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CnC Mar 2011


  • pg 1
									CRACK ‘N CAB
                            Gem & Mineral Society of Syracuse, Inc.
                              P.O. Box 801 , Syracuse, NY 13201

Volume XLI
                         SHARE A WEE BIT ‘O CHEER IN OUR 60TH YEAR!
Issue 3
March 2011

 Inside this issue:
Pres’s Message 2
Brad Smith’s Tips 2
Club/Board Meeting
Minutes          3-
Field Trips/Meeting
Programs            4
GMSS Turns 60! 4
Display Rules      5
Poetic Notes      5
Carnegie Award for
RMS                6    The Dresden Green Diamond for all to enjoy in our celebratory 60th year as the
Jr. Rockhounds 7        Gem & Mineral Society of Syracuse. This photo was taken from the newsletter of
Beads&Beyond 7&8        the Monongahela Rockhound News from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There is no
AFMS News          8    actual photo credit but check out the clarity of this fine stone. Named for the town
Bulletin Exchange 8     of Dresden, Germany, this gem is rather large [8.14gm] and is completely flawless!
Tumbling Comp 8         Very rare for one this size. To find out more look on page 8 of this newsletter for
EFMLS News         9    the bulletin exchange article. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GMSS WITH MANY MORE AHEAD!

                               THE PROGRAM FOR MARCH 21ST IS:

Bob Livingston and his band of merrymakers are busily getting ready for the ‘bestest’
party in the land. It’s not every day our club turns 60! You know it doesn’t look a day
over 35! Be sure to attend the party where we will celebrate our past, present, and
future. The refreshments will be provided by Mary Schloss, Kathy Czajkowski, Caron
Patterson, Ruth Burgess, Lorraine Markley, Dorothy Gilmer, and Bob Livingston who’s
bringing the cake [no, not taking the cake]. The festivities will also be enhanced by
Dorothy Gilmer, Pat Egolf, Yvonne Leblanc, Ruth Burgess, and merrymeister Bob
Livingston. Be sure to bring a camera/camcorder to record the event for our future.
March 2011                                              CRACK ‘N CAB                                               Vol. XLI No. 3

President’s Message                                              with them, please return them so others can have a chance
                                                                 to look at them too.
GMSS President’s Message – March 2011:                               Thanks for taking a second look.
    As I mentioned in the President’s message for February,
we really need your participation at our club show in July.
Our board of directors has agreed that those who work at
least eight hours at the show will not have to pay for the       Tips from Brad Smith
Christmas Brunch. For anyone working less than eight                                                          from Brad Smith
hours, there will be a discounted price again this year. You         I've enjoyed making jewelry in gold and silver for about
will need to sign in and out when you work at the show.          15 years and have been teaching classes for the Los
    There were nine people who car pooled to the Albany          Angeles and Santa Monica adult school systems since
show on February 26th. In addition to the nine club              2002. It's important in class to highlight shortcuts that
                   Ridall,      Gilmer,
members, Gene Ridall Keith Gilmer and Dorothy Gilmer             improve quality and save time, so I've accumulated quite a
worked at a booth during the show. Mark Grasmeyer was            few bench tips that people seem to like. I've been active
also there after making a late decision to attend the show.      over the years in my local rock club, so I thought it would be
The flower show at the museum was excellent. Mike                good to share these tips with other clubs.
Hawkins gave an in depth tour of the mineral exhibit on both               BOARDS:
                                                                 EMERY BOARDS:
Saturday and Sunday. There may not be a show at the              The sanding boards for doing your nails are one of my
museum next year because of state cut backs.                     favorite finishing tools. I use the ones with a thin foam core.
    I encourage you to visit a show sponsored by another         They have enough resistance to sand just the high points off
club. There are a number of them listed each month in our        a flat surface and yet give a little when you're trying to
newsletter. Please let me know if you are interested in car      smooth off a curved surface. Plus they're inexpensive and
pooling for a particular show. We will be car pooling to the     come in a variety of grits. Some grits are so fine they give
West Springfield Show on August 13th.                            an almost finished surface. Pick up a few at a beauty supply
    Additional plans are being made for the celebration of the   company or at your local drug store.
club’s 60th anniversary at the March meeting. Please join                   FLOSS:
                                                                 DENTAL FLOSS:
us for this party.                                               When testing the fit of stone in a bezel, it's all too easy to get
    I want to mention again that the Rochester Mineralogical     it stuck. Often the only way to free it is to drill a hole in the
Symposium is being held again this year from April 14th to       bottom and push it out with a needle. To avoid this, lay a
the 17th. Under the direction of Dr. Steve Chamberlain the       piece of dental floss over the top before you press the stone
Symposium received the prestigious Carnegie Mineralogical        in. Then just pull on the string to remove the stone.
Award for 2010 at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. The                                  More BenchTips by Brad Smith are at
award included a bronze medallion, a certificate of                                    <groups.yahoo.com/group/BenchTips/>
recognition and a $2,500 cash prize.                                                         or <facebook.com/BenchTips>
    I have moved further to the “dark” side by registering for
the BOCES Spring Jewelry and Lapidary workshop which is
instructed by our club member, John Sweeney.                                              Cancellation!
                                                                 Notification for Meeting Cancellation!
    I hope to see you at our March monthly meeting.
                                                                                                             from Keith Gilmer
                                                                     During a previous board meeting it was decided that due
                                                                 to the impending inclement weather of our winter season
                                                                 the notification of meeting cancellation will be as follows: No
                                                                 later than 5:00pm on a given meeting night will there be an
                                                                 official cancellation from our Club President, Dick Lyons by
                                                                 telephone and an mass e-mailing from myself as well. Any
             Dick Lyons,                                         member who has any doubt of a cancellation should contact
           Club President                                        one of the board members if they are uncertain. This
                                                                 message will recur in subsequent newsletters throughout
                                                                 the winter months. The contact numbers are as follows:

