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   Gino Bellavia
   Business manager
 About VIN

 How we and the university can help business

 Some technologies available.

 Funding for SMEs

 Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

 Some Case Studies

     innovation
     knowledge
     technology
about VIN
A gateway for industry to a wide range of technology and expertise that the University of Birmingham can
offer as one of the UK’s leading centres of industrial technology research.

We apply a unique range of technologies & expertise, to solve a wide range of business needs across a
range of sectors.

Areas of expertise

           Nanotechnology
           Biotechnology
           Energy
           Advanced Materials
           Process Engineering
           Medicine
           Informatics
           Imaging and Visualisation

      innovation
      knowledge
      technology
How can we help you?

 Help your business grow & diversify | Retain your competitive Edge | Reduce your business Costs

   innovation
   knowledge
   technology
Some technologies available through VIN
   Castings Centre
            X-ray real time radiography
            Process Modelling
            Investment casting
            Hipping
   Direct Laser fabrication
   Rapid Prototyping facilities
   Production of metal nanopowders
   Materials Characterisation
   Failure Analysis
   Metrology & 3D Laser scanning
    For quality control and reverse engineering
   Nano and Microfabrication facilities
   Simulation and modelling
   Almost everything that is in the University!

       innovation
       knowledge
       technology
Funding for SMEs
For SMEs in Objective 2 area West Midlands (through VIN and funded from ERDF/AWM)
      A tailored package of consultancy and technology access
      Comprising at least 5 days, 100% funded (to Dec 07)

For Manufacturing SMEs in West Midlands
      From MAS (

For West Midlands SMEs from AWM
      More details from Patrick Palmer (see access to finance presentation or

For West Midlands SMEs in Central Technology Belt
      Technology Transfer Fund (TTF)

For companies from DTI
       Variety of calls for R&D funding in themes, needing collaboration

Research Funding for SMEs
     EU FP7 – large scale, collaboration essential
     Collaborative research funding from Research Councils and Trusts

      innovation
      knowledge
      technology
Knowledge Transfer
Universities have a wealth of expertise of value to business

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
 DTI initiative to encourage collaborative research and development between universities and
 A KTP project is a three-way partnership between a university, a company and a high-calibre graduate.

 Projects are typically of 18 months to three years in duration and are designed to increase a
   company’s profits by solving strategic problems.
 In a KTP project, the graduate is based at the company and is jointly supervised by the company and
   a university academic, who will spend an average half a day per week at the company.
 Sponsored by the DTI, Research Councils and a number of other bodies, meaning that projects can be
   in a variety of areas.
 The sponsors will fund 67 percent of the project costs for an SME, and 50 percent for a large
 A KTP is therefore a cost-effective way of employing a graduate and getting academic support as well

      innovation
      knowledge
      technology
Some Case Studies
Client       Client Description                       Action              Results

Exilica      Develop micro-                           Range of            Prove
             spheres & Hollow                         Characterisations   product
             silica shells                            & tests             concept

3C’s         Developing HTC                           3d animation        Increased
             superconducting                          video               investment

D&A          Automotive                               Range of advice,    Won new
Steering     component                                analysis, reverse   orders
             remanufacturer                           engineering

Reynolds     Cycle technology                         Micro-structure     Product
             company                                  analysis            concept

   For other case studies see web site at

     innovation
     knowledge
     technology
   Thank You - Q&A
   Gino Bellavia
   Business manager

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