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The need for pure and hygienic drinking water globally, has been gathering a great
significance in today’s contaminated environment. Many countries today are highly oriented
towards bottled water and according to a 2009 World Wildlife Fund survey, individuals around
the globe consume 92 billion liters of bottled water annually, worth roughly $24 million.

To cope up with the health hazards, way back in 1965, Mineral bottle water brand “Bisleri” was
introduced in Mumbai by Bisleri Ltd, which led to the growth of the Bottled Water concept in
This report encompasses the whole of bottled water Industry with India contributing
extensively towards the growth and development of the Industry.

Table of contents :

Industry Overview
Usage segment and usage behaviour trend
Market Size
Market Structure & Segmentation
Types of Bottled Water
Key Players
Competition situation
Key Drivers
Key Challenges / Barriers
Distribution System & structure

Packaged drinking water market in India
POP Financing and Consumer behavior
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