                                                                 Dick Lyons    672-
                                                                 Ray Highbrown     627-
                                                                 Lou Budell    673-
                                                                 Connie Johnson     672-
                                                                 Judy Cook    452-
Returning Overdue Library Books
Returning                                                        Keith Gilmer   307-
                                          from Steve Albro
   Everyone should check their shelves for old GMSS library      THIS WILL BE THE LAST NOTIFICATION FOR THIS YEAR!
books and videos. If you are still using them great, but if
you've forgotten they were there, or you are just finished
Page 2
Vol. XLI No. 3                                            CRACK ‘N CAB                                              March 2011

General Club Meeting Minutes                                       [13 members were in attendance.]
                                                                       Lou Budell reported that several people from out of state
GMSS Meeting Minutes [2/21/11]:                                    need display cases and he will provide the names of those
[45 members were in attendance]                                    people to Keith Gilmer so he can coordinate the availability
    Dick Lyons opened the meeting and welcomed everyone
                                                                   of the cases we have on hand.
in this cold weather. He also had several announcements:
                                                                       The t-shirts and hoodies have sold well and there is
    - There was a request for help to make a fossil book. If       interest in having a special t-shirt for the show. There is also
       anyone is interested, please see him regarding this. It     a question regarding sales tax when we sell the shirts.
       was noted that there is also some lapidary equipment        Carlotta Brown will look into this and report the findings at
       for sale.                                                   next board meeting. Carlotta has made a contact that will
    - Be sure to please fill out the survey for the skill center   help with both t-shirts and gem show advertising. The Board
       and return it to Carrie by the March meeting.               approved ordering more t-shirts and hoodies for the people
    - The March meeting will be the GMSS 60th anniversary          that have requested them.
       party.                                                          Due to the issue pertaining to NYS sales tax the
    Pat Egolf talked about trading rocks/minerals with a           wholesale area at the show we will have to be much stricter
person that advertises on the internet. He sent several            regarding admittance to the wholesale area this year and
specimen donations that were distributed to the kids group.        from now on. Identification and tax number confirmation
She has information for trading more specimens. The Youth          will be required and NYS forms will need to be signed by
group will be accepting donations of items that they can           everyone entering the area.
trade with other groups. Pat also donated three books to               The Albany car pools worked out well and the show was
the library.                                                       very worthwhile.
    Carlotta Brown had GMSS designer t-shirts and hoodies              The survey response has been low. Several workshop
for sale.                                                          sites are being investigated. Carrie Gannett and John Davis
    Several members were dropped from the newsletter               looked at the site offered by club member Harry Stewart in
mailing list because their membership dues were not                Minoa and it has some distinct advantages. The Delavan
currently paid. Please be sure to contact Lou Budell to pay        Center in Syracuse is also under consideration. We are still
this year’s club dues if you still want to pursue your current     waiting for more survey responses.
membership.                                                            Much discussion centered on improving "camaraderie"
          Cook,          Gilmer,
    Judy Cook Dorothy Gilmer and Pat Egolf were recognized         within the club. Several celebrations will be planned to
for putting together the "All American Yearbook!" Thank you        celebrate our club’s 60th year anniversary. Bob Livingston
ladies! This is a great book and hopefully an award winner!        will head a group and Dorothy Gilmer, Judy Cook, Pat Egolf,
    Our featured speaker was Jay Tinker He is a past               and Yvonne Leblanc volunteered to work with him and
president of the club. His presentation was about                  organize celebration activities. We've got a great group and
Trilobites. These are fossils with three distinct segments.        we want to celebrate and have fun.
Some of his specimens are over 300 million years old! He               Dick Lyons proposed that the Christmas party be free for
showed interesting photos of local findings (Tully and             those who work at least 8 hours at the show and charge a
Moravia). There were also specimen photos from all over            discounted price for those who work 4 hours. The Board
the world.                                                         approved his suggestion so please support our combined
    The planned field trips are listed in the newsletter. Most     convention show this year and volunteer! Bob Livingston is
of the trips are considered ‘tentative’ as they are not yet        compiling the lists of volunteers. Team leaders will need to
confirmed. If you are interested in any of them please sign-       collect volunteers for their teams.
up with Ray Highbrown Specific attendance figures are                  Carlotta Brown is looking into better utilizing the Chamber
needed to firm up further details.                                 of Commerce. She is also looking into the proposal to
    Several door prizes were handed out during raffle              collect sponsors for the show.
drawings.                                                              The summer picnic will be August 7th and the Christmas
                                                                   party will be December 4th.
                                                                       John Sweeney was nominated to head up the Officer
                                                                   Nominating Committee. All newly elected club officers will
     Respectfully submitted,                                       be sworn in at the September meeting.
     Connie Johnson,                                                   Next month we need nominees for two awards, "Each
     Club Secretary                                                one, Teach one" and "Rockhound of the Year". These are
                                                                   both Eastern Federation awards and will be published in
                                                                   their newsletter when presented.
                                                                       Much discussion also centered on the program schedule
                                                                   for the remainder of the year. There will be an auction in
                                                                   May. The schedule of upcoming events is published in the
Executive Board Meeting Minutes                                        Judy suggested that the club purchase a computer
     Board                 [2 /11
GMSS Board Meeting Minutes [2/1/11]:                               projector for program presentations. We need it for the
                                                                                                                    con’t on pg 4
                                                                                                                          Page 3
March 2011                                              CRACK ‘N CAB                                              Vol. XLI No. 3

