How can i Remove pimples from my face

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					                 How can i Remove pimples from my face

Usually those drugstore shelf products with captivating labels and promising results make your face
worse and more irratated..u can choose from these home remedies n do concentrate on your T zones
when you apply them ---

1) take 2-3 teaspoons of rice powder and mix it in orange juice (sufficient amt so dat u get a smooth
paste).apply it all over your face and neck n let it dry.wash it off with orange juice makes your skin
glow,acts against pimples,removes black n white heads if any as rice powder s a good scrub..[i found this
one too good...does miracles in days!!]

2) rose water n oatmeal is very effective in removin blackheads n preventin future breakouts and closin
the pores.apply oatmeal powder with rose water mixed into a paste n wash it off after 20-30 min using
cold water.the cold water closes the newly cleaned pores, protecting against blackheads or breakouts in

3) if yo skin is very oily,apply egg white in layers until a thick mask is formed n wash it off after half an

4) lemon(juice) and sugar mixture can b applied..apply 2-3 coats and wash it off when you feel its dry or
after bout an hour.

5) rubbin your skin with tomato juice n washing it off after 20 min s very good..keeps skin smooth and

6) rubbing ice cubes for 5 min after washing face with cold water or luke warm water before any make up
or outing helps maintaing the oil in control givin no way to breakouts

7) appying paste of mint leaves in water on your acne is good too

8) if yo usin any gel for pimple tratment,use d one which contains clindamycin & nicotinamide

9) i ld suggest d use of st.ives face scrub for oil & acne prone skin for washing yo skin..don wash it wid
soap or face scrubs more than twice a day as dis would again lead to excess oil production.dun rub yo
face hard usin towel,instead use tissues..

10) apply calamine at night n wash it off in d morning

11) applyin milk n sugar mixture and leaving it for 20-30 min is also good

12) boil 2 pinches of saffron in milk n add turmeric if you r not allergic to it and apply it n wash it off after
30 min

13)apply honey on your face and neck and wash it off after 20 min

14) carrots,cucumbers,papayas--make them into paste by either squeezing them or by addin milk can be
used as face packs

15) applyin red sandal wood powder mixed in either honey or milk or is a good facial.

16) tomato juice n honey mixed can be used as a good facial

17) lemon(juice) and tomato(juice) mixture can be,2-3 coats and wash it off after bout 30 min

18) u can use neem n turmeric paste..but some gets allergic to turmeric givin rise to further breakouts..

19) rubbing your cheeks with beetroot can give them a natural

20) placing tea bags on blemishes reduces its redness and continuous application s really effective..


whatever u do, mak sure u don expose yo skin to direct sun..also make it a point u drink at least glasses f
water on wakin up daily n atleast 8 glasses f water daily..keep yourselves free from all tensions n also
maintain a balanced and nutritious diet,which includes lots of green veggies..

i suggest you to go to a reputed beaution n get a clean up first..they are professionals n kno the best way
to push them out..never try sqeezin them as it mite leave scars or even cause infection..after dat i
suggest you to try out home remedies dat you find will go well on your skin dat des no chance of gettin
blackheads nymore..

by faisal yousaf

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