to convey through 80 Backs?

To what was Arneson reacting in his self-portrait known as California Artist?

What form did Frank Lloyd Wright use as the basis for his design for the Guggenheim Museum?

What forms provided the inspiration for Le Corbusier’s Notre Dame du Haut?

List two architectural metaphors used in the Opera House in Sydney Australia:

What architectural style is represented by the Seagram Building in New York?

How does Maya Lin’s Vietnam Memorial site engage the viewer?

List three terms often associated with postmodern architecture:



How did Lionel Venturi’s work and writing depart from the Modernist axiom “form follows

What was the official name for the “Beaubourg?”

What is significant about its structure?

Name a building that illustrates Deconstructivist architecture.

 State one way that postmodern artists challenge the Modernist emphasis on originality and

The leading American Environmental artist is:

Describe his techniques:

For what type of art were Christo and his wife Jean Claude most famous?

Why did the GSA remove Sierra’s Tilted Arc from the plaza in front of the Federal Building in
New York City?
Performance art uses what to communicate to the viewer?

Describe one of Cage’s performances:

What did each Performance artist call their work?




What medium did Jenny Holzer use and how did she use it?

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