    con’t from pg 3                                                 March: In March we will celebrate our humble beginnings
Learning Center at the show, the Youth Group program and         as the Gem and Mineral Society of Syracuse. To honor our
regular club meeting programs. The Board approved this           60th year as the organization that we are there will be a very
purchase.                                                        special remembrance celebration with a 60th anniversary
    Our last discussion was regarded the Cole's donation and     cake, veteran club members sharing their thoughts and
how to best utilize it. No clear decisions were made so there    memories, and all around socializing. There maybe some
will be more discussion to follow. If you have an opinion,       multimedia presentations, photos and certainly some
please speak with Dick Lyons.                                    written material from our past to share and discuss with
                                                                 those long time members. Don’t miss this walk down
                                                                 memory lane.

         Respectfully submitted,                                     April: Our first display contest of the year will be held for
         Connie Johnson,                                         this month’s meeting. The Mineral and Fossil Display
         Club Secretary                                          Contest will certainly bring out some fantastic specimens
                                                                 from many personal collections. Contest rules will be posted
                                                                 in the March edition of the newsletter for those interested in
                                                                 presenting [or just observing] the specimens provided. At a
                                                                 recent board meeting, the assembled members discussed
                                                                 incorporating ‘silverpicked’ specimens into next years
                                                                 contest. More news on this will follow. Also in April Joe
Field Trips and Program Events                                   Kapelewski will be presenting a discussion on his passion,
                                                                 Herkimer Diamonds. Everyone who has ever heard Joe [or
               2010         Trips
         GMSS 2010 Field Trips & Shows Wish List
                                                                 his late father Tom] speak on their exploits with Herkimers
  (For any additional information contact Ray Highbrown)
                                                                 knows what a treat it is to experience their adventures right
                                                                 along with them. Don’t miss another opportunity to hear
                                                                 more Herkimer hunting stories and maybe see a specimen
  [[TENTATIVE TRIP]] Herkimer Diamond Mine - Day Trip
                                                                 or two!
  *(Ace of Diamonds)* Open from April 15th – October 31st.
  [approx. 1 ½ hrs. / 77 miles from the church] Date to be
                                                                    May: Besides the nice weather for springtime we will be
                                                                 having our 1st semi-annual Club Auction. The rules for this
                                                                 event will be posted in the April edition of the newsletter. Be
  [[TENTATIVE TRIP]] Calvert Cliffs, MD (arrangements to
                                                                 sure to come early to peruse the items and maybe you’ll find
  be made with Dave Arcaro). Approximate time frame
                                                                 a treasure of your very own! Also in May the upcoming Club
  should be March or April 2011. More details to follow
                                                                 Officers will be nominated for election in June. Support your
  when known.
                                                                 Club and consider becoming a GMSS officer, your effort may
                                                                 actually help to shape our very future!
  [[TENTATIVE TRIP]] Lord’s Hill trip for Horned Coral trip
  is still in the planning stages and will take place probably
  sometime in April.
                                                                 GMSS Is 60? What a Rich Club History!
  Probable planned trip to PRI [Paleontological Research                                                  from Bob Livingston
  Institute] in Ithaca, NY and/or to WARD’S Natural Science         We're having a Party; Bestest Party Ever - March 21st:
  facility in Rochester, NY, sometime in May 2011; more                      * Kickoff of GMSS's Diamond Jubilee
  details forthcoming. Possible trip to Alden Creek in May          * Y'all come; let’s break our attendance record of 80
  as well.                                                                         * 60-Years in the making
                                                                                  * Fun, fun, nothing but fun
  Probable planned trip to PRI [Paleontological Research                            * Coveted Super Prize
  Institute] in Ithaca, NY and/or to WARD’S Natural Science                * Reflections of the haydays/good times
  facility in Rochester, NY, sometime also in June 2011;                             * Interesting displays
  more details forthcoming.                                                        * Special "festive" setting
                                                                   * Load up on good eats plus "60th" cake and ice cream
Additional field trips can be arranged at anytime if a group                   * Short talk of milestone events
of club members are interested. Contact Ray Highbrown                            * A HUGE night like no other
[627-0208]. Please indicate your commitment to a certain                              * Some 50s Music
field trip or show attendance event so that specific travel                      * Giveaways and more prizes
(and possibly lodging) arrangement can be confirmed.               * 100 or more photos -- bring your special ones to add
                                                                              * Maybe a surprise, special guest?
               GMSS 2010 Meeting Programs                                      * See what your club is all about
                                                                      * We have worked hard to "knock your socks off"
                                                                     * So, don't miss our "house a Rock-In" March 21st!
Page 4
Vol. XLI No. 3                                              CRACK ‘N CAB                                             March 2011

