; Choi Denny_ Metal Casting and Sand Casting of Benin Denny Choi
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Choi Denny_ Metal Casting and Sand Casting of Benin Denny Choi

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									Metal Casting and Sand
   Casting of Benin

     By Denny Choi
       The Lost Wax Method

   Renowned method dating back
    thousands of years to the artists of
    Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.
   Calls for consideration and
    considerable skill in the execution of
   The process Aztec goldsmiths
    frequently used.
    Process of Lost Wax method

   Begin with a core of clay kneaded into a mass.
   The core is shaped into the apparent size and shape of the desired
    object. Than the cores are dried.
   Covers the core with beeswax and molds it into the exact shape. Than
    covered with a thick coating of clay.
   Thin layer of wax covers this product.
   Again thick layer of clay is added.
   The mold is allowed to air dry thoroughly.
   The wax is than melted and poured out.
   The result is put in the earth upright and molten brass is poured in.
This Lost Wax Method allows for the
 thinness of sculptures
A man pouring
molten brass into
a ready mold.
                Sand Casting
   Each year millions castings are produced.
   Out of these approximately 97% are sand castings.
The process of sand casting

        Chvorino’s Rule
   T= solidification time
   C=constant which is different for different
         types of metal.
   V = Local Volume
   A= Surface area
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