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Konnecting Pty Ltd - Skilled Migration & Recruitment Consultant


Konnecting Migration Services & Skilled Recruitment is a complete integrated Australian migration services provider offering registered migration agent services, Australian working visa processing assistance (including 457 visa) and skilled migrant worker recruitment for Australian employers.

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									                                                                                        Skilled Migration & Recruitment
                                                                                                    ABN 64 116 159 582
                                                                         Suite 1406, 447 Kent Street, Sydney, NSW 2000
                                                                        PO Box 21042, World Square, Sydney, NSW 2002
                                                                P: 1300 131 131 or +61 2 8252 2500; F: +61 2 8252 2501
                                                                   E: recruit@konnecting.com W: www.konnecting.com

Konnecting Pty Ltd - Skilled Migration & Recruitment


Konnecting offers integrated migration, recruitment and employment solutions to connect Australian employers
with skilled overseas or local based international staff. Whether you're an Australian employer struggling to find
qualified staff, or sourcing a specific skill set we can offer an efficient, straightforward solution. Or if you’re a skilled
migrant or potential migrant looking to move to Australia on a temporary or permanent basis, we can assist with
the visa process and endeavour to connect you with employers.

Having worked previously in industries with skill shortages, the founders of Konnecting experienced firsthand the
difficulties of sourcing skilled staff from overseas. From the visa application process and recruitment to assisting
migrants to settle in, hiring staff from overseas can be a complicated, costly and disruptive process for a business.
Konnecting can help businesses by streamlining this process to make it more efficient and less costly.

We understand the migrant’s experience too. We know what a huge step it is to move to a new country and how
important it is to have employment and assistance when you get here. Our services are designed to ensure both
employers and employees have a smooth transition, and a lasting mutually beneficial relationship.


Konnecting offers integrated recruitment and immigration services to connect Australian employers with skilled
overseas or local based migrant staff. We work with Australian companies to source the best talent from around
the world and help you and your migrant staff manage the transition. Our registered migration agents can assist
you with your visa requirements and help you to manage your obligations as an employer of temporary or
permanent migrants.

Konnecting offer integrated employment solutions which include:

• Attracting and Recruiting the best quality migrants
• Advising businesses on visas and organising the visa application process
• Advising business on temporary sponsored visas (457) or permanent sponsored visas (ENS or RSMS)
• Advising business about their requirements and obligations as employers of temporary sponsored migrants
• Assisting the migrant in their visa obligations and basic settlement guidance
• As a separate service we offer a package for Job Advertising & Short listing Candidates, and we can prepare job
specs, job ads, field calls, shortlist candidates, arrange interviews, and co-ordinate acceptance or rejections
notices. This service is not restricted to migrants.
• We have alliances with background checking agencies, and can perform these at extra cost.

Our registered migration agents can advise potential migrants on visa options and help them through the visa
application process. This may be for independent migration or sponsored migration. But we know there's more to
immigration than just applying for visas which is why we also offer:

• Ongoing support during the visa application process
• Job Finder Assistance if possible
• Resume preparation, and reformatting assistance
• Basic settlement assistance in guiding you to the right areas for guides, accommodation, insurance etc


Our rates may vary on an individual basis depending on the specific requirements. Please contact us for details.

Read More: www.konnecting.com

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