Mineral/Fossil Display Contest Rules                                 Correct spelling is important. DO NOT put your name on the
                                                                     label. Competitors are encouraged to provide a second label
                                                                     with information about the rarity or significance of the
                                                                        ---Orientation: Competitors entering micro minerals are
1. Members in good standing may enter specimens
                                                                                        encouraged to include a microscope if
personally collected that have not been entered in a prior
                                                                                        possible. Otherwise, micros should be
mineral contest of the Gem & Mineral Society of Syracuse,
                                                                                        oriented to view from above.
as well as specimens purchased (see Silver Pick rules
below). Limit one entry per category.
                                                                     6. Prizes for self-collected entries:
                                                                     Awards will be based on point achievement only.
2. Divisions:
         Senior Division - members 18 years of age and over             ===First Place - a blue 1st Place ribbon for the highest
         Junior Division - members under 18 years of age.                                  score with a minimum of 80 points
                                                                        ===Second Place - a red 2nd Place ribbon for the second
3. Categories:                                                                                highest score with a minimum of 70
     Minerals:                                                                                 points
         A_Cabinet specimens - 2x3" or larger                           ===Third Place - a yellow 3rd Place ribbon for third
         B_Thumbnails and miniatures - under 2x                                             highest score with a minimum of 60
         C_Micro-minerals, mounted or not mounted,                                          points
            requiring magnification.                                 ***In addition, all specimens scoring over 60 points will
         D_Suites - a group of specimens of any size [from           receive an honorable mention if a ribbon is not awarded.
                    one location].
     (Micromounts excluded because of judging time limits)           7. Silver Pick (purchased specimen) Contest:
     Fossils:                                                        For members who purchased their entry during the past
           _One specimen, any size                                   year. Categories are the same as in #3 above. Judging and
                                                                     points will be the same, but no ribbons will be issued.
4. Specimens may be mounted or not mounted, cleaned,
trimmed, etc. to make them more attractive but may not be            8. The club shall provide 2 qualified judges who will indicate
lacquered or otherwise coated (except fossils).                      on a scorecard with each entry the points awarded, and any
                                                                     helpful comments for the competitor's information (time
5. Points in judging will be awarded by the following                permitting).
                                                                     9. The contest may be entered by proxy.
           Criteria:        3A     3C      3D     Fossils
                            3B                                       Workshop/Skill Center Survey Information
       QUALITY              70     60      70        65
                                                                                                               from Keith Gilmer
       RARITY               10     10      10        10
                                                                         The time has come to submit your learning/skill center
       LABELING             10     10      10        15
                                                                     surveys. I hope that you all received one [e-mail/hardcopy]
       ORIENTATION                 10
                                                                     and had a chance to respond. It is very important that we
       SHOWMANSHIP          10     10      10        10              move forward as a club regarding this issue. Carrie Gannett
                                                                     is looking at these surveys to gather more information on
Explanation of Criteria:                                             just what the club’s needs and desires are. Please make
  ---Quality: freedom from damage; attractiveness,
     Quality:                                                        sure to have your completed copy at the March meeting.
              aesthetic appeal, luster                                               Thank You for your participation.
  ---Rarity: rareness, which increases a specimen's
             desirability as a species, locality, crystal form,
  ---Labeling Minerals: a) Species (Fleisher's "Glossary of
     Labeling                                                        Poetic Notes
                                        Mineral Species" is a                                                  from Keith Gilmer
                                        suggested reference)         THEY SAY THAT MARCH IS SPRINGY,
                           b) Variety if appropriate                    THAT DOESN'T MEAN A THINGY,
                           c) Locality                                                 SOLD,
                                                                     I KNOW I WON'T BE SOLD,
  ---Labeling Fossils: a) Phylum and class
     Labeling                                                           IF THE TEMPERATURE'S TOO COLD!
                           b) Locality, including geological
                              period and rock formation if           IF I'M TO FIND A STONE,
                              possible                                   THAT I CAN CALL MY OWN,
                                                                     I HOPE THE COMING SEASON,
                                                                         BRINGS WEATHER MUCH MORE PLEASIN'!
                                                                                                                           Page 5
March 2011                                               CRACK ‘N CAB                                             Vol. XLI No. 3

