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					Mortgage Modification Loan
Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mortgage modification is more common in the light of the difficult economic situation. But how do
you know if you qualify for the mortgage process of change. Optimism is scarce in a recession
like this. Small and large businesses across the country are closing and workers lose their jobs. In
the last twelve months, there were over 600,000 people are jobless. This means that households
across the country are left with a massively reduced income and risk, therefore, losing their
homes because they can not meet their monthly mortgage payments.

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There is a possibility in the form of loans mortgage modification, eligibility for which the FDIC
issued a set of guidelines. But just because you meet the FDIC does not mean that your lender
must offer you a mortgage modification. So before you approach your lender, consider the
following steps:

1: Put it down!

You must enter your gross income and then charges you, be sure to include everything. Multiply
your total gross income by 38%. Given all the only source of income you have. Then subtract all
the expenses of this figure. The number you get is the amount, as directed by the FDIC, you can
pay each month in mortgage payments.

2: Evaluate other options

To some mortgage lenders, the process of modifying the mortgage is actually more of a choice
when others have been exhausted. Other options could include the sale of your home for less
than the rest of the loan. It is a step to require approval from your lender. You can lose your
deed in lieu of the mortgage, which, while not an ideal option will save your credit rating

3: Contact your lender
Once you have made yourself aware of the possible paths you can take the next step should be
to contact the lender themselves and get them to talk about these viable options with you in
greater detail.

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