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					Cascade County
Property name                       Address                        City

Adams, J. C., Stone Barn            NE of Sun River off U.S. 81 Sun River

Arvon Block                         114-116 First Ave. S           Great Falls
Belt Commercial Historic District   Castner St.                    Belt
Belt Jail                           Castner St                     Belt
Burlingame School                   Address Restricted             Belt
Cascade County Courthouse           415 2nd Ave N                  Great Falls
Chicago Milwaukee and St. Paul      River Dr. N                    Great Falls
Passenger Depot
Collins, Timothy Edwards, Mansion   1003-1017 2nd Ave NW           Great Falls

Crocker-Jarvi Homestead             Address Restricted             Belt
First United Methodist Church       113 Sixth St. N.               Great Falls
Ford Lee M. House                   401 4th Ave. N                Great Falls
Fort Shaw Historic District and     1 mi. NW of Town of Fort      Fort Shaw
Cemetery                            Shaw
Great Falls Central Business        Second Ave. N, First Ave. Great Falls
Historic District                   N, Central Ave., First Ave S.

Great Falls Central High School     1400 1st Ave. N.               Great Falls
Great Falls Northside Residential   200-900 blocks 4th Ave. N.,    Great Falls
Historic District                   100-900 blocks 3rd Ave. N.,
                                    and 500-900 blocks 2nd
                                    Ave. N.
Great Falls Portage                 SE of Great Falls at Jct. of   Great Falls
                                    U.S. 87 89 and 91
Great Falls Railroad Historic       Park and River Drs., 100-      Great Falls
District                            400 blks. 2nd St. S., 100-
                                    200 blks 1st and 2nd Aves
                                    S., and 100--300 blks. 3rd
                                    St. S.
Great Falls West Bank Historic      300 and 400 Blocks, 3rd St     Great Falls
District                            NW
Hardy Bridge                        Milepost 6 on Old US 91        Cascade
Heikkila-Mattila Homestead          Address Restricted             Belt
Kraftenberg Homestead               Address Restricted             Belt
Lewis-Nevala Homestead              Address Restricted             Belt
Margaret Block                   413-415 Central Ave            Great Falls
Masonic Lodge                    821 Central Avenue             Great Falls
Mullan Road                      N of Great Falls in Benton     Great Falls
                                 Lake National Wildlife
Neihart School                   200 S. Main St                 Neihart
Northern Montana State           3rd St NW                      Great Falls
Fairground Historic District
Randall Harry E. House           1003 Fourth Ave. N             Great Falls
Roberts Building                 520-526 Central Ave            Great Falls
Russell, Charlie and Nancy,      20 Russell Dr. S.              Cascade
Honeymoon Cabin
Russell, Charles M. House and    1217-1219 4th Ave. N           Great Falls
St. Peter's Mission Church and   W of Cascade                   Cascade
Stone Homestead                  Address Restricted             Belt
Tenth Street Bridge              10th St. across the Missouri   Great Falls
Tower Rock                       8 miles South of Cascade       Cascade
                                 at Interstate 15 and           vicinity
Ulm Pishkun                      Address Restricted             Ulm
Union Bethel African Methodist   916 Fifth Ave. S               Great Falls
Episcopal Church
Ursuline Academy                 2300 Central Ave               Great Falls
US Post Office and Courthouse    215 First Ave. N               Great Falls

Vaughn, Robert Homestead         Vaughn Cemetery Rd             Vaughn
                                 &Cascade County Rd
Wargelin-Warila Homestead        Address Restricted             Belt
Listing date   Smithsonian   NR reference Property   Associated Multiple
               number        number       type       Properties
1/12/1979      24CA0237      79001399     Building   Document

9/26/1991      24CA0328      91001446     Building
12/23/2004     24CA0978      04001380
3/10/1980      24CA0234      80002400     Building
6/1/1992       24CA0336      92000575     Building   Korpivaara MPS
4/16/1980      24CA0233      80002401     Building
10/13/1988     24CA0271      88001119     Building

8/27/1980      24CA0212      80002402     Building

6/1/1992       24CA0337      92000572     District   Korpivaara MPS
12/23/2003     24CA0905      03001329     Building

8/10/1990      24CA0312      90001215     Building
1/11/1985      24CA0084      85000065     District

8/19/2004      24CA0977      04000374     District

9/1/1976       24CA0236      76001120     Building
4/1/1991       24CA0084      91000355     District

10/15/1966     24CA0238      66000429     District   NHL 05/23/66

2/19/1993      24CA0335      93000038     District

8/30/2010      24CA1527      10000587     District   NA

1/4/2010       24CA0389      09001180     Site       Montana's Historic
                                                     Steel Truss Bridges
6/1/1992       24CA0338      92000573     District   Korpivaara MPS
6/1/1992       24CA0272      92000574     District   Korpivaara MPS
6/1/1992       24CA0339      92000576     District   Korpivaara MPS
8/2/1984     24CA0235   84002447   Building
12/28/2000   24CA0670   00001568   Building
3/13/1975    24CA0089   75001080   District

3/7/2003     24CA0969   03000089   Building
1/13/1989    24CA0299   88003143   District

3/27/1986    24CA0252   86000583   Building
9/12/1985    24CA0231   85002165   Building
12/16/2005   24CH0990   05001408   Building

10/15/1966   24CA0239   66000430   Building    NHL 05/11/76

8/3/1984     24CA0240   84002452   Building

6/1/1992     24CA0341   92000577   District    Korpivaara MPS
4/25/1996    24CA0308   96000480   Structure

3/18/2002    24CA0643   02000213   Site

12/17/1974   24CA1012   74001093   Site
9/11/2003    24CA0970   03000924   Building

9/26/1991    24CA0329   91001447   Building
3/14/1986    24CA0232   86000681   Building    US Post Offices in
6/14/1982    24CA0230   82003160   District

6/1/1992     24CA0342   92000578   District    Korpivaara MPS

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