The Rochester Symposium Is Coming Soon!                           but is operated entirely by volunteers and has drawn
                                                                  international participation from across the spectrum of
                                          from Keith Gilmer       mineralogical interest—from academics and professionals to
   The Rochester Symposium is fast approaching in April.          dealers and hobbyists.
The specific information is listed below:                                 Joining Chamberlain in accepting the award on
                                                                  behalf of RMS are Bruce Gaber and Rev. Bob Morgan.
                   38th Rochester                                 Chamberlain has served as Chairman of the RMS for the
                    Mineralogical                                 past 28 years and is Coordinator of the Center for
                     Symposium                                    Mineralogy, New York State Museum, Consulting Editor of
                        14-                                       Rocks & Minerals, an award-winning writer on the subject of
                  April 14-17, 2011
                                                                  New York minerals, and a noted collector. Gaber, Exhibits
             Early Registration Deadline                          Organizer for the RMS Committee, is a retired scientist from
                   March 15, 2011                                 the Office of Naval Research who specializes in high-end
            Contact <rms@hotmail.com>                             mineral photography and graphics. And Morgan, Member-
             (315) 682-0387 or mail to                            at-large with the RMS, is a specialist in the crystallography of
                                 13104-                           pyrite and other minerals. Chamberlain, Gaber, and Morgan
       P.O. Box 85, Manlius, NY 13104-0085
                                                                  are three of the field’s most tireless advocates.
                                                                  The Carnegie Mineralogical Award was established in 1987
                                                                  by Carnegie Museum of Natural History and underwritten by
HERE’S TO ANOTHER GREAT YEAR OF                                   Hillman Foundation. Previous recipients of the Carnegie
         THE RENOWNED                                             Mineralogical Award include:
         MINERALOGICAL                                                            2009 Dr. Peter K.M. Megaw
                     SYMPOSIUM                                                   2008 Dr. Frank C. Hawthorne
                                                                                     2007 Jeffrey A Scovil
                                                                                  2006 Richard C. Whiteman
                                                                                    2005 June Culp Zeitner
Carnegie Award Winner is Rochester Symposium                                          2004 Joel A. Bartsch
      *****For             Release*****
      *****For Immediate Release*****                                            2003 Dr. Eugene S. Meieran
              February 14, 2011:                                                 2002 Dr. Terry C. Wallace, Jr.
                                                                                  2001 Dr. Wendell E. Wilson
                                                                                   2000 Dr. F. John Barlow
Carnegie Museum of Natural History Announces the                               1999 Sterling Hill Mining Museum
Winner of the 2010 Carnegie Mineralogical Award                                      1998 Robert W. Jones
                                                                                      1997 Bryan K. Lees
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania … Carnegie Museum of Natural                           1996 Dr. Cornelis (Kase) Klein
History is pleased to announce that one of the most                                  1995 Marie E. Huizing
important mineralogy events in America—The Rochester                            1994 The Mineralogical Record
Mineralogical Symposium (RMS)—is the winner of the 2010                        1993 Dr. Cornelius S. Hurlbut, Jr.
Carnegie Mineralogical Award. RMS takes place annually in                           1992 Dr. Carl A. Francis
western New York State and attracts mineral collectors                        1991 Dr. Miguel A. Romero Sanchez
worldwide. Carnegie Museum of Natural History Director                              1990 Paul E. Desautels
Sam Taylor presented RMS Chairman Steve Chamberlain                              1989 Dr. Frederick H. Pough
with the award on February 12th at the 2011 Tucson Gem                             1988 Dr. John Sinkankas
and Mineral Show. The Carnegie Mineralogical Award                          1987 The Tucson Gem & Mineral Society
honors outstanding contributions in mineralogical
preservation, conservation, and education, and is                 Carnegie Museum of Natural History, one of the four
considered one of the most prestigious awards in the fields       Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, is ranked among the top
of mineralogy, lapidary art, and geology.                         five natural history museums in the country. It maintains,
    “Since 1974 the Rochester Mineralogical Symposium             preserves, and interprets an extraordinary collection of 20
has been the venue for professionals, students, and serious       million objects and scientific specimens used to broaden
collectors to gather to discuss cutting-edge scientific work in   understanding of evolution, conservation, and biodiversity.
mineralogy, what’s new in minerals, and even the history of       More information is available by calling 412.622.3131 or by
mineralogy,” says Carnegie Museum mineralogist Marc L.            visiting the Web site, www.carnegiemnh.org.
Wilson. “We are really pleased to honor the most
prestigious mineral symposium in North America.”
                                                                         For more information, contact: Leigh Kish
The Rochester Mineralogical Symposium was founded in
1974 as an annual event for the exchange of information
                                                                           Carnegie Museum of Natural History
about specimen mineralogy in all its various aspects. The                                kishl@carnegiemnh.org>
                                                                         412.622.3361; <kishl@carnegiemnh.org
                                                                         412.622.3361; <kishl@carnegiemnh.org>
event is affiliated with the Rochester Academy of Science,
Page 6
Vol. XLI No. 3                                          CRACK ‘N CAB                                              March 2011

