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					                                                              SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009

                                                             SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009


Employees Keep their Cool in the Heat
San Marcos City employees are among                  This is a salute to those who beat the heat
many workers who braved the scorching                this summer by keeping their cool! The City’s
temperatures this summer to do their jobs            Safety Coach program made sure that workers
as more than 60 days soared above 100                got enough water, shade and breaks to cope
degrees.                                             with the unrelenting heat.

Many employees in Community Services,                Keeping Workers Safe
Public Services, Capital Improvements, Police
and Fire work every day in the elements,             People working in the 100-degree heat should
cleaning parks, building streets, fighting fires,    take extra precautions. Adapting to the hot
                                                                                                           EMPLOYEES KEEP THEIR COOL IN THE
responding to emergencies, wiring electric           environment can take two to three weeks.              HEAT—Safety Coach Bobette Elliott demonstrates
lines, digging ditches, trimming trees, surveying,   Workers should pace their work, take rest             the benefits of using a cooling scarf to beat the heat
reading meters, catching strays, leading             periods in the shade or cooler environments.          with Juan Garcia of Public Services.
outdoor activities, installing water lines,          Other tips:
conducting inspections, fixing vehicles and          •	 Drink plenty of water-- before you are             •	 Wear light colored, loose clothing (unless
much more.                                              thirsty.                                              you are working around equipment).
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                          Employee Picnic Coming September 19th
By Andy Quittner, Assistant City Attorney            will be held on Saturday, September 19,               Plan to bring your family and enjoy in the fun. It will
                                                     2009, behind Rio Vista pool from 11 a.m.              be your last chance,this season,to swim in the pool.
It may be hot and dry but that hasn’t stopped        to 3 p.m. Fuschak’s Pit Bar-B-Q will cater            So don your bathing suit --and cowboy boots!
your Employee Group and their projects. One          brisket, sausage, and all the trimmings at
of the end of summer projects is collecting school   noon. We will have the cake bake-off to                    Table of Contents
supplies to help SMCISD students begin their new     provide the desserts, and this year there will
school year. On August 18, the Employee Group        be a division for “healthy” (lo-cal/sugar-free        City Manager Sworn In ............................ 2
presented the San Marcos Youth Council with          diabetic) desserts.                                   Stop the Spread of Flu ............................. 2
school supplies and donations collected from                                                               Learn to Save a Life................................... 2
the various City departments.                        The Jiggle Bug will be there along with a             Delbert Maywald Retires......................... 3
                                                     bounce house. Games will include washer               Employee Expo .......................................... 3
Also on the summer list is the employee              toss, water-gun shootout, and watermelon              Household Hazardous Waste ................. 3
picnic. The picnic (with a cowboy theme)             seed spitting contest.                                Les Stephens Sworn In ............................. 4
                                                                                                           Lisa Dvorak Honored .............................. 4
                                                                                                           Kyle Dicke Elected .................................... 5
                                                                                                           Cecil Cowan Retires ................................ 5
                                                                                                           Employees Keep Their Cool ............... 6-7
                                                                                                           Red Ribbon T-Shirts .................................. 8
                                                                                                           Staff Particpates in Media Training ......... 8
                                                                                                           Electricity Utility Donates Fan ............... 8
                                                                                                           Employee Bios............................................ 9
                                                                                                           EAP Unveils New Website ....................10
                                                                                                           Understanding Melanoma .....................10
                                                                                                           CPAAA Conference ...............................11
                                                                                                           Just Ask ......................................................11
                                                                                                           In Touch Becomes WebQA ...................12
                                                                                                           Calendar of Events ..................................12
                                                                                                           Classified Ads ...........................................12
CAMP MESA—The City of San Marcos flag (inset) flies over Camp Mesa in Al Asad, Iraq, in memory of          Employee Group List..............................12
former San Marcos Police Officer Rudy Mesa who was killed in action while serving as a police trainer in
2006. Jason Hough,Team Leader, sent the photos to Ramona Binkley at SMPD .

                                                                   SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009

                                                           FY 2010 Budget
By Rick Menchaca, City Manager                             Although the City’s budget was not as stressed       evaluating how the merit program will look
                                                           as other cities, nevertheless there were limits      in 2010, with more information to come.
                              The City Council             to what the City Management Team wanted
                              approved the FY              to accomplish due to declining revenues. San         While our boat didn’t take on as much water
                              2009-10 budget on            Marcos has weathered the current recession           as other cities, we are still not out of the
                              September 1. Staff           better than most cities in the U.S., nevertheless,   storm. The City is not laying off employees
                              did a great job in           declining Sales Tax Revenues, which make             and not reducing pay and for that we are very
                              tying the five City          up half of the General Fund, did not see the         thankful that our economy has been more
                              Council goals to             growth it had seen in the past.                      resilient than in the past.
                              the budget, better
                              reflecting how the           The Operating Budget will reflect continuation       During the Budget discussion, as your
                              go a l s a re b e i n g      of many City programs with NO rate or fee            representative to the City Council, I requested
                              addressed in 2010.           increases.At the same time, we had to reduce         the City Council keep an open mind on providing
                              The key budget items         the participation in the employee merit              additional merit dollars, if the economy were to
  Rick Menchaca
                              included increased           pay program. While many employees may                exceed the budgeted expectations.
                              preventative                 be disappointed, please be reminded that
m a i n t e n a n c e p ro g r a m s , e n h a n c i n g   the City did provide merit pay in October            Continue to do the great work you do on
conservation efforts and expanded fire                     2008 and substantial market adjustments in           a daily basis. Our citizens deserve the Best
services.                                                  May 2009. We are currently devising and              Service!

                    STOP THE SPREAD OF FLU                                                                          City CPR Classes
                                                                                                                  Learn to Save a Life!
                     REMEMBER THE 3 C’S
                                                                                                                 Robert Cavazos of Community Services
CLEAN                                                      of your elbow will do.
                                                                                                                 Health/Animal Control Officer and
Wash your hands often. Scrub your hands
                                                                                                                 Bobette Elliott, Legal Department,
for at least 20 seconds with soap and water                CONTAIN
                                                                                                                 have recently completed Instructor
or use an alcohol-based hand cleaner.                      Contain germs by steering clear of others
                                                                                                                 CPR classes from Medic First Aid
                                                           who are sick. If you do get sick, stay at
COVER                                                      home until you’re well again, so you don’t
Cover your cough. Use a tissue to cover                    spread more germs.
                                                                                                                 CPR classes are offered to all employees,
your mouth and nose when you cough or
                                                                                                                 and, with the addition of Robert and
sneeze. Don’t have a tissue? The crook                     For more information, visit
                                                                                                                 Bobette, the City is able to offer
                                                                                                                 more classes to employees. If you are
                                                                                                                 interested in participating in a class,
                                                                                                                 please contact Human Resources at
                                                                                                                 393.8065 for more information.

