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					         Pre-Sessional Course in English & Study Skills for
               Academic Purposes 2011 Application
1. Personal Details
Surname/Family Name                              Other Names                                      Title (e.g. Dr, Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss)

Sex                                              Date of Birth                                    Country of Permanent Residence


Address for Correspondence                                                                        Telephone



Permanent Address (if different from correspondence address above)                                Telephone (if different from above)

                                                                                                  Fax (if different from above)

                                                                                                  E-Mail (if different from above)

Please give details of any disabilities, serious allergies, serious health problems or special dietary requirements.
Are you taking any medication you feel we should know about?

How did you find out about the course?
[agents: please give your agent code/ agent stamp]
2. Education
Please give details of the course you wish to follow after the Pre-Sessional Course (i.e. Master’s, PhD etc)
Full title of course

Name of University/College

Have you been offered a place on the course?
If your offer is conditional, what are the conditions of acceptance?

What is your IELTS / TOEFL score?                              Date of test                              Where did you take the test?
[Please provide a copy of your certificate]

Give details of your IELTS score:         Writing              Listening                       Speaking                       Reading

What other tests or courses in English have you taken? Please give details.

3. Registration
Please tick the period of study for which you would like to register:

Stages I, II and III           13 June - 02 September                        £3,600

Stages II and III              11 July - 02 September                        £2,600

Stage III only                  28 July - 02 September                       £1,800

The above fees (which do not include accommodation) are payable prior to the start of the course. Payment of the fee does not guarantee
a place on the course and no travel arrangements should be made until you have received confirmation of your booking. If the course is
full, your payment will be refunded.

4. Payment
Once offered a place on the course, students will be required to pay the tuition fees in full online. See below for details

Please return this completed application form to:

ELC Admissions
Centre for Arts and Sciences Admissions
King’s College London
London WC2R 2LS

Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7848 7211


5. Student Visa
Do you require a student visa?                         YES / NO

Please note that students who require a student visa should submit a photocopy of their passport (photo page)
together with this application form.

6. Declaration


Students are required to pay their tuition fees in full prior to the start of the course. Once we have received your fees, we will issue you with a CAS
(electronic confirmation of your place on the course) which you need to apply for your visa.

Please note that refunds are only available if you fall into one of the following categories:

a) If you are unsuccessful in your visa application we will refund your pre-sessional fees. You will need to provide us with the official visa rejection letter
before we process any refund requests. All refund requests need to be received by us within 21days of the visa rejection.

b) If you are unsuccessful in your degree application please note the following: We understand that some students need to apply to the pre-sessional before
they have received their conditional degree offer. We will refund students who do not receive a degree offer provided that this information is sent to us (and
receipt acknowledged by us) a minimum of 21 days before the start of the required pre-sessional. You will need to send the official rejection letter for us to
process the refund request. If you tell us about a degree application rejection less than 21 days before the start of your pre-sessional then no refund will be
given. This applies even if you only receive a decision on your degree application within 21 days of the pre-sessional starting. Please note that any pre-
sessional visa letter will become invalid and that we are now obliged to report this information to the UKBA.

c) If we cannot give you a place on the course as it is full.

Refunds cannot be given for any other reason.

I confirm that the statements made by me on this form are correct and complete. I understand that any misrepresentation may result in my expulsion from
the programme.

Signature:                                                                                                 Date:

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