Junior Rockhounds News and Events
                                            from Judy Cook                                                It is always of crucial
    Saturday Feb 19th the Junior Rockhounds learned the                                                   importance that the
proper way to label specimens in a motivating presentation
                                                                                                          originating location
given by Gene Ridall He relayed how he started with the                                                   of the specimen be
club when he was a just a lad in the 7th grade. Gene went                                                 present on the label,
on to become a science teacher and married the love of his                                                also a complete list
life – a scientist and also a teacher. Gene just celebrated
                                                                                                          of any multiple
his 70th birthday and he is our club’s biggest advocate and
                                                                                                          mineral constituents
strongly recommends the hobby.
                                                                                                          if they exist.
    Pat Egolf shared with the youngsters the trade she made
with the Louisiana Rockhounds. The youngsters all got
                                                                                                                   photos from
treasures to keep including petrified wood and sugar quartz.
                                                                                                                   Judy Cook
Pat is now involved in implementing a junior rockhound club
trading program.
    Judy Cook brought in a video so the children could review    Pat Egolf
all of last year’s exhibit cases at the show. There were some    sharing a
really nice presentations, giving a lot of food for thought in
the preparation of this year’s displays.                         specimen
    During the meeting of Feb. 21st the youth group started      exchange
creating a new geological time line to display for the July
                                                                 from the
    Saturday March 19th at 10am the Junior Rockhounds will       Rockhounds
create “Ribbons for Breast Cancer” out of polymer clay with        including
                                                                 - including
Janelle Gilmer The pins and magnets created will be              sugar quartz
donated to help raise funds for the fight to cure breast
                                                                 and petrified
cancer. This year alone about 40,000 women in the US will        wood.
die from this disease.
    At this month’s Youth Group meeting March 21st, 6:30pm
the juniors will have special guest Rich Moore a geologist,
discussing some fascinating facts about minerals.
                                                                 Beads and Beyond Classes and Events
Upcoming Junior Rockhound Saturday Sessions:                                                                 from Judi Witkin
   April 16th – Field trip to Crystal Grove in search of         Saturday, March 19th 1:00pm
Herkimer Diamonds [weather permitting]                              We will be making pink jewelry to donate to the Susan G.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++                      Komen Foundation for the Cure (breast cancer research).
   For more information on future events and trips contact       Bring any pink and white supplies you wish or just come
Judy Cook by e-mail at <cjudith327@mac.com> or call              prepared to bead and create. Free kits and supplies will be
315-452-1359.                                                    available for anyone to use. This will be a chance to learn a
                                                                 new technique, have fun, and support a great cause.
                                                                 Saturday, April 16th 1:00pm
                                                                    Earrings galore! Make yourself some earrings for Easter,
                                                                 Mother’s Day, or just for you. Carlotta Brown will show us
                                                                 how to make flat design aluminum earrings. There will also
                                                                 be several different kinds of kits for sale and instructions on
                                                                 making them.

                                                                                                                   Beads &
                                                                                                                   lead by
                                                                                                                   Johnson on
                                                                                                                   Feb. 19th

                                        properly                                                                    photo from
Gene Ridall discussed the importance of properly labeling
                                                                                                                    Judy Cook
exhibit specimens and demonstrated how to present a
complete label.                      photo from Judy Cook
                                                                                                                        Page 7
March 2011                                              CRACK ‘N CAB                                            Vol. XLI No. 3