                                                                                                                           Our Writers
                                                                                                                  The City Communiqué is a bi-monthly
                                                                                                                  newsletter published for City of San Marcos
                                                                                                                  employees. Editorial Board Members are
                                                                                                                  Melissa Millecam, Editor and Cindy Conyers,
                                                                                                                  Stefanie Daily, Kyle Dicke, Bobette Elliott,
                                                                                                                  Andrew Freeman, Stephanie Reyes, Jana
                                                                                                                  Green, Janis Hendrix, Joni Jones, Carolyn
                                                                                                                  Liner, Robert Marin, Melissa Mulhollan, Jo
                                                                                                                  Secrest, Karen Smith, Linda Spacek, Tammy
                                                                                                                  Strakos, Robin Wood and Warren Zerr.
                                                                                                                  Contributors: Renate Yanity, Rick Menchaca
HEALTH ADVISORY BOARD—WIC is organizing a Health Advisory Board to help local                                     and Don Anders. Copyright by the City of
families. Standing: Cherri Schmidt, Debbie Clark, Micaela Russell, Denise Schlueter, David                        San Marcos, 630 E. Hopkins, San Marcos,Tx
Villela, Dora Saucedo, Sandy Rodriguez, Ashley Barrett, Gina Greek. Seated: Amelia Flores,                        78666. September-October 2009.
Concepcion Cantu, Marlee Mojica, Rachel Verastegui, Raul Salazar.

                                                             SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009

        Delbert Maywald Retires
By Kyle Dicke,Assistant Director                     Texas Safety Association’s
of Public Services/ Electric Utility                 SafeWorker Award as well
                                                     as being part of the first-
On July 10, 2009, after 35 years of service to the   ever City of San Marcos
Electric Utility, Delbert Maywald said goodbye       Safety Coach Class.
to the City of San Marcos and got on board
the cruise ship of retirement.                       Delbert also created the
                                                     HazComm labeling for the
Delbert began his career with the Lower              City, conducted several
Colorado River Authority in 1974 as a General        safety and other training
Utility Worker before being promoted to a            sessions and was pub-
Lineman Helper the next year. In 1977, Delbert       lished for the “SafetyTip of
earned an Apprentice Lineman position and            the Week” on the E-Safety
graduated up to a Class A Lineman in 1982.           website. Three of the
The City purchased the electric distribution         seven electric substations      TIME FOR A CRUISE—Electric Utility Distribution Manager
system in 1986 and in 1991 Delbert transferred       that serve the City of San      Delbert Maywald receives a clock from City Manager Rick Menchaca
to the City along with other LCRA employees.         Marcos were designed            as he prepares for cruising into retirement.
In 1994, he became a Crew Foreman, a position        and wired by crews led
he held until his promotion to Distribution          by Delbert.                                          the water somewhere; either someplace
Manager in 2004.                                                                                          tropical on a cruise liner or Lake Travis on
                                                     Delbert served the Electric Utility both             his own rig.
Along the way, Delbert has been named the            with LCRA and the City under four dif-
City of San Marcos Employee of the Month             ferent foremen and seven different district          Many thanks to Delbert for all of your service
and was honored as the Moten Safety Award            managers or directors. But from here he              to the Electric Utility! Best of luck with all you
recipient in 2000. Other honors include the          will most certainly be off to put a boat in          do in the future!

Household Hazardous
 Waste Collection :                                                                    Life’s a Treasure
  October 24, 2009                                                                           Life’s a Treasure
Date: October 24, 2009                                                                                                                     X
Place: 630 E. Hopkins, Traffic Yard
Time: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

This is a drive through event. Please do not
                                                                          EMPLOYEE EXPO
exit your car.
                                                                                EMPLOYEE EXPO
Safety Tips: Do not combine chemicals;
                                                                                     Where X Marks the Spot
keep products in original containers; transport
chemicals in trunk and if broken or leaking,
                                                                                         Where X Marks the Spot
place in containers of like materials.
                                                                                    for Safety, Benefits & Wellness!
                                                                                       for Safety, Benefits & Wellness!
What is Household Hazardous                                                            October 22, 2009
Waste?                                                                                October 22, 2009
                                                                                    10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
                                                                                          October 22, 2009
Many of the chemicals you use at home
are considered hazardous. Items marked                                             of San Marcos Activity Center
                                                                              City10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
“toxic, poison, warning, flammable, corrosive,                                            10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
combustible, caution, or danger” are likely           Arghhh
                                                                               of of Marcos Activity Center
                                                                       City on Santo our rewarding healthy and safe
                                                                 maties! Sail Cityover San Marcos Activity Center                            lifestyle.
HHW.                                                  annual Employee Expo where you’ll                 Doors open to City employees at
                                                      discover all the best treasures of                10:00 a.m., and a free BBQ lunch will
Why not throw it in the trash?
                                                      employee benefits, safety, and wellness.          be served from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
When people place HHW in their household                         maties! Sail on over over to our annual Employee Expo where you’ll discover1:00 best
                                                         ArghhhArghhh maties! Sail onto our annual Employee Expo where you’ll discover allall the best
trash, it is a risk to sanitation workers who                                                           Door prize drawing will be at the p.m.
handle it and a danger to the environment as
                                                         treasures of showcase their services and wellness.
                                                      Exhibitors willemployee benefits, safety, and wellness.out on all this and you might as
                                                                treasures of employee benefits, safety, Miss

it seeps into the ground and water systems.           and provide key information for a richly well walk the plank!
                                                                  Exhibitors will showcase their services provide key information for a a richly rewarding
                                                           Exhibitors will showcase their services and and provide key information for richly rewarding
                                                                   and safe3 safe lifestyle. Doors to City employees at at 10:00 a.m., and free BBQ
                                                           healthyhealthy andlifestyle. Doors openopen to City employees 10:00 a.m., and a a free BBQ
                                                                  lunch served from from a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Door prize drawing will be at 1:00 p.m.
                                                           lunch will be will be served 11:0011:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Door prize drawing will be at 1:00 p.m.
                                                                 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009

                  Les Stephens Sworn In as Fire Chief
San Marcos Fire Chief Les Stephens was                   Fire Officer II, Intermediate Instructor,
sworn in on Friday,August 7, during a special            Hazardous Materials Technician and Licensed
ceremony at the Activity Center.                         Paramedic.