AFMS News                                                          And while you are at it be sure to check out the American
                                                                 Lands Access Association web site – <www.amlands.org>.
Newsletters and E-mails                                            Be an involved member!
                                by Dick Pankey, President,                                    taken from the March edition
                                 American Lands Access                                           of the AFMS Newsletter
    Two months ago I received my copy of the October-
December American Lands Access Association Newsletter
and read it cover-to-cover. Our editor, Jay Valle, puts out a
very informative newsletter for our members. The articles
come from many sources – the officers, members and
articles from the internet and others who share our goals of
protecting access to public lands. This Newsletter is mailed     Bulletin Exchange
to all individual members and to the listed representative       The Dresden Diamond
of all member societies. Our Newsletter is also posted on                                                      Morin-
                                                                                                  by Anastasia Morin-Hutty
the ALAA web site – <www.amlands.org> for everyone and               There is a white Dresden Diamond and a green one; the
anyone to read. And I hope that many of you will take            one I'm writing about is green. The pear-cut Dresden Green
advantage of this “free” service. If you like what you see       is named after the town of Dresden, Germany, where it has
then maybe you will join ALAA and support our goals and          been displayed for over two CENTURIES! Fascinatingly, the
mission.                                                         Dresden Green is 100% flawless. This is so amazing
    We dodged a legislative bullet in December. In the realm     because the bigger the stone, the less likely it is to be
of legislative and regulatory activity things move slowly then   flawless. It weighs 40.7 carats (8.14 grams). The Dresden
on short notice or no notice at all they move at lightening      Green is worth approximately $200,000. It originally came
speed. As I talked about in the December AFMS Newsletter         from India. Both the White and Green Diamonds were put
there was concern that the many Land Use Bills would all be      into an ornament called the Golden Fleece; but they only
rolled into an Omnibus Bill and rushed through the Lame          stayed in the Golden Fleece for four years. The top half,
Duck Congressional session. The Congress got very involved       where the Dresden White was, was saved and put in another
with the other issues and it appeared that there would not       ornament. The Green is still on display in a Dresden
be time or the will to address the Land Use Bills. We were       museum after a brief time in the United States displayed
wrong. The log jam broke and an Omnibus Land Use Bill            next to the Hope Diamond. The diamond is sometimes
was introduced and did come to a vote in the Senate. It was      confused with an emerald. It is naturally green. It is
a compilation of additions to National Parks and National        possible to heat stones to improve the color, but NEVER
Heritage Areas, and some miscellaneous small bills. It was       bring the heat above 600 degrees (C) because the stone is
not the Americas Great Outdoors Initiative and several other     likely to turn light yellow or brown.
large wilderness bills and national monument bills that are
currently under consideration. Even with very short notice
we were able to send out an alert to all ALAA members who        Beads and Beyond Group Meeting Program
had given us an e-mail address. We had time and many of
us took the opportunity to e-mail our Senators and                                                    from Lorraine Markley
Representatives with our stand on this Bill. Fortunately the        For the Bead group meeting on Monday night a talented
Senate rejected this bill and Congress adjourned without         wire work jeweler, Marcia Wisehoon will discuss and also
taking any further action on any Land Use Bills. We dodged       demonstrate setting cabochons and irregular stones in
the bullet but we need to be proactive and see that              sterling silver wire; she will also have samples of her work.
legislation is conducted properly and not railroaded without     Be sure to bring your questions and enjoy the program.
due consideration.
    When things happen quickly we need to be able to react
and respond quickly. Quarterly and even monthly                  Rock Tumbling Competition
newsletters are not timely enough for us to communicate          The Feather River Lapidary and Mineral Society,
the issues and mount a response. We need every member            Oroville, CA is pleased to announce the
to supply a current e-mail address; this is especially           Third Annual World Rock Tumbling Championship
important for society members. Society members need to              It’s time to challenge the champions! The Third Annual
have a person with an email address to be their contact          Rock Tumbling contest is open to everyone, any age,
person so we can send them important and timely                  worldwide, who enjoys tumbling rocks and wants a shot at
communications and alerts. It is important that this person      being the best in the world. Here’s how: Send in a
not only receives information but also passes it along to the    completed application with a $40.00 entry fee postmarked
rest of your society’s members and that this person be an        no later than May 6, 2011. The tumbled material entries
advocate for action. If you haven’t done so already, when        must be received no later than September 23, 2011.
you renew your membership for 2011, be sure to send in
your e-mail address and other contact information.               MORE DETAILED INFORMATION WILL BE PUBLISHED IN
                                                                 THE APRIL EDITION OF THE CRACK ‘N CAB.
Page 8
Vol. XLI No. 3                                         CRACK ‘N CAB                                              March 2011

EFMLS News                                                      26-27: 42nd Annual Gem & Mineral Show sponsored by the
Congratulations!                                                Che-Hanna Rock & Mineral Club. Athens Township
                                                                Volunteer Fire Hall, Sayre, PA
                         from Carolyn Weinberger, Editor
    A huge round of applause this month should be directed
to the Rochester Mineralogical Symposium and its                26-
                                                                26-27: 43rd Annual Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show “Elephants
Chairman, Dr. Steve Chamberlain who have been presented         in Your Backyard” sponsored by the Buffalo Geological
with the prestigious Carnegie Mineralogical Award for 2010.     Society. Erie Co. Fairgrounds, Hamburg, NY
    The Carnegie Mineralogical Award honors outstanding                        uary/March editions
                                                                 from the February/March editions of the
contributions in mineralogical preservation, conservation,                  EFMLS Newsletter
and education that match ideals advanced in the Carnegie
Museum of Natural History’s Hillman Hall of Minerals &
Gems. Established in 1987 through the generosity of The
Hillman Foundation Inc., the award consists of a bronze
medallion, a certificate of recognition and a $2500 cash
prize. It is presented each February during the Tucson Gem
and Mineral Show.
    The Rochester Mineralogical Symposium began after a         Wildacres Spring Workshop Information
conversation between participants sitting on the porch                                                     from Keith Gilmer
during an early EFMLS Wildacres Workshop. Those present,                        **If you are interested in participating in the
including Dave & Kay Jensen, Paul Desautels, Roger & Peg                        Wildacres workshops the class list and the
Marble and Bill Pinch, thought that it would be nice to have                    registration application can either be
a “mineral weekend” somewhere “up north”. Since the                             obtained from the EFMLS 2011
Jensens and Bill Pinch were from the Rochester, NY area,        Newsletter[s],
                                                                Newsletter[s], found on the EFMLS website directly OR
the symposium was established there and has grown in                       be
                                                                copies can be provided to those who don’t have computer
stature ever since. For information about the 2011 RMS,         access.
visit their website:                                            ***PLEASE SPEAK TO RAY HIGHBROWN OR KEITH
<www.rasny.org/Min-Symposium/MineralSymp.htm>.                  GILMER REGARDING THE PRINTED COPIES IF YOU
                                                                ARE INTERESTED IN ATTENDING.

                                                                GMSS Nominating Committee
                                                                                                          from Keith Gilmer
                                                                THE FOLLOWING IS A DESCRIPTION OF THE DUTIES AND
                                                                RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE AS
                                                                RECORDED IN THE GMSS CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS,
                                                                [REV. MARCH 2007]:
                                                                Section 4. The Nominating Committee
                                                                A. shall be composed of three active members who
                                                                are not officers, selected by the Executive Committee
                                                                at its April meeting. The Committee Chairman shall
                                                                be selected from the three members by the
                                                                President; and
                                                                B. shall have the duty and responsibility to present a
                                                                slate of one or more candidates for every office at the
Dr. Steve Chamberlain holding the Carnegie Mineralogical        May regular meeting of the assembly.
Award Certificate and Medallion
   photo/article taken from the EFMLS March Newsletter          FURTHERMORE:
                                                                Article VI - Elections
Visit a Show                            from Matt Charsky       Section 1. The nominating committee shall report the
                                                                slate of officers at the regular meeting in May.
March:                                                          Additional nominations from the floor shall be
19-20: 47th Annual Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show sponsored         permitted at this meeting.
by the Gem, Lapidary & Mineral Society of Montgomery
County. Montgomery Co. Fairgrounds, 16 Chestnut St;             THIS SUBMISSION IS A NOTIFICATION IN ACCORDANCE WITH
Gaithersburg, MD                                                                  BY-                 REGULATIONS
                                                                THE CONSTITUTION, BY-LAWS, AND CLUB REGULATIONS OF
                                                                THE GMSS. OFFICER POSITIONS AND THEIR DUTIES AND
                                                                RESPONSIBILITIES WILL APPEAR IN FUTURE EDITION(S).
                                                                                                                       Page 9
P.O. Box 801
Syracuse, New York 13201

First Class Mail

March 2011

Time Dated Material

                                     Crack ‘N Cab
The newsletter of the Gem and Mineral Society of Syracuse, Inc.
   Eight persons organized the Gem and Mineral Society of
Syracuse in 1951. Since that time it has grown in membership to                    10-
                                                                                 2010 201
                                                                        Officers 2010-2011
include adults, families, and young folk. The Society was               President                             Dick Lyons                              672-
incorporated in 1969 under the name.                                    Vice-
                                                                        Vice-President                        Ray Highbrown                           627-
    The objectives of the Society are to stimulate interest in          Treasurer                             Lou Budell                              673-
mineralogy, paleontology, and the lapidary arts. Individual             Secretary                             Connie Johnson                          672-
interests include collecting, identification, and display of minerals   Sergeant-at-
                                                                        Sergeant-at-Arms                      Judy Cook                               452-
and fossils, and many aspects of jewelry design and fabrication.        Show Chairman                          Cathy Patterson                        638-
    The monthly meetings stimulate the social and educational           ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
factors. Frequent field trips provide collectors with opportunities     Librarian                                      Steve Albro 607-756-2298
to find specimens as well as to enjoy the benefits of outdoor           Sunshine                                       Cathy Patterson 638-8817
exercise and potential friendships.                                     Refreshments                                   Dorothy Gilmer                 307-1283
    The Society meets on the third Monday of every month at 7:30        Editor                                         Keith Gilmer                   307-
PM in the Parish House of the First Presbyterian Church, 620                                                           5682 Williamson Pkwy.
West Genesee Street, Syracuse, New York. (Except in July, August,                                                      Cicero, NY 13039
& December).        Visitors are always welcome.                                                                       E-mail: editor@gmss.us

Annual membership dues:                                                 Visit us online at: http://www.gmss.us
Single Adult - $6                                                       Permission is hereby granted to reprint material contained in the
Junior - $3
                                                                        Crack ‘N Cab if proper credit is given to the author, if known, and
Family - $9
Honorary Life Membership - $3                                           this bulletin.
For more information write to the
Gem & Mineral Society of Syracuse,
P.O. Box 801, Syracuse, New York 13201.

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