He began work August 1 as the 12th fire chief            Stephens taught in a variety of fire academies
for San Marcos Fire Rescue, a department                 and authored articles for national fire service
founded in 1884.                                         publications.

Stephens took the helm of a department with 51           He served as the Training Lieutenant for
professional firefighters, plus four administrative      the Garland Fire Department and as an
personnel, including the Fire Chief, Assistant           instructor at the Dallas Fire Department’s
Chief, Division Chief, and Administrative                recruit academy. He has been an instructor
Coordinator.                                             at Texas A&M University’s Municipal Fire
                                                         School, the Fire Department Instructors
He is a 20 year veteran of the fire service,             Conference in Indianapolis and the Collin
starting as a volunteer firefighter with the River       College Fire Science Program.
Oaks Fire Department as a teenager. At 18 he                                                                  LES STEPHENS SWORN IN—Les Stephens
joined the Garland Fire Department.                      In addition to his duties as an instructor at        gets sworn in with his wife at his side.
                                                         Collin College, he has also worked the last
Over the past 18 years, he has served as a               several years as the In-Service Operations           Stephens is married to his high school
firefighter, paramedic, driver/ engineer, lieutenant,    Coordinator. In that capacity, he has been           sweetheart, Marcia, and they have two
captain and battalion chief.The Dallas suburb of         responsible for planning, scheduling and             children, Wyatt, age 5 and Lexie, age 2.
Garland has 247 fire personnel and operates 11           coordinating training classes for several
fire stations.                                           departments throughout the North Texas               The ceremony featured an honor guard and
                                                         area, including Plano, McKinney and Allen.           posting of the colors, invocation, bag pipes,
Chief Stephens has an Associate’s Degree in                                                                   and the swearing-in ceremony.
Fire Protection from Tarrant County College              Stephens and Battalion Chief Stuart Grant
and is currently enrolled in the National Fire           of the Dallas Fire – Rescue Department,              Speakers included Mayor Susan Narvaiz
Academy’s Executive Fire Officer Program.                have also authored numerous articles for             and City Manager Rick Menchaca, who
                                                         fire service publications and taught many            administered the oath of office to Stephens.
He holds numerous fire service certifications,           contract classes for departments throughout          Marcia Stephens pinned the San Marcos
including Master Firefighter, Fire Officer I,            Texas.                                               badge on the new fire chief.

                 Dvorak Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award
Lisa Dvorak, Assistant Chief of Police, has been         sexual assault, and murder of an eight-year-old      been used as a reference by the Director of the
honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award                girl. She coordinated the local investigation with   U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Community
from Texas Women In Law Enforcement for her              state and federal agencies and investigators. The    Oriented Policing Services in Washington, D.C.
outstanding 32-year career at the San Marcos             joint investigation culminated in the arrest and
Police Department.                                       conviction of the suspect for capital murder, and    Dvorak served as a Region Director for the
                                                         a conviction for a similar murder in 1990 of a       Texas Police Association (TPA), for three terms
Dvorak was nominated by Commander Penny                  nine-year-old female in Wichita, Kansas.             representing 46 counties in Region 6.
Dunn for her creation of “Achieving Community                                                                                           continued on page 9
Together,” a citywide program to improve town-           Chief Dvorak promoted through
grown relationships among student and non-               the ranks at the San Marcos Police
student residents.                                       Department and broke through
                                                         barriers to become the first female
Chief Dvorak began as a dispatcher at the San            to be promoted to Lieutenant,
Marcos Police Department in 1977. She became a           Captain, and Assistant Chief of
police officer in 1981, the first female officer hired   Police. She has served as the
by the department under the newly approved               Assistant Chief of Operations
Civil Service system requiring a rigorous physical       Division since 1998 and is
entrance exam.                                           responsible for all patrol, criminal
                                                         investigations, foot and bike,
She was assigned in 1984 to the newly created            motorcycle,and mental health units.
Crime Prevention program at the department               She is a graduate of Texas State
and within a year was named the Outstanding              University-San Marcos and the
Crime Prevention Specialist of the Year by the           Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement
Texas Crime Prevention Association for 1985, the         Management Institute.                LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT—Carrie Wise of Texas Women
first woman to receive this statewide award.                                                  in Law Enforcement presents the Lifetime Achievement Award to
                                                         Chief Dvorak has published papers    Assistant Chief of Police Lisa Dvorak at the City Council meeting.
Chief Dvorak is well-known for her strengths as          during her distinguished career,     L-R are Mayor Susan Narvaiz, Chief Dvorak, CarrieWise, and Cmdr
an investigator. She was the primary investigator        including one on establishing a      Penny Dunn; back row: City Council Members Kim Porterfield, John
in the cold case investigation of a 1980 abduction,      Citizen Police Academy that has      Thomaides and Gaylord Bose. (Photo by Don Anders)
                                                               SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009

                   Kyle Dicke Elected to Two Executive Boards
Kyle Dicke,Assistant Director of Public Services-     rates, regulatory issues, fuel costs and the financial   In July, Kyle was elected to serve on the Texas
Electric Utility, was elected to                                          practices within LCRA. He            Public Power Association (TPPA) Executive
serve on the executive boards                                             was first elected to the AWC         Board. TPPA is a state-wide organization that
of two regional and statewide                                             board in 2005 and quickly rose       represents 71 municipal and 6 cooperative
entities this summer.                                                     through the ranks, serving as        electric utility systems, as well as three river
                                                                          Vice President from 2007-2009        authorities and two power generation joint
In June, Kyle was chosen to                                               before assuming the presidency       agencies.
serve as President of the                                                 this year.
Association of Wholesale                                                                                       TPPA’s primary focus is on the representation
Customers (AWC), an                                               “It is a tremendous honor                    of the interest of public power providers in the
organization that represents                                      to have the confidence and                   state of Texas. TPPA provides resources through
the interests and concerns of                                     support of not only the City                 which members may extend their influence on
the 43 Lower Colorado River                                       of San Marcos, but also my                   public policy and legislative matters affecting the
Authority (LCRA) municipal                                        peers from the other cities and              public power industry. He will serve a three-
and cooperative electric                                          cooperatives,” Dicke said.Other              year term.
systems.                                                          board members come from
                                                                  municipal systems in Brenham,                Dicke has worked for the City of San Marcos
The AWC oversees the                                              Kerrville, New Braunfels and                 for 11 years, serving as the Metering Supervisor,
activities of the LCRA’s                     Kyle Dicke           Weimar as well as the Bandera,               Customer Relations Manager and Assistant
Wholesale Power Services                                          Fayette, Guadalupe Valley and                Director of Public Services in the Electric Utility
Division and monitors issues     such as electric San Bernard Electric Cooperatives.                           Division.

                     Cecil Cowan Retires
By Kyle Dicke, Assistant Director of Public           In his time in San Marcos, whether with the
Services/ Electric Utility                            LCRA or with the City, Cecil has seen the
                                                      electric system grow from less than 2,500 to over
How can nearly forty years pass so quickly? Cecil     20,000 connected meters. Besides witnessing
Cowan, Senior Electrical Engineering Technician,      tremendous growth in the San Marcos system,
stepped away from the electricity business and        Cecil has led the utility through floods, tornadoes
into retirement on July 31, 2009.                     and ice storms, not to mention countless broken
                                                      poles, transformer failures and downed power
Cecil began his career in 1969 as a dispatcher        lines.
for the Lower Colorado River Authority’s San
Marcos district. He had a wide range of duties        No doubt Cecil will be missed by his co-workers,
that included the handling of all trouble calls,      legions of contractors and the citizens of San
power outages, collections of non-pay accounts        Marcos. But the time has come for Cecil to move
and taking applications for new accounts and          into the next phase of his life, where he plans to
extensions. At that time, both the Bluebonnet         spend more time with Gayna, his wife of nearly 40
and Pedernales Electric Cooperatives were also        years, his three children, five grandchildren (plus
housed out of the San Marcos office. Cecil was        one on the way) and his church. Best wishes in all       CECIL RETIRES—Retiring Senior Electrical
responsible for maintaining records for all three     you do in the future, Mr. Cowan. Things certainly        Technician Cecil Cowan receives well wishes from
utility entities.                                     will not be the same around here without you!            Kyle Dicke and Electric Utility colleagues at his
                                                                                                               retirement party.
A few years later, Cecil transferred into the
Engineering Division where he prepared work
orders and began staking and designing lines. In
the mid-‘70s, Cecil was briefly transferred to the
LCRA’s System Operations Control Center in
Austin before returning to San Marcos to become
the Storekeeper and Inventory Control Manager.

Cecil’s final career move came in the early
‘80s when he moved back into the Engineering
Division, a department he served for over 25
years. Cecil officially became a City of San Marcos
employee in 1991 following the City purchase
of the electric distribution system from LCRA
in 1986. For the City, Cecil has served as an
Associate Engineer II, an Electrical Engineering       MDA DRIVE—Fire Fighter Tory Turner collects a SCHOOL SUPPLY DRIVE—Belen Hernandez, Craig
Technician and a Senior Electrical Engineering         generous donation for the Muscular Dystrophy Drive Corbin and RoyaWilliamson collect school supply donations
Technician.                                            from Assistant Fire Chief Len Nored.               from City employees for San Marcos school children.

                                                    SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009

                                              A Scorching Summer
 continued from page 1

•	 Use fans for ventilation and cooling.
•	 Keep shaded from direct heat when
•	 Know how to recognize the signs of
   heat cramps, fainting, dehydration, heat
   exhaustion and heat stroke and the proper
   first aid response.

Supervisors can prevent heat stress for
workers toiling in the heat by adjusting work
schedules, assigning heavier work on cooler
days or during the cooler part of the day,
and reducing the workload. Employers can
also increase the use of equipment to reduce
physical labor, plan for rest periods during the
day, and train employees on how to recognize
signs and symptoms of heat stress disorders
and be prepared to give first aid if necessary.

Staying Safe in Hot Weather
•	 Keep your cool: People and animals
   should stay indoors in air conditioning when
   possible. If you don’t have air-conditioning,
   go to a mall, library or public facility.
   Remember to drink more fluids, but avoid
   alcohol, caffeine and high sugar drinks.
•	 When Outdoors:Wear light clothing, wide
   brimmed hat, sunshades and use sun block,
   SPF 15 or higher.
•	 Don’t Forget the Baby! Never leave any
   persons, especially infants, young children,
   the elderly or animals in a closed, parked
   vehicle. Make sure your vehicle is locked
   after you exit to prevent a young child from
   climbing back in. When it’s hot, it takes just
   a few minutes for temperatures to soar
   to a life-threatening 120-140 degrees in a
   closed vehicle.

             SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009

Employees Keep their Cool in the Heat

                                                                SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009

           Time to order your 2009 Red Ribbon Week T-shirts!
By Tammy Strakos,                                      celebration to highlight successful prevention       Week and show their support by wearing one
Benefits and Risk Specialist                           efforts. Parents, schools, law enforcement,          of the t-shirts,” she added.
                                                       the faith community and other community
“BELIEVE, ACHIEVE, SUCCEED” is the theme               resources work in a unified way to develop an        T-shirts can be ordered by completing the City
of the 2009 Red Ribbon Week, scheduled for             attitude of intolerance to substance abuse.          of San Marcos employee order form inserted
Saturday, October 17 through Friday, October                                                                into the Sep/Oct Communiqué.All orders must
23. The annual event, that celebrates a drug           This year’s commemorative t-shirts sport a red,      be received in Human Resources by Monday,
free life, was first observed in the San Marcos        yellow and blue design with the 2009 theme           September 21, 2009.The shirts will be delivered
community in 1989 and has continued to enjoy           BELIEVE, ACHIEVE, SUCCEED printed in navy            the week of October 12th. Order forms are
community wide support every year since.               blue on a grey t shirt. The shirts come in sizes     also available in the Human Resources office.
                                                       ranging from youth small to adult 3XL and are        Employees are encouraged to wear their new
Red Ribbon Week began in response to                   still only $8 for all sizes.                         (or a previous year’s) Red Ribbon Shirt on
the brutal murder of D.E.A. agent, Enrique                                                                  Friday, October 23rd to show their support for
Camarena by drug traffickers. The first Red            “This is our largest awareness campaign of           a drug free community.
Ribbon Campaign was organized in 1986 by a             the year and we try diligently to keep the Red
grassroots organization of parents dedicated to        Ribbon Week t-shirts as affordable as possible,”     Red ribbons will also be distributed to each
protecting communities from the destruction            explained Sue Cohen, executive director of the       employee to wear throughout Red Ribbon week.
caused by alcohol and drug abuse.                      Hays Caldwell Council on Alcohol and Drug            Look for your ribbon coming to you through
                                                       Abuse, local sponsor of the Red Ribbon Week          interoffice mail during the week of October 12th.
What began as a Red Ribbon campaign to                 activities. “We want every student, parent and       For more information, please contact Tammy
commemorate his death, has developed into a            business in the area to participate in Red Ribbon    Strakos in Human Resources at ext. 8062.

     Staff Participates in Media Training
More than 50 staff members have participated           All the participants had opportunities
in Media Relations Training provided by Shelton        to work on camera, at least for brief
& Caudle, a communications company from                appearances.
                                                       “The media training won high marks
Two eight-hour sessions were held July 23              from the participants,” said Melissa
and September 3 to train directors, assistant          Millecam, Director of Communications and
directors and other staff members on how               Intergovernmental Relations.“Our goal was
to work with the media, exerting control in            to help staff gain greater skill and confidence PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT—Media interviews, like
interviews, expressing key messages, handling          when reporters put microphones or this one withTomTaggart and News 8 Austin about reclaimed
Electric Utility Donates Fans
tough questions, and crisis communications.            cameras in front of them.”                      water, are frequent happenings for staff.

                                           Electric Utility Donates Fans
San Marcos Electric Utility has donated 32 box fans to help residents cool off and save
electricity this hot summer.
 San Dicke, Assistant Director of Public box delivered Klein, Conservation
KyleMarcos Electric Utility has donated 32Services, and Jan16 fans to Central Fire Station and 16           has volunteered to deliver the fans from the
 fans to help residents cool off and save electricity to the Salvation Army. The contribution is part       fire stations to distribution sites as well as to
                                                           of the City of San Salvation Family Eldercare
Coordinator, delivered 16 fans to Central Fire Station and 16 to theMarcos andArmy. The
 this hot summer.                                                                                           homebound recipients.
                                                           Fan Drive to help Fan income help
contribution is part of the City of San Marcos and Family Eldercare low Drive toand medically
               and medically fragile residents.
low incomeAssistant Director of Public Services, fragile residents.
 Kyle Dicke,
 and Jan Klein, Conservation Coordinator,                                                                     SMPD Veterans Celebrate
                                                                           San Marcos Fire Rescue
                                                                         San Marcos Fire Rescue accepted
                                                                           accepted donations of
                                                                         donations of new fans and new
                                                                                                                25 Years of Service
                                                                           new fans and new
                                                                         window air conditioning units      SMPD honored two of its long time employees
                                                                         through August 31.
                                                                           window air conditioning          with 25 year plaques. In a ceremony well
                                                                           units through August 31.         attended by their families, many friends and
                                                                         The fans requested are new 20-     co-workers, Cmdr. Bill Glasgow and Cpl. Roger
                                                                         inch box fans or 14-inch minimum
                                                                           The fans requested are           Sprott were recognized for 25 years of service
                                                                         oscillating fans. Donated new      to the citizens to San Marcos.
                                                                           new 20-inch conditioners
                                                                         window air box fans or will
                                                                           14-inch minimum
                                                                         be provided to medically at risk   Cmdr. Glasgow started work on January 4,
                                                                         residents. fans. Donated           1984 and has worked in every division within
                                                                           new window air
                                                                                                            the department including patrol, narcotics, CID
                                                                           conditioners will be
 COOL DONATION—San Marcos Fire Rescue collects fans Financial contributions for the                         and now Administration.
                                                                           provided to be made at
 donated by San Marcos Electric Utility to help cool off local residents fan drive may medicallyto Family
 during a record hot summer. L-R are CaptainTommy Norris, Engineer Eldercare at
                                                                           risk residents.                  Cpl. Sprott started June 18, 1984 and has
 Tara Brinkkoeter, Kyle Dicke and Jan Klein of Electric Utility, Public                                     worked in patrol and CID, and is currently a
 Services, Engineer San Marcos Fire Rescue Jonathan Henderson, Financial contributions
COOL DONATION: Jonathan Hart, Firefightercollects fans donated The Texas State University
                                                                                                            K9 officer.
 and Assistant Chief Len Nored. (Photo cool off local residents
by San Marcos Electric Utility to helpby Don Anders)                     Custodialfan drive may be
                                                                           for the Operations Department
during a record hot summer. L-R are Captain Tommy Norris,
                                                                           made to Family Eldercare
Engineer Tara Brinkkoeter, Kyle Dicke and Jan Klein of Electric
Utility, Public Services, Engineer Jonathan Hart, Firefighter
                                                                SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009

                              Welcome, New Employees!
                           DELIA MADRIGAL                                              LES STEPHENS                                       CARLOS GARCIA
                                  WIC Clerk                                                  Fire Chief                                   Accounting Specialist
                                      WIC                                                          Fire                                               Finance

                                                                       Prior to coming to San Marcos,                          I am from San Marcos. I have a
                I recently bought a house in                                                                                   wife named Kenzi and our one
                                                                       I was a Battalion Chief with the
                New Braunfels and lived in                             Garland, TX Fire Department.                            year anniversary is coming up. I
                Round Rock, TX for 10 years.                           I am married and have two                               enjoy running marathons.
                I’ve been married 22 years and                         children, Wyatt-5 and Lexie-2.
have been blessed with four beautiful children          My hobbies include spending time with my kids,
(2 girls and 2 boys). I’ve recently had my first        snowboarding, motorcycle riding, wakeboarding                                       DALEY HELLER
                                                        and home improvement projects.                                                     Administrative Clerk
grandchild. Love to go riding with my husband
on his motorcycle.                                                                                                                                  City Clerk

                                                                                                                              I am from San Antonio. I
                                                                             KRISTI (BEL) STUART                              recently graduated from Texas
                     JOHNNY CARSON, SR.                                       Activity Center Attendant
                    Field Maintenance Technician                                                                              State University with a major
                                                                           Parks and Recreation/Activity                      in Anthropology and a minor in
                     Water/Wastewater Utilities                                                  Center                       Japanese. I love playing basketball
                  Hello, my name is Johnny Carson                                                             and staying active.
                                                                       I am originally from Nashville,
                  and, no, not from the Tonight                        T N a n d re l o c a t e d t o t h e
                  Show, but I am in color. I am from                   Austin/San Marcos area last                                   CORLISS GOODRUM
                  New Braunfels, Texas, born and                                                                                      Animal Shelter Technician
                                                        year to further my education in music therapy                             Environmental Health-Animal
raised. I just moved to Kyle two years ago to           and career as a performing songwriter. I
shorten my drive into Austin. My hobbies include                                                                                                       Services
                                                        immediately fell in love with the “Hill Country”
cycling, jogging, endurance training, working on        and enjoy the friendliness of the folks here as                        I am a divorced mom of eleven
cars, gardening is my favorite, and last but not        well as the great food and local music scene.                          children. Seven of whom live
least, karate training. I have seven grandchildren,                                                                            with me and the other four live in
                                                        I bring years of experience to my position as                          my hometown of Harker Heights,
three adopted children, and I have my hands full,       an attendant at the Activity Center as a former
but love every minute of it. I can’t speak for my                                                             Texas where I was born, raised and resided for
                                                        baseball coach and member connector for               the last 40 years until I met the most amazing man
wife of thirty years. Her tasks are a little bit more   the Middle Tennessee YMCA. I can be found             and fell completely in love with him and how I
complex than mine, but I know she enjoys them           performing around San Marcos and Austin,              ended up here in San Marcos. I am also a proud
as much as me. My evenings are spent working                                                                  mother-in-law to a 1st Cav. Soldier who is now
                                                        hanging out with friends or spending time             deployed in Iraq. My hobbies include horses and
out and having fun with my children. Sundays            with my husband, Chris, who is a Texas State
are my favorite, church and Sunday lunch and a                                                                computers. I also love to design my MySpace
                                                        student, chef at the Root Cellar, and manager         and other social networking pages. I enjoy road
drive to the park.                                      of the local band, Olive Street.                      trips and driving.

 continued from page 4
                                                        Distinguished Alumnus Award from Texas
                                                                                                                    San Marcos
 Dvorak Honored . . .                                   State University in 2005.                                Academy Offers
 She worked to achieve TCLEOSE academy                  In 2008, Chief Dvorak took on the challenge              Special Rate for
 accreditation for the department in 1992.              of mending strained relations between                     City Employees
 She brought forth equipment and training for           student and non-student residents of San
 officers to improve safety and reduce injuries.        Marcos. She began forging pathways and                The San Marcos Academy has thrived in San
 This included the introduction of defensive            relationships between the City of San Marcos          Marcos for more than a century. A college
 tactics training, implementing and issuance            and Texas State University, creating the ACT          preparatory school for boys and girls in grades
 of semi-automatic handguns, and expandable             Campaign.                                             7-12, San Marcos Academy is fully accredited
 batons. For the 11 years, she has personally                                                                 by the Southern Association of Colleges and
 served Christmas breakfast to all on-duty              Chief Dvorak’s achievements with ACT have             Schools. In addition to their academic program,
 personnel.                                             put her on the lecture circuit. She co-authored       the San Marcos Academy offers numerous extra-
                                                        Noise in Neighborhoods: A Community’s Path in         curricular, athletic and leadership opportunities.
 Community service is important to Dvorak               Problem-Solving, Cross-Cultural Communication,
 and she strives to include department                  Partnerships, and Student Involvement and was         The San Marcos Academy is pleased to offer a
 members and citizens in numerous endeavors.            invited to present at the 5th Annual Best             special tuition rate to children of City of San
 She has raised tens of thousands of dollars            Practices in Building City/University Relations       Marcos staff who enroll at the Academy for the
 to help crime and accident victims, school             Conference in Murray, Kentucky in May 2009.           first time. For questions about the Academy’s
 children and Special Olympics.                         At this national conference participants heard        programs, tuition and fees, and financial aid, please
                                                        how a potential crisis in university-city relations   contact their Admissions Office at 512-753-8000
 In 2003 Lisa Dvorak was inducted into the              evolved into a successful collaboration through       or via email at You may
 Texas State University “Women of SWT                   effective problem-solving, communication, and         also visit their website at Brochures
 – First 100 Years” and she received the                student involvement.                                  are available in Human Resources as well.
                                                             SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009

               EAP Unveils a New Website                                                                            San Marcos
By Melissa Mulhollan, Benefits Manager               mind that your personal information is protected              Hosts CPAAA
                                                     with enhanced security.The unique username and
Alliance Work Partners, your Employee                password will be used for all subsequent EAP
                                                     website log-ins.
Assistance Program provider, has enhanced
and streamlined its website, making it easier to                                                            By Warren Zerr,Assistant Police Chief
navigate and providing expanded online services.     One of the newest, and most exciting features
The new website also offers a section designed       of the enhanced website, is the addition of            When Hurricane Ike tore through Galveston,
for supervisors. The website address is the same:    “My Wellness Plan.” “My Wellness Plan” is a            it also destroyed the plans for that city to host                                  new service provided to you by Alliance Work           the 2009Texas Citizens Police Academy Alumni
                                                     Partners that will help you understand and             Conference.
As part of the website enhancement, the              improve your overall health and well-being. “My
username and password that you were using            Wellness Plan” will allow you to:                      A single telephone call to San Marcos set
with the old website will no longer be valid.You     •	 Take a fresh look at your overall well-being        the wheels in motion to hold the TXCPAAA
are encouraged to contact Melissa Mulhollan (ext.       through an online assessment.                       Conference in San Marcos, June 31 – Aug. 2.
8064) or Tammy Strakos (ext. 8062) in Human          •	 Choose one or two things to improve in your
Resources to receive your generic email and             life, and then track them online.                   With a mere six months to plan, the SMPD,
password for first time log-in.                      •	 Challenge a friend to a goal, or connect with       the San Marcos Citizens Police Academy
                                                        others working on the same goals.                   Alumni Association, the San Marcos Chamber
After your initial log-in, you will be prompted to   •	 Participate in online forums that let you discuss   of Commerce and the City Manager’s Office
set up your own unique username and password            issues with others pursuing the same goals.         put together a conference that raised for the
– just like any other HIPAA compliant website.                                                              bar for future conferences to come.
This unique username and password allows you         Go to and check out these
the added privacy and the comfort and peace of       exciting new changes!                                  The San Marcos Professional Firefighters
                                                                                                            Association and the San Marcos Police
                                                                                                            Officers Association spent hours cooking a
PROTECT YOURSELF FROM THE SUN                                                                               barbecue for the attendees on Thursday night

Understanding Melanoma
                                                                                                            on the ground of the courthouse. When rain
                                                                                                            threatened,Texas State University stepped up
                                                                                                            to the plate and the event was moved to the
                                                     •	 Color: The color can vary from blue, black,         Lair at the Student Center.
Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that can
spread to other healthy parts of the body if            brown, or red.
                                                     •	 Diameter:The size of the mole is larger than        Attendees were treated with trips to the
not found immediately. While it is not known                                                                ALERRT center and a fajita lunch at the Prime
what exactly causes melanoma, you are at a              a pencil eraser.
                                                                                                            Outlet cooked by Prime General Manager
higher risk for getting melanoma if you spend        •	 Evolution: The mole changes in appearance
                                                                                                            Hector Trevino and his staff. Over 300 room
time under the sun. You are also at a higher            and symptoms such as:                               nights were reserved at Embassy Suites and a
risk of getting melanoma if:                         •	 It bleeds or has fluid leaking (oozing) out.        terrific array of training seminars were held
                                                     •	 It changes in size, shape, or color.                through the three-day conference.
•	 You or a close family member have ever had        •	 It feels itchy, hard, lumpy, swollen or
   melanoma before.                                     tender.
                                                                                                            physician if you notice any change in the moles
•	 You have had one or more blistering
                                                     Ways to protect your skin from melanoma                on your body or to your skin in general.
   sunburns as a child or teenager.
•	 You have light colored skin, hair or eyes.        include:
                                                     •	 Wear sunscreen that has an SPF (sun                 Adapted from an article provided by Scott & White
•	 Your freckles or moles increase in number
                                                        protectant factor) of 15 or higher.                 Prescription Services/MICROMEDEX®.
   or look different from before.
                                                     •	 Wear long sleeved shirts and pants to               Full length article available in Human Resources.
•	 Your skin burns rather than tans when you
   are in the sun.                                      protect your arms and legs
•	 You have other skin diseases such as                 when you are out in the
   xeroderma pigmentosum.                               sun.Wear a hat with a wide
                                                        brim to protect both your
Melanoma may appear as a new mole, or in moles          face and neck.
you already have.You should routinely check for      •	 Do not use tanning booths.
new bumps on your skin once a month. A new              These can damage your
mole that appears on your skin after 30 years of        skin as much as the sun.
age should be watched closely for changes.           •	 Know what your regular
                                                        birthmarks and moles look
What should you look for when you examine               like.Watch your skin closely
your skin? Physicians describe a melanoma               for any signs of change.
based on the ABCDE system:                                                                CHAMPIONS—Winners of the Men’s Spring “D” League
•	 Asymmetry: If a line is drawn through the         As with any type of cancer,
                                                     early detection and treatment        Softball Championship are Victor Reyna, Rick Hernandez, Richard
   middle of the mole, the two halves are                                                 Robles and Carlos Villasana, all from the Water/ Wastewater Utility.
   unequal.                                          is key. The earlier a cancer is
                                                     found, the better its chances        Other players not pictured are Ramiro Hernandez (Streets), David
•	 Border: The border of the mole is not                                                  Tobias (Electric), Andy Gonzales, Daniel Montoya, Ernest Reyna
   smooth.                                           of being cured. Talk with your
                                                                                          (all W/WW) and Robert Castillo (Traffic).
                                                                SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009

                      Just Ask – Odds & Ends                                                                                  Tech Tips
By Melissa Mulhollan, Benefits Manager                  health plan by determining who should be paying          Lock your computer!
                                                        for your medical expenses. The plan is made up of
When do my medical deductible and                       employees across the City. The cost of providing         By Denise Molina,Webmaster
maximum out-of-pocket begin again?                      benefits,both employee and City cost,is the sum of
The deductible and maximum out-of-pocket on             the expenses the plan pays, including payment for        Since most security threats happen within an
the medical plan start over in January of each year.    claims. It’s important that the plan does not pay for    organization, a simple way to protect yourself
An exception to this is that there is a 4th quarter     expenses another party is responsible to pay.            and the City’s network is to properly lock
carry over on the deductible. Amounts incurred                                                                   your workstation when you are away from
toward the deductible during the last 3 months          The 3 questionnaires and their purpose are listed        it.
of the calendar year (October, November and             below. It is important that you complete and
December) also count toward your deductible             return the questionnaires, as your claims may not        To lock your computer, press windows icon
for the new calendar year.                              be paid until you do. You need to complete the           + L. To sign back in, hit Control + Alt + Del
                                                        questionnaire even if the answer to the question         and enter your login and password. In order
I’ve used all of my annual benefit on the               is no.                                                   to make sure your computer gets security
dental plan. When do I get more?                                                                                 settings and updates that were applied
The maximum benefit of $1,250 per covered               •	 Accident questionnaire – TML sends these out          throughout the night, log off before you go
individual on the dental plan begins again each            when the diagnosis code that was submitted            home.
January.                                                   for a claim indicates that it could be due to an
                                                           accident. If a third party is responsible for your    Good security practices are important so
How often can I get a preventative exam on                 medical bills, completing the form allows TML         please remind others to lock or log off their
the dental plan? Do I have to wait 6 months                to pay the claim then seek reimbursement from         computers.
between cleanings?                                         the third party. If your claim isn’t due to an
You can have two basic exams, including cleaning,          accident, simply check the box that indicates it
per calendar year and they do not have to be 6             is not, sign, date and return the form.
months apart as long as you have not exceeded           •	 Other coverage questionnaire – You will get                       Employees
the maximum annual benefit.                                this questionnaire at least once each year. The
                                                           purpose of this form is to determine whether                     on the Move
How do I submit a receipt to be reimbursed                 someone is covered under more than one
for my routine eye exam?                                   plan. If so, TML will determine which plan           Congratulations to the following employees for
Ask for an itemized receipt for the exam. Make             should pay first as the primary insurer, based
a copy of your TML ID card and send it to the              on coordination of benefit rules.                    their recent promotions or new positions!
claims address on the card with the receipt and a       •	 Pre-existing condition questionnaire – You’ll
note that you are submitting for reimbursement             get this form if you or your family member has                  Debora Tomaselli
under the wellness benefit. Be sure to keep a copy         been covered on our plan for less than 1 year                     Library Clerk
of the receipt for your records. Each covered              and a claim is received with a diagnosis code                Community Services-Library
person has $500 per calendar year to spend on              that indicates the treatment might be for a pre-
wellness benefits.                                         existing condition. The plan covers treatment                    Caitlin Collier
                                                           for pre-existing conditions up to $1,000 during                   Library Clerk
I also have money in a medical                             the first 12 months on the plan. You may                     Community Services-Library
reimbursement account on the Flexible                      be eligible to get the pre-existing condition
Benefits Plan. Can I pay for my eye exam                   period waived for creditable coverage if you                      Ronnie LaCaze
with my debit card?                                        were covered on another plan before joining                 Electric Distribution Manager
No. The debit card is only for eligible expenses           the City’s plan. Contact Human Resources for               Public Services-Electric Utilities
that are not reimbursable from another source,like         more information.
your medical plan. If you also buy contact lenses or
glasses, ask for a separate itemized receipt. You can
use your debit card to purchase those items.

Can I use my Flex debit card for expenses
for my family if they are not on the City’s
health plan?
Yes, as long as they are an eligible dependent as
defined by the IRS. Eligible dependents include
your spouse and children. Children qualify as long
as they meet the IRS definition of a qualifying child
or qualifying relative (the definitions are available
from the IRS or Human Resources). You can be
reimbursed for eligible expenses that are not            SMART GRID TECHNOLOGY—The City of San Marcos Advanced Metering Infrastructure project
reimbursable from their plan.                            wins a second national award this year for the new “smart” water and electric meters being installed
                                                         throughout the community. The AMI project won the Utilities Telecom Council Apex Award for the new
Why did I get a questionnaire from TML?                  technology that will allow meters to be read remotely and customers to monitor their water and electric
Are they trying to keep from paying my                   use online. L-R are Mayor Susan Narvaiz,TomTaggart, Public Services Director,William Flynn and Ron Diaz,
claim?                                                   City employees, and Richard Stankiewicz,Technology Services Director; Back row: City Council Members
TML is protecting your benefits and the City’s           Pam Couch, Fred Terry, Kim Porterfield, Gaylord Bose and John Thomaides.

                                                      SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009

    Classified Ads                                    Calendar of                       Employee Group
YOUR ADS ON LINE: Be sure to post your                  Events                              2009
free classified ads on Cosmos, the City
Intranet at http://cosmos/CLASSIFIEDS/                                                Roya Williamson, (Tri-Chair)   2106
                                                                                      Police Ops
index.html on your city computer. You can
post photos too. Connection is available on                                           Linda Garcia, (Tri-Chair)      8389
                                                                                      Utility Billing
your City computer only.
                                                                                      Esther Carver, (Tri-Chair)     8012
                                                                                      Jessica Jenkins                8283
                                                2        New Employee Orientation     Activity Center
HOUSE–1913 Lisa Lane. 3 bedroom/2                        (Policy & Safety)            Kara Montiel                   2651
bath. Great condition in quiet family                                                 Animal Services
neighborhood. $1200/month. Contact              3        New Employee Orientation     Cynthia Knox                   8095
Bob Zook at 353-4883.                           	        (Benefits)                   City Clerks’ Office
                                                                                      Andrew Freeman                 8102

                                                7        Labor Day Holiday            City Manager’s Office
                                                                                      Cris Gonzalez                  8135
                                                9        Employee Group Meeting
  becomes WebQA
                                                                                      Jennifer Shell                 8133
                                                16       Retirement Planning          Transportation
By Andrew Freeman,                                       Seminar
                                                                                      Robert Martinez                8033
Assistant to the Assistant City Managers                 Activity Center              Transportation
                                                         9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
                                                                                      Carlos Rodriguez               8183
The City of San Marcos has launched an                                                Finance
upgraded online citizen request system to       21       Deadline to order:
                                                                                      Tommy Norris                   8464
replace the “InTouch” system used for the       	        Red	Ribbon	T-Shirts          Fire
past three years.                                                                     Tory Turner                    8464
                                                23       Safety Coach Meeting
Citizens can log into the program on our                 Activity Center
                                                                                      Carolyn Linér                  8073
website to request information, and it can               Noon–1:30 p.m.               Human Resources - Liaison
be used by departments to log and track
citizen inquiries and requests.                                                       Susie Rodriguez                8066
                                                                                      Human Resources
InTouch was purchased by WebQA at the                                                 Andy Quittner                  8157
beginning of this year, and we were ap-                                               Legal
proached with an opportunity to upgrade                                               Tosca Cesaretti                8200
to their version at no extra cost. It is very                                         Library
similar to the functions of InTouch, but with                                         Susie Garcia                   8195
a much more user friendly program. It                                                 Municipal Court
also has the capability to produce detailed                                           Sandy Myers                    8408
reports. For more information, please visit                                           PARD                  6        New Employee Orientation
                                                                                      Kathy Woodlee                  2630
                                                         (Policy & Safety)            Permit Center
We recently had two trainings August 11                                               Phil Steed                     8232
and August 14 to prepare users for the          8        New Employee Orientation
                                                                                      Development Services
changeover. WebQA was launched on               	        (Benefits)
                                                                                      Josh Garza                     8400
August 24. Citizens who have previously                                               Transportation
used InTouch will know where it is located      12       Employee Group Meeting
                                                                                      Steve Schuenemann              8025
on the website, but we will not begin more                                            Transportation
promotion until September.                      15	      Mayor’s	State	of	the	City	
                                                         Address                      Kyle Dicke                     8309
                                                                                      Electric Utility
This will allow everyone the opportunity
to become more familiar with the new            22       Employee Expo                Manuel Vielma                  8025
program. In case you missed the training,                                             Water/Wastewater
                                                         Activity Center
WebQA has provided us with training vid-                                              DerryAnn Gonzales              8043
eos, quick reference guides, and manuals. If    23	      Wear	Red	Ribbon	T-Shirts     WIC
you have any questions, please